Small Amount of Petrol in Diesel Car

Small amount of petrol in diesel

Petrol in a Diesel Car: The Consequences of Misfueling and What to Do:


Concerned about what to do after mistakenly adding a small amount of petrol to your diesel car? If this is currently troubling you, rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place. Dive into this comprehensive post, where you’ll find answers and crucial insights related to your predicament. This article revolves around the inadvertent refueling of petrol in a diesel engine.

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Noticed Your Error at the Petrol Station?

I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it
I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it

The Misfueling Dilemma: What to Do When You Put Petrol in a Diesel Car

Accidentally filling your diesel car with petrol is a top concern among many drivers. If you’ve just realized this unfortunate mistake after refueling at a petrol station, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Firstly, switch off your diesel engine, resist the urge to drive any further, and securely lock your car. Driving with the wrong fuel can cause severe damage to vital internal components and engines.

The fuel system itself is particularly susceptible to harm when petrol is introduced into a diesel car’s tank. This predicament is all too familiar for countless drivers who find themselves in the same situation. Even if you briefly turned your keys in the ignition, it’s possible that other engine components could be contaminated, and the fuel pump may have undergone priming. Take a deep breath and remain calm, as there is a solution and your engines can be salvaged.

Have You Noticed Your Error After You Have Left the Station?

In this case, ensure to park your vehicle in a safe way or slot. Do not risk damaging your car engine. Some older diesel engines will be fine. You can also ask for help from the station staff to push your vehicle to a safe location. Mixture of diesel and petrol can cause damages to the fuel system of the diesel engine. 

After parking your car in a safe slot, turn on your hazard lights. Do not panic because, at this point, your car is in its fine state. Also, switch on your sidelights if you have this engine damage during nighttime. Contact a breakdown service. Do not forget to face the traffic while you are talking to someone on the phone. 

Are You Unsure If You Have Actually Put Small Amount of Petrol in a Diesel Fuel?

Misfueling- make sure

Look at your receipt, and you will determine whether or not you filled your engine with the wrong fuel. Alternative ways include the following:

  • Your car suddenly stopped even though it is in a fine condition.
  • Your car loses its power, and you are unable to start the engine. 
  • After you start the engine, you may have difficulties turning it off.
  • Your engine starts to produce loud sounds, especially when under load.
  • You cannot start the engine and drive the vehicle as fine as before. This is always true if the engine is warm.

You can contact a professional to get a quote regarding this.

How to Prevent Putting A Wrong Fuel to Your Engine?

Putting a small amount of petrol in a diesel engine is usually an inevitable problem by most drivers, whether in a four-wheel-drive version or two-wheel drive, especially those who have a forgetful mind. In this case, you may be looking for some ways to prevent this from happening. 

If you don’t have the budget to purchase a Ford model car, then ensure you will put an indicator over your petrol tank that will remind you of what fuel you need to put to your diesel engine. This is a helpful trick, especially if your multiple drivers use your car. 

Diesel in a Petrol Engine

You might find it hard to put the right amount of diesel fuel to your diesel engine, considering the size of diesel nozzles. If you put the wrong fuel in your diesel engine, it can cause damage to its catalytic converter, which require costly replacement. Use a hand pump to drain the petrol you have put to your diesel engine to prevent damage. 

Small Amount of Petrol in Diesel Car

How Does This Mistake Even Happen?

Drivers that might find it hard to differentiate a modern diesel engine from a traditional one. You are driving a car that is not yours, or even Modern diesel produce sounds that very similar to petrol engines, while the traditional diesel engine was usually slow to warm up, dirty, and clattery. In this case, drivers might forget the fact that they are driving a car with a diesel engine because of the absence of visual and audio clues. 

Can I Dilute Petrol with Diesel?

Modern diesel have that new and fine diesel injection systems. If your car has this feature, diluting the contaminated fuel is impossible compared to the older cars that do not feature diesel injection systems. On the other hand, diluting your contaminated fuel is a risky decision as it could damage your diesel engine and diesel car. If you are going to do this by yourself, ensure that you will drain the fuel as much as possible.

What If I Lease My Car?

If you are leasing the car, you are responsible to pay for all the repairs. One of the worst things your diesel car cannot resist is firing up its engine as well as misfuelling. In this case, you need to spend thousands of bills on replacing and fixing the fuel system and diesel engine. 

Am I Covered on my Insurance?

Unluckily, misfuelling is not included in most car insurance policies, even those that offer strict and comprehensive insurance. 

Am I Covered on My Breakdown Cover?

Your car manufacturer is not responsible if you accidentally put even a small amount of petrol in a diesel car. The good thing is that they might help you with towing your car.  

How Much Will This Mistake Cost?

Bad news: A mistake in your fuel tank can cost you from hundred to thousand of Pounds. The cost varies based on the area, Did you start your engine? how much fuel has to be drained, and other factors too check If you filled your tank with the wrong fuel, do not get surprised as putting the wrong fuel costs a lot. 

How Much It Will Cost to Drain a Fuel Tank?

Are you wondering how much it will cost to take away the petrol you have put to your diesel car? Well, the answer to this question will depend on different factors, especially on the contractor. 

What Will Happen If I Put a Small Amount of Petrol in a Diesel Engine?

More than 150,000 cars have been filled with the wrong fuel in one year. This means that the repair bills reach thousands to millions of dollars. What will happen if I put petrol in my diesel fuel tank? Well, it strips off the lubricant needed to keep it from ticking. Also, putting the wrong fuel pump can damage the diesel seals. 

Petrol in a Diesel Car by mistake and drove it

What To Do If I Put Wrong Fuel in my Diesel Engine?

Misfuelling is a mistake by most vehicle drivers. This mistake is almost inevitable despite the efforts of petrol stations to color-code their fuel stand before they drive the vehicle. In this case, ensure to read the guide before you attempt to fix the mistake. If you need more information: regarding petrol in diesel car 

How to Drain Wrong Filled Fuel from a Car

You may ask for the assistance of a staff in the petrol area where you do misfuel. In this case, you need to use a hand pump and a siphone tube. Also, you would need to get a fuel storage can and a thin, long screw driver. 

What to do when Filled Unleaded in a Diesel Engine?

Ensure not to turn on your ignition. Also, take your keys from the ignition. Push your vehicle to a vacant place and ask for the assistance of a breakdown cover. You can also ask for help from the petrol station staff. Ensure not to take off your keys from the ignition. This is the easiest and simplest way compared to others. The best thing a motorist can do after putting petrol in a diesel car is to drain it. 

Problem Associated with Putting Small Amount of Petrol or Wrong Fuel in a Diesel Engine

A lot of problems are associated with when you put a small amount of petrol in a diesel engine. These include the breakdown of diesel engines as time goes on. To prevent this, you may use fuel pumps. Fuel pumps are usually lubricated by diesel fuel to protect themselves from further engine damages. If you have put even a small amount of petrol in a diesel car, you need to call a staff to help you drain the fuel system. 

Percentage of Gasoline?

In most cases, the recommended percentage of gasoline is not more than 3 percent. For those who don’t know, gasoline contains 10-20 of cetane rating. You can use gasoline to lubricate some parts of your car. Gasoline contamination can cause a reduction of diesel flash point at some time. Remember that gasoline does not damage your diesel engine. An accidental mixture of diesel fuel to gasoline isn’t risky, but it needs to be prevented. To protect your diesel engine, make sure that you would pour only the right amount of gasoline. 


To mix or not to mix diesel with petrol? The answer is not to mix. Mixing the unleaded with diesel could cause a breakdown of engine parts. Misfuelling is also a common mistake that needs to be avoided from time to time. It could cause bigger issues than the other way around.

Wrong Fuel

Putting the wrong fuel to your fuel tank, even a small amount of petrol could lead to damages. If you mistakenly put petrol to your fuel pump or diesel engines, make sure to drain it by a professional – Do not waste time. When you put the wrong fuel to your new car model, draining it is way harder than the other way around. Ensure that you know the different car systems to determine if you actually put petrol in a diesel car. 

Car Engine Injection

Through the injectors and their fine holes, the fuel is being fired into the inlet port or inlet manifold. The fuel pump delivers the fuel from the fuel tank, which is under pressure, to distribute it to one cylinder equally and on time. Injectors are an important part of every car to perform fuel injection. You could purchase it even from the petrol station. The injectors could be found next to the firing line. When the injectors are damaged, it could also cause risks to your engine. Diesel is used to waxing up injectors.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • To put the diesel into the car tank, make sure to pour it first into an unleaded fuel can.
  • New models of cars these days are equipped with quality and new fuel tank features.
  • We advise you to drain your engine when you accidentally pour the wrong fuel to protect yourself from buying a new car or, worse, replacing your engine with a new one. 
  • Even if you start your engine after putting in the wrong fuel, you need to fix it before it gets worse.
  • When you put the wrong fuel, do not even attempt to start your engine.
  • Ensure that you know your vehicle tank capacity.
  • More than hundreds of drivers don’t know how to fix misfuelling.
  • You may use a knock sensor to help fix some car problems. 
  • Diesel before 2001 may be safer compared to now.
  • Drain your fuel tank. Call a professional to drain your car engine properly. 
  • Staff in a station can drain your engine and refuel it. If you are alone and this mistake happens, you can drain it yourself. You need to drain out the diesel from the tank to start the engine.
  • When the engine is fine, drive your vehicle slowly.
  • Diesel engines are made from different materials. This is also true in the fuel system. 
  • Putting even a small amount of petrol in diesel engines can lead to damages to the entire fuel system.
  • Other drivers prefer adding a small amount of petrol to diesel fuel during the winter season.

One may consider putting a sticker or indicator right next to the fuel system.


No one wants to spend money on repairs to their car system. One of the ways to prevent it is to ensure that you are putting the right fuel to your car as your engine may show defects if it receives the wrong fuel. 

If the mistake already happened, it would be great if you would drain it. Draining the system would be the least expensive thing you can do to save your system. You would really have to put diesel into an unleaded fuel tank. 

There are two types of diesel engine systems, which include high pressure injection and common rail injection. A common rail injector system would cost you a lot. Also, to make sure that the common rail injector system is working, note that it depends on lubrication most of the time. 

On the other hand, a high pressure fuel pump is costly compared to other components of the system. Running a high pressure fuel pump with a small amount of petrol can lead to further damages to the system. 

If you still have questions, you could call us for free. If you need help regarding your vehicle engines, you could call your vehicle manufacturer for free. How Can we help you? Call and discuss with us the damage to your tank fuel system. Get a new car quote. 

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