Dec 02

How much does a fuel drain cost

After the initial shock and panic of realising that you require a fuel draining following the misfuelling of your vehicle has sunk in, the main question on your mind is

Nov 21

Biodiesel/Red Diesel & wrong fuel

No one needs told that fuel is getting pricey, my brother told me today that litre for litre supermarket ownbrand  cider was cheaper than diesel, (chances are diesel tastes better

Nov 14

Petrol in diesel car in East Suffolk

Did you add petrol in diesel car in east suffolk? let me tell you something. Next in my series of things to help pass the time productively while waiting to

Oct 31

Petrol in a diesel engine

Today I did 2 fuel drains in supermarket petrol stations, both had a few thing in common. They were small cars, both had been filled to the brim, and both

Oct 26

Wrong Fuel in Car? Here’s What You Should Do Next

Warning: If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, DO NOT put your key in the ignition or start the engine. DO NOT! Whether you were distracted or just

Sep 23

Fuel Drain Bristol

Fuel Drain Bristol: If you are in Bristol or the surrounding areas and have put the wrong fuel in your car panic not – even if you have driven it.

Sep 22

How to drain fuel from a fuel tank (non plastic)

More info about fuel drains, Until around 1990 most cars had metal fuel tanks, these were prone to leaking, and also rusted, the rust caused a sludge. When the tank

Sep 20

Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire

Story of a Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire: An electrician driving a Renault Clio on the A413 road on his way from Aylsbury to Buckingham was shocked to find out he had

Sep 02

AA & RAC Wrong fuel & Fuel Drain Service & Misfuelling Costs

Most people who fill up with the wrong fuel first turn to the AA & RAC. It is widely thought that membership would cover fuel drains…….. dun dun dun dun!