If you’ve ever had to ask yourself this question, “I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car! What do I do?” I genuinely feel for you. This is something that affects many thousands of motorists every year and not only is it an inconvenience but it can also be quite […]

I Put the Wrong Fuel in My Car! What do ...

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is very important for a number of reasons. Tyre pressure primarily can affect: Fuel economy Vehicle handling Braking distance Tyre lifespan Ensuring that your tyres are correctly inflated is very simple to do but a surprising number of people either don’t know […]

How to Inflate Tyres

Question: I know it’s a bad thing to do – but, in reality, what happens if I put the wrong fuel in my car? Answer: Well, I hope you have some time to kill while I explain the details of this. Firstly, let’s break it down by fuel-type. Understanding the differences […]

What Happens if I put the Wrong Fuel in my ...

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car somewhere in Manchester give us a call. We cover the entirety of Manchester – regardless of the colour you support – Red or Sky Blue. We are allways available for you, and we will fix quickly so you can get back […]

Fuel Fixing in Manchester

Summer is here and the sun is out! As a result the roads are packed as we Brits scramble to get out into the sun and finally visit those places we’ve been promising ourselves we’ll see if the sun ever comes out. Unfortunately, this also means that there are a […]

Summer Time Fuel Drains

If you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car and need it sorted, then look no further than Fuel Fixer. We are the UK’s premium wrong fuel drain specialists, boasting a national network of Fuel Drain Technicians. Spanning the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. This means that we […]

what to put in gas tank to ruin engine

I often get asked if we offer garage services as well as fuel draining. Unfortunately the answer to this is no – we are solely specialists in Contaminated Fuel Removal. This means that you can be sure that we will never “invent” problems with your car that we need to […]

Do you offer other garage services?

I’m hereby establishing a competition for the best excuse for misfueling your car. One tin of our most excellent fuel treatment (works on both diesels and petrol cars – gave me 5 mpg improvement on my BMW petrol engine) to the winner, who will be chosen by the office laugh-o-meter. Go […]

A picture is worth a thousand words?

We take customer satisfaction and safety very seriously. It is to this end that Fuel Fixer is very proud to announce that we are now the most highly certified Fuel Drain Company in the UK. We have had our operations and equipment fully inspected and vetted by the relevant authorities. […]

Top of the Class

BMW wrong fuel
Attended quite a few BMW 5 series that had been misfueld this week, not sure if its a coincidence or part of a thicker plot, either way, all 3 of them were drained down in the petrol stations before they had been driven, and none got carted off to the […]

Bmw wrong fuel

As many of us are in the grip of our first cold snap, let’s take a look at the best advice out there for winter motoring, particularly when a really bad bout of snow and ice hits us. The British are notorious for grinding to a halt when the winter […]

Winter Driving – Stay Safe

Here is a short video of a couple of scenarios which could happen if you put the wrong fuel in your car. Leave a comment below and let us know how else to NOT do a fuel drain – and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos showcasing your […]

How NOT to Drain a Fuel Tank Video

The basic reason is that there are more diesel vehicles on UK roads than on US roads, which is crazy to think considering that the UK only has 15% of the total number of vehicles of the US. This all came about because in 2001 the then Chancellor – Gordon […]

Why is Misfuelling more common in the UK than in ...

Driving holidays in Europe are a lot of fun. However, there are a few things you need to get your head around before you set off. The types of things to remember as standard are: 1. Don’t for get to take your Driver’s License, and a copy of your Insurance […]

New Fuel Pump Names in Europe

Fuel Fixer is proud to be able to provide Wrong Fuel Drain services in mainland Europe. We have vans situated in strategic locations in Belgium, enabling us to cover the entirety of Belgium, South Netherlands, North France and Western Germany. So, if you are on holiday in any of these […]

Mainland Europe

With autumn fast upon us it’s time to once again take a look at our driving conditions and habits. There are a number of factors to consider when hitting the road this autumn. Take a look and make sure you don’t fall foul to any of the following: 1. Low […]

Driving this Autumn

Unfortunately with the advent vehicles using AdBlue we are seeing more and more instances of drivers inadvertently putting AdBlue in diesel fuel tanks. So, what is AdBlue and what is it for? When the automotive industry world finally decided that we should do more to protect our environment (thanks to […]

AdBlue in Diesel Fuel Contamination Solution

With the weather picking up we’ll be spending more time outside, enjoying leisurely drives, dropping off the kids, and many other interesting activities. It’s not always noticeable when one’s tyres start to wear down, so it is best to know how to check whether they are safe or not to […]

How to Check if your Tyres are Legal

Fuel Fixer Ltd would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. We hope you have a fantastic holiday season with all your loved ones. And bear in mind that if you unfortunately need us over this holiday period, we’ll be here […]

Merry Christmas

This is a question we get asked on a daily basis. So we decided to try to provide a definitive answer in the form of a web-app. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, such as type of vehicle, age, correct fuel, etc. But for the […]

How much wrong fuel can I get away with?

With the recent drop in diesel prices in the UK we urge motorists to pay even closer attention when filling up at the pump. You can no longer guarantee that the “cheaper stuff” you are putting in your car is petrol as many supermarkets have dropped the price of diesel […]

Diesel Prices Falling

Fuel Fixer is helping to get the message out to motorists that there is help at had for any contaminated fuel issue. We recently launched a campaign to inform motorists that there is light at the end of the misfuelling tunnel – and hopefully stopped a few from making the […]

Fuel Fixer – Helping Customers on the UK’s Forecourts

So, Fuel Fixer recieved a call from a distressed customer a few days ago. Unfortunately the customer, a Russian fellow, spoke hardly any English. He called up and managed, with a lot of “whats?” and “sorrys?” to communicate to our call operator that he was at a petrol station in […]

Funny Fuel Drain Story

A few days ago we were called out to deal with a diesel Range Rover that had been misfueled and driven on the contaminated fuel. Originally the customer had called Range Rover Assistance and had the vehicle recovered to a dealership to have it looked at. The dealership had a […]

Misfueled Range Rover Prices

We were recently contacted by a TV program to help them with a reality show shoot that they are doing in Scotland. We’re looking forward to doing a couple of fuel drains on national TV. As soon as we have some footage to show we’ll post it on all our […]

Fuel Drain Film Stars!

Nowadays, with vehicles becoming more advanced and sophisticated, we more often run into situations where a misfueled vehicle will go into “limp mode” where the engine will not rev above a certain amount (usually 2,000 or 3,000 RPM). This is the computer in the vehicle not clearly understanding what the problem […]

Misfueled Vehicles and “Limp Mode”

Petrol in diesel London? It happens more frequently than you might think. If it has just happened to you we’re here to help. Fuel Fixer is a nationwide, 24/7 mobile fuel draining service. Our engineers throughout the London and Greater London area are ready to service your needs. All are […]

Petrol in Diesel London

Why Does My Car Splutter or Chug? As someone who deals with cars day in and day out this is a question I get asked very often. If you Google the question you will find the widest (and wildest) selection of answers you ever wanted to see. So, I thought […]

Why Does My Car Splutter or Chug?

We get some strange jobs, but a barrel of petrol in someone’s back garden, with people smoking next to it, was a first. Kent Police and Trading Standards office asked us for help to remove it, which we did. It takes all sorts……

How not to store petrol in your back garden

Health and Safety is a subject that is probably starting to engender feelings similar to those demonstrated when someone mentions Taxes or Bills. It has spiralled to a point where our children are not allowed to run in playgrounds, Dodgem cars shouldn’t bump into each other, and no pins for […]

Fuel Drain Health and Safety

FUEL Fixer: Contaminated Fuel Specialists Why You Should Use Us We’ve just completed revising our information booklet and it’s now ready for distribution. All of the company data, insurance, license and permit information is up-to-date. So, if you are looking for a contaminated fuel specialist for your fleet or business […]

FUEL Fixer: Contaminated Fuel Specialists

I was reminded the other day of a misfuel that we were called out to resolve for a professor at the University of Brighton. Our learned friend had tried to run a diesel Audi A3 on a mix of 25% unleaded, 75% diesel and 100% optimism. Obviously the vehicle rejected […]

How NOT to remove Unleaded from a Diesel Engine

In my eye’s misfueling your vehicle on a Saturday morning has to be one of the worst timings possible, especially when your about to go on a nice family day out with the kids!!! This unlucky chap “Lee” woke up bright and early with the birds singing and the sun […]

Fuel drain on an Audi A3 in Chelwood gate, East ...

I had decided that I should have a nice quite Sunday to help me recover from the hectic week. Why is it that every time I try to relax it never works out? Sunday morning for me started bright and early. In fact, by 10am I already had five of […]

No Rest for the Wicked

Petrol in a diesel car 14
If you’ve just put petrol in a diesel car I’m sure that first thing you want is sound advice on what to do next. There are a lot of opinions out there on how you should treat your vehicle after a misfueling, and to be honest, most of it is […]

Put Petrol in a Diesel Car?

Here is the question for those who are reading this was the customer the real “Tom Hardy” of Hollywood fame? This was a little more tricky than the average fuel drain I have to be honest, Tom Hardy had filled his beloved Land Rover Dicovery 2 with half a tank […]

Fuel drain on a Land Rover Freelander 2 in Thornwood, ...

3pm yesterday afternoon I recieved a telephone call from a lovely lady that went by the name of mrs Pitchford, she had a slight problem as she had done the easy mistake of putting petrol into her diesel Ford fiesta on her way to a doctors appointment! Between the two […]

Fuel drain on a Ford fiesta in Caterham,Surrey

Late Thursday Evening I had a call out for a fuel drain in Falkirk, Scotland for a Range rover sport. Stuart ( The Customer) had gone to fill his tank full, for his trip home to sunny Hull, England. However he managed to pump his lovely brand new Range rover […]

Fuel drain on a Range rover sport in Falkirk,Scotland

What’s the most common thing I hear when our unlucky customers call to ask for a fuel drain after having put petrol into their diesel, or diesel into their petrol? Almost one for one they tell me that they can’t believe that they’ve misfueled and they are deeply embarrassed and […]

Petrol in my Diesel! Am I a Fool?

Question: What’s worse than misfueling your car? Answer: Doing in twice in the same day! This is the sad story for one of our customers. He shall remain nameless to save him from any further embarrassment – let’s call him Mr X. Nevertheless I thought I would share his story […]

Feeling Silly for Putting the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?

The joys of being on call. Last night I rushed out to a job in Shepherds bush, London whilst in the cinema !!! Tyrone had gone and filled up his newly purchased Smart car with petrol rather than diesel after a long day in the office. There was a slight […]

Fuel Drain on a Smart car in Shepherds bush, London

Early Last week I had a call from a gentleman named Tony, he had gone and done the silly thing of putting £30 of petrol into his work van(Ford Transit) at the Shell garage in East Grinstead. Tony thought this was going to muck up his whole day waiting around […]

Fuel drain on a Ford transit in East Grinstead, West ...

It’s not quite summer yet but the weather has been so fantastic that a lot of our customers have been out and about enjoying the sun and warmth. One particular middle-aged gentleman up in the Scottish Borders decided to do a bit of touring on his classic Yamaha TDM 850. […]

Diesel in a Petrol Sports Bike? Scottish Borders Madness

It’s always nice to get a job that’s literally on our doorstep, to be able to get to and drain a vehicle in less than half an hour is some feat! Yesterday at 3:00pm we had a call from Penny who had put the wrong fuel in her Fiat Brava […]

Fuel drain on a Fiat Brava diesel in Felbridge, Surrey

Citroen DS3 wrong fuel in Sevenoaks: Yesterday The Fuel Man was asked to carry out a fuel drain with petrol in a diesel engine in Sevenoaks, Kent on a Citreon DS3. Received Call – 12:10pm So The Fuel Man rushed over to Sevenoaks in lightning quick speed to reach him […]

Wrong fuel, petrol in a diesel Citroen DS3 in Sevenoaks

Quite often a car does not break down immediately after a misfueling,  assuming you’ve driven to a petrol station to buy your fuel – your cars engine will be hot, and a warm engine copes with wrong fuel much better than a cold engine. This is the reason we attend so many call outs to […]

Put wrong fuel in car, now won’t start.

Starting to notice a pattern from main dealers, I think the word I am looking for is “thieving ****” – time and again I get to a job and find out that the client has phoned the dealer who supplied the car and been told it will cost between 700 […]

Predatory Dealerships

Recently we came across a husband and wife who had put the wrong fuel in their car. Their situation came about like this:  they had a nearly empty tank on a Merc (07 reg, Diesel, 220 C Class Estate) they filled it full with Petrol. The wife was driving and […]

Oops! Wrong fuel goes into a Mercedes in Whitstable

A young man had only been driving for 6 months and had just bought his first car. He called us feeling totally embarrassed. He had put £50 of diesel in his petrol VW Golf 03 plate. We explained to him that this was a very common mistake and lots of people did […]

6 months with a license, and a brand new car. ...

When someone puts the wrong fuel into the car, normally their are on their way out or going to work, or dashing home after a busy day. So being told it’s 24hr waiting time will just not do. People have places to be. That’s why we can safely say we […]

It always happens when you could really do without it

A young lady had a very interesting story which resulted in her filling her petrol car with a whole tank of diesel. She had been too busy with her friend looking at a good-looking guy across the forecourt of the petrol station. As she put the nozzle back into the […]

Wrong fuel in Hull

I was called at 5pm rush hour from a lady who had filled her Ford Focus 03 plate, petrol car with diesel. She was in a rush as she was on her way home from work and needed to pick the kids up. Panicked by her mistake, I told her […]

Fixed in a rush in rush hour in Sevenoaks

We were called to lovely Blackheath, South East London to an Audi S-line, A6, Black, 07 plate. The owner had driven to the petrol station next to the Sun in the Sands roundabout to fill up his empty tank. He put £70 of petrol in his diesel, Audi. He drove […]

Audi S-line diesel in Blackheath – it didn’t like petrol

We did a fuel drain for an Audi A6, S-line Quatro 06 3L Diesel that put £40 of petrol in an almost empty tank. The car had only driven 5 mins and conked out in Oxted High Street, around the corner from the petrol station. Luckily, the car was able […]

Audi diesel on Oxted High Street.

A fuel drain in Hexham was for a young lady who put petrol in diesel in a VW Polo and was stuck on the petrol station forecourt. The fuel drainer arrived in record time of 7 minutes and got straight onto the job, in situ at the pump and got […]

Northumberland – a cold place if you have to wait ...

A fuel drain in Lincoln was for a tank full of the wrong fuel, £30 of petrol in diesel and broken down 2 miles from the petrol station. The fuel drainer was sent out at 2am to help the driver and got the drain, flush and re-fuel done on the […]

No, we weren’t asleep, and the phone was ringing anyway: ...

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Ely? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast. We offer a mobile fuel drain service wherever you are in Ely, Mildenhall, Wisbeck, St […]

Fuel Drain Isle of Ely

A fuel drain in Worcester was for a run of the mill job of £30 of petrol in diesel and broken down at the fuel station forecourt. The fuel drainer arrived at 11am, just after the forecourt closed and got the drain and re-fuel done on site. The fuel drainers […]

£30 of petrol in Worcester

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Merseyside? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast. If you have put petrol in diesel and have broken down in Merseyside or any […]

Fuel Drain Merseyside

A fuel drain in Taunton was for £45 of petrol in diesel and stuck at the fuel station forecourt with a motor that refused to start. The fuel drainer arrived on site and got the drain and a through flush done and final refuel, all in under an hour. The […]

I’m in Taunton and my car won’t start….

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Avon? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast, no matter where you have broken down. If you have put petrol in diesel and […]

Fuel Drain Avon

A fuel drain in Chorley was for £25 of petrol in diesel and broken down at the forecourt of the local petrol station. The fuel drainer arrived and moved the vehicle out of the pump lane and got the job done on the roadside outside the petrol station for the […]

Not chortling in Chorley – not after £25 of petrol ...

A fuel drain in Gravesend was a tank full of the wrong fuel – petrol in diesel in a Landrover Discovery, stuck at a fuel station forecourt not starting. the fuel drainer arrived, got the whole tank drained and flushed through, then proceeded to re-fuel the Landie and the driver […]

Land Rover Discovery misfuel in Gravesham

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Worthing? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast. If you have put petrol in diesel in your vehicle in Worthing, Portslade, Lancing, Steyning, […]

Fuel Drain Worthing

A fuel drain in Shepton Mallet was for £25 of petrol in diesel and broken down on the fuel station forecourt without driving or starting the vehicle. The fuel drainer arrived, got the whole tank drained and re-fuelled and within an hour the motorist was back on his way. A […]

Shepton Mallet – crazy name, crazy driver after misfueling

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Scarborough? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast. If you have out petrol in your diesel car and broken down by the road […]

Fuel Drain Scarborough

A fuel drain in Mansfield was for Ford Mondeo with £30 of petrol in diesel. The fueld rainer attended on the petrol station forecourt and got the drain and re-fuel done within 45 minutes. A fuel drain in Sutton in Ashfield was for a Ford Ka with the wrong fuel, […]

Oh dear: misfueling pain for Jayne in Mansfield

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Kings Lynn? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you, wherever you are. Do you need a fuel drain in Kings Lynn, Downham Market, Castle Acre, Heacham, Holbeach or the surrounding areas? […]

Fuel Drain Kings Lynn

A fuel drain in St Albans was a run of the mill worker on their way home and putting the wrong fuel in their tank – £30 of petrol in diesel to be precise. The fuel drainer got to the forecourt where the attendant had reassured the driver that our […]

St Albans – praying for the car to start

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Epping? We have a mobile fuel drain service operating 24/7 and will come to you. If you need a fuel drain in Epping, Cheshunt, Loughton, Blackmore, Hoddesdon or the surrounding area, then we can get to you […]

Fuel Drain Epping

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Stafford? We operate a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you. We can get any make of car or van back on the road rapidly. If you need a fuel drain because you put […]

Fuel Drain Stafford

Do not panic if you have put the wrong fuel in your car – our fuel drain technicians are experienced in all types of mis-fuelling and all makes of vehicle. We will soon have you back on the road. A fuel drain in Breckland was a lady on her way […]

Don’t Panic Mr. Mainwaring

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Torbay? We can get you back on the road again with our mobile fuel draining service, whatever time of day or night. If you have put petrol in diesel and need a fuel drain in Torbay, Torquay, […]

Fuel Drain Torbay

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Elmbridge? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you wherever you have broken down. Whatever time of day or night, wherever you are in need of a fuel drain in Elmbridge, Cutnall […]

Fuel Drain Elmbridge

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Thanet? We have a mobile fuel drain service wherever you are, any time of day or night – 24/7. If you have put petrol in diesel or vice versa, our fuel drain service is what you need. […]

Fuel Drain Thanet

A fuel drain in Redcar was for £30 of petrol in diesel in a Citroen C3 and the driver stuck at a forecourt. The fuel drainer had just finished a job locally and got there within a record 7 minutes and finished the job in just under an hour. Nice […]

Misfueling in Redcar – not red diesel in the car

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Tendring? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you wherever you are broken down. Our mobile fuel drain service has a professionally trained and insured fuel drainer on site usually within an […]

Fuel Drain Tendring

Did you put petrol in diesel? Do you need a fuel drain in Reigate? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road again. We offer a mobile call out service 24/7 at any location in Reigate, Banstead, Horley, […]

Fuel Drain Reigate