Understanding the Basics of Misfuelling and Its Hazards

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Misfueling occurs when you put the wrong type of fuel in your car’s tank. This may entail accidentally refuelling a gasoline-powered vehicle with diesel or, even more dangerously, a diesel vehicle with gasoline.

Diesel pumps have a larger nozzle than gas pumps, making it more likely that you will accidentally put gas into a diesel vehicle. Don’t be so hard on yourself if and when this occurs. Yet, watch your actions carefully and prepare to stop the recurring problem.

What Are the Known Hazards of Misfuelling?

When you put improper fuel in your car, it can cause a number of problems. Diesel primarily functions as a lubricant, while gasoline is a solvent. Namely, diesel has a higher compression ratio, while gasoline has a higher calorific value.

The fuel pump in your diesel car will wear out faster due to the lack of lubrication introduced by the gasoline. As two unlubricated metal parts rub against one another, tiny metal shavings are ground off, a process known as swarf.

Blockage of the fuel supply by swarf might bring the vehicle to an abrupt halt. The swarf might also pollute the fuel filter before it reaches the engine. Thus, if you’re not careful and a misfuelling occurs, you could end up in the middle of nowhere!

So, it is reasonable to assume that misfuelling can result in costly repairs to your vehicle and a potentially dangerous circumstance. But before you stress out, know that misfuelling prevention is possible, easier, and cheaper to implement than you might imagine.

How Can I Prevent Putting Petrol in a Diesel Car?

A cap or other misfuelling prevention device is required to keep fuel from going into the wrong tank. This misfuelling-prevention cap can be purchased from any reputable auto parts retailer in your area.

Preventing Wrong Fuel with a Misfuel Device

You may improve your ride with this aftermarket accessory that wasn’t included in the factory build but is available for purchase and installation. The SoloDiesel Cap is a widely recognised example of this type of tool.

How Does Solodiesel Function?

The SoloDiesel Cap was created with security and economy in mind. The device’s five safety latches detect the gasoline nozzle’s diameter. For instance, when used on a diesel vehicle, the fuel nozzle is simply prevented from entering the fuel neck due to its smaller diameter.

This gadget’s clever cap flap technique guarantees quick and easy refuelling. When the fuel nozzle is inserted, a flap opens, and it snaps shut when the nozzle is removed. Exactly what does this mean to you? It’s convenient because you won’t have to remove the standard gasoline cap.

What to Do Following an Accidental Fueling

However, there is nothing to worry about in the event of a misfuelling. Here are some easy actions to take for those unlucky enough to be in this situation.

  • Don’t Drive

Don’t leave the gas station if you discover that the wrong type of fuel was put into your vehicle. Hold your position till further notice. Not starting the engine is crucial since doing so can result in costly repairs or a breakdown on the road.

  • Pull Over

If you realise this while travelling, stop what you’re doing and turn around; don’t “just push through.” You may keep going for a while, but eventually, your automobile will give out on you, so pull over as soon as possible.

  • Push Your Car to Safety

You may have to push your car to a safe location where you can ask for assistance draining the petrol tank.

  • Be Sure to Tell the Right People

Don’t wait to get in touch with the appropriate individuals; instead, make a quick phone call with someone who can help.

  • Communicate with Your Automobile Insurance Company

Before permitting any repairs to be made to your vehicle, you should get in touch with your insurance company, as they may be able to pay some of the costs and offer you guidance throughout the process. It’s possible they’ll be able to get help sent to you, no matter where you happen to be.

  • Consult the Staff at the Service Center for Assistance

Helpful knowledge in this area is most likely to be found among service station employees. Provide an account of what’s going on and seek assistance. Given the odds, you can bet that they’ve helped someone else in your terrible situation. Likewise, when you fill up your tank the next time, check to see what kind of gas your automobile takes to make sure you have enough.


Misfuelling is a serious hazard that can occur when motorists fill their vehicles with the wrong type of fuel. For example, if you accidentally put petrol in a diesel car, the engine can suffer serious damage. In some cases, misfuelling can even lead to total engine failure. If you do accidentally misfuel your car, it’s important to get the engine checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

In the meantime, avoid driving the vehicle if possible; if you have to, drive carefully and slowly.

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