Petrol in my Diesel! Am I a Fool?

What’s the most common thing I hear when our unlucky customers call to ask for a fuel drain after having put petrol into their diesel, or diesel into their petrol? Almost one for one they tell me that they can’t believe that they’ve misfueled and they are deeply embarrassed and annoyed.

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve done the same thing and are probably feeling the same way. Well, I thought I would share a little anecdote with you which might help to mitigate the pain and suffering you feel by making you realise that literally everyone is susceptible to misfueling.

Who would you think is least likely to misfuel their vehicle? Surely it would be a fuel drain technician. Well, that’s exactly what one of our technicians did a few months ago. He’s probably going to hate me for putting this up on the website but I thought his misfortune might just help to ease the suffering of others.

Basically, he’d just completed a full fuel drain on a customer’s car at a petrol station in south London. He decided to top up before heading home and you can guess the rest. It’s quite a sight to see a Fuel Fixer Ford Transit’s fuel drain pumps cleaning out its own tank. What an advert for us!

So, if you’ve misfueled your vehicle by putting petrol in your diesel or diesel in your petrol, give us a call. We really do understand that it can happen to anyone.

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