petrol in diesel

Petrol in a diesel car? Everything you would need to know about putting petrol in a diesel car – how to deal with it, what are the symptoms, how to drain it, etc.

Diesel Prices Falling

With the recent drop in diesel prices in the UK we urge motorists to pay even closer attention when filling up at the pump. You can no longer guarantee that the “cheaper stuff” you are putting in your car is petrol as many supermarkets have dropped the price of diesel to below that of petrol. …

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Petrol in Diesel London

Petrol in diesel London? It happens more frequently than you might think. If it has just happened to you we’re here to help. Fuel Fixer is a nationwide, 24/7 mobile fuel draining service. Our engineers throughout the London and Greater London area are ready to service your needs. All are trained and experienced fuel drain …

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Fuel drain on an Audi A3 in Chelwood gate, East Sussex

In my eye’s misfueling your vehicle on a Saturday morning has to be one of the worst timings possible, especially when your about to go on a nice family day out with the kids!!! This unlucky chap “Lee” woke up bright and early with the birds singing and the sun shining. Thinking to himself what …

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