The Right Approach after Putting the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

putting fuel in car

Don’t be alarmed if you put the wrong sort of petrol in your car. An estimated 150,000 Brits fall victim to this common blunder annually, but help is always at hand.  In this article, we lay out the potential consequences and discuss your available choices in solving this predicament.

Have You Started the Engine? If Not, Then Your Car Is Still Safe

Once the ignition is turned on, misfuelling causes the most severe damage. Thus, you are in luck if you discover you have put the incorrect fuel in your automobile before starting the engine. What you ought to do is as follows:

  • Don’t start the car, and don’t turn the key in the ignition
  • Inform the attendants at the gas station
  • Shift into neutral
  • Push the car to a secure area
  • Drain and flush the gasoline system with the help of your breakdown service
  • Do not delay in contacting your insurance company

What to Do If You Accidentally Start Your Engine with the Wrong Gasoline

You should take the following actions if you have started your engine after putting in the incorrect fuel:

  • If the engine can be shut down safely, do so immediately. If you can’t do that, find a place to pull over
  • In other words, put the car in neutral
  • Get in touch with your breakdown service or fuel flushing company
  • Do not delay in contacting your insurance company
  • After misfuelling, repair your vehicle

Some of the more comprehensive wrong fuel recovery services will attempt to flush the fuel tank and fuel system of the contaminated fuel and supply you with enough clean fuel to get back on the road.

You may rest easy knowing that many fuel patrols are qualified auto technicians who have the proper certification to work in gas station parking lots.


About once every three minutes in the UK, someone puts the wrong fuel into their car. This can happen when people aren’t paying attention to the pumps.

Unfortunately, the mistake may prove quite pricey since entire fuel systems may need to be replaced. However, this is not always true.

The Signs of Putting the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

In the event that you have put gasoline in a diesel vehicle, you may have experienced a loud banging sound while accelerating, a lot of smoke from the tailpipe, a noticeably decreased rate of acceleration, an illuminated “engine warning” sign, and an automobile that is difficult to restart.

Using diesel in a gasoline-powered vehicle may cause you to experience the engine stalling out, misfiring, or failing to restart, and heavy smoke coming from the tailpipe.

What Happens If You Fill Your Car with the Wrong Fuel?

Putting diesel in a gasoline-powered vehicle is a big mistake, but putting petrol in a diesel vehicle is disastrous.  However, if you turn off the engine and remove the keys from the ignition, the damage to your vehicle’s motor should be minimal.

The Dangers of Using Gasoline in a Diesel Vehicle

Diesel vehicles rely on fuel to lubricate moving engine parts, reducing the rate at which they wear out. Blending gasoline with diesel creates a solvent that can be used to remove the oil. By recirculating, the mixture and increasing friction between components, turning on the ignition can cause wear and tear on the fuel lines and the pump.

Depending on the situation, expensive repairs may be necessary, and you may need to replace the fuel system entirely.

Accidentally Putting Diesel Fuel in a Gasoline-Powered Vehicle

Putting diesel in a gasoline-powered vehicle is less catastrophic than doing the opposite with a diesel vehicle. The diesel will coat the spark plugs and fuel system after you start the engine, which can cause it to misfire. Your car’s motor could start smoking, cutting out, or not starting at all. As quickly as possible, you should empty the gas tank.


Filling your vehicle with the wrong fuel can be a costly mistake. If you find yourself in this situation, the most important thing is to stay calm and remember not to start your engine. It is also important to contact a professional for help and advice. Depending on the type and amount of fuel put in, you may need to have the tank drained and flushed, as well as replace any damaged components. 

Knowing what to do in this situation can help to prevent further damage and save you money in the long run.

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