Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Avon? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast, no matter where you have broken down. If you have put petrol in diesel and […]

Fuel Drain Avon

diesel in petrol car
If my car stopped working because I added diesel in petrol car, will I need to repair it? If you didn’t drive it for more than 2 miles on petrol whats almost certain is you drove it for 2 miles on the rest of the diesel in the fuel lines. […]

Diesel in petrol car

Quite often a car does not break down immediately after a misfueling,  assuming you have drived to a petrol station to buy your fuel. Your cars engine will be hot, and a warm engine copes with wrong fuel much better than a cold engine. This is the reason we attend […]

Put wrong fuel in car now won’t start.

I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it
Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be a bit of a nightmare. You are in your car for a journey perhaps a driving holiday or an important work meeting and suddenly your car won’t go. It is not just a case of changing a flat tire. You put […]

I Put Petrol in My Diesel Car and Drove It!

Fuel Fixer is helping to get the message out to motorists that there is help at had for any contaminated fuel issue. We recently launched a campaign to inform motorists that there is light at the end of the misfuelling tunnel – and hopefully stopped a few from making the […]

Fuel Fixer – Helping Customers on the UK’s Forecourts

This is a question we get asked on a daily basis. So we decided to try to provide a definitive answer in the form of a web-app. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, such as type of vehicle, age, correct fuel, etc. But for the […]

How much wrong fuel can I get away with?

Petrol in a diesel car 14
So you misfuelled your car? Dont worry you are not the first person doing so, and it’s rather common. If you’ve just put petrol in a diesel car I’m sure that first thing you want is sound advice on what to do next. There are a lot of opinions out […]

Misfuelled, Check this article out! Solution

I see allot of strange things in my line of work, and tonight was no different. A client had filld up with petrol (into his diesel astra), and realised his mistake, he called a freind who was a “dabbler mechanic” and was told to put 5 litres of engine oil […]

Dont put oil in your diesel tank!

If you’ve ever had to ask yourself this question, “I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car! What do I do?” I genuinely feel for you. This is something that affects many thousands of motorists every year and not only is it an inconvenience but it can also be quite […]

I Put the Wrong Fuel in My Car! What do ...