wrong fuel

Wrong fuel in car? All the information you could ever need about putting the wrong fuel in your car – what happens, symptoms, how to get it out, etc.

How NOT to Drain a Fuel Tank Video

Here is a short video of a couple of scenarios which could happen if you put the wrong fuel in your car. Leave a comment below and let us know how else to NOT do a fuel drain – and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos showcasing your ideas.

Misfueled Vehicles and “Limp Mode”

Nowadays, with vehicles becoming more advanced and sophisticated, we more often run into situations where a misfueled vehicle will go into “limp mode” where the engine will not rev above a certain amount (usually 2,000 or 3,000 RPM). This is the computer in the vehicle not clearly understanding what the problem is and deciding that the …

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Fuel drain on an Audi A3 in Chelwood gate, East Sussex

In my eye’s misfueling your vehicle on a Saturday morning has to be one of the worst timings possible, especially when your about to go on a nice family day out with the kids!!! This unlucky chap “Lee” woke up bright and early with the birds singing and the sun shining. Thinking to himself what …

Fuel drain on an Audi A3 in Chelwood gate, East Sussex Read More »