4 Ways To Drain Your Fuel Tank Completely


If you’ve been driving long enough, you or someone you know may have encountered a situation where they must drain a car’s fuel tank completely. This is most often due to filling a tank with the wrong fuel, such as filling a diesel car with petrol, and vice versa. If you work on cars, you may have also found yourself replacing a faulty fuel filter. Additionally, if you bought a used car that hasn’t been driven for a while, it might have stale fuel that you shouldn’t use anymore. In all cases, you should drain your fuel tank completely.

In this article, we’re going over four tried and tested ways to drain your fuel tank. Depending on your abilities and the tools you have, you may use any of these methods to empty your fuel tank. Alternatively, you can also call Fuel Fixer’s 24/7 wrong fuel cleanup crew for assistance. 

1. Use a Hose

Using a hose is the most common and straightforward method of draining a fuel tank. All you need is a hose and a container to collect the fuel. Insert the hose into the tank and suck on the other end of it. This will start the flow of fuel, which you can then transfer to the container. 

The advantage of this method is it doesn’t require any specialised equipment. However, it carries some risk of inhaling toxic fumes. Worse, fuel can get into your mouth, which is unpleasant and very dangerous.

2. Use a Compressed Air System

Draining a fuel tank using an air compressor is one of the easiest ways to drain fuel from a tank, and the process is relatively straightforward. However, you will need tools like the air compressor to finish the job quickly. 

The tools you will need include an air compressor, a fuel tank adapter, and a fuel line. Once you have these tools, you’ll need to connect the fuel line to the tank adapter and the adapter to the air compressor. Start the compressor when you’re all set up, and the resulting pressure will force the fuel out of the tank. 

3. Use a Manual Pump

Using a manual pump to drain a fuel tank is a straightforward process that can be completed with just a few tools. You’ll need a manual pump, a fuel tank adapter, and a fuel line. Once you have these tools, you’ll need to connect the fuel line to the tank adapter and the adapter to the manual pump.

Start the pump when you’re all set up, and the fuel will be forced out of the tank. Keep a container handy to collect the fuel as it is pumped out. When you’re done, disconnect the fuel line, turn off the pump, and store the tools safely.

4. Drain the Fuel Tank Directly

This method may not work on all cars. But if you can find the drain plug on your fuel tank, you can drain the fuel directly. First, you’ll need to locate the drain plug, which is usually located near the bottom of the fuel tank. Once you’ve located it, you can use a wrench to loosen it. As you loosen the plug, fuel will start to drain out. Make sure to have a wide-mouthed container, such as a basin, to catch the fuel from the tank.


Draining a fuel tank is a relatively simple process that can help prevent lasting damage to your car’s engine, especially when putting the wrong fuel in a tank. You can do it safely and with minimal effort with the right tools and know-how. Whether you’re looking to change the fuel filter or want to clear out some old fuel, draining a fuel tank properly is an essential skill you’ll need to learn when maintaining your car.

Did you put the wrong fuel in your tank, well worry no more. Fuel Fixer’s 24/7 wrong fuel cleanup experts will go to your location and drain your fuel tank to prevent any lasting damage to your engine. Contact us today to learn more. 

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