Misfuelling Myths Debunked: Common Misconceptions About Wrong Fuel Recovery Services


As a vehicle owner, the last thing you want to encounter is misfuelling your car. Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be a stressful, time-consuming, and costly mistake. However, misfuelling is more common than you may think, with an estimated 150,000 motorists in the UK falling victim to this error each year. As such, it is crucial to be aware of the facts surrounding wrong fuel recovery services like Fuel Fixer to ensure your vehicle is protected and you can make informed decisions during these situations.

Misconceptions related to the effects of misfuelling on your car, the recovery process, and the potential outcomes can confuse vehicle owners, exacerbating the stress and anxiety that often accompany misfuelling incidents. Clearing up these myths is essential in empowering drivers to take control of their situation and respond appropriately when misfuelling occurs. Whether you are concerned about potential damage, recovery service efficiency, or simply unaware of the correct steps to take following a misfuelling incident, this educational blog post aims to provide clarity and dispel common misfuelling myths.

In the upcoming sections, we will dismantle some of the most prevalent misfuelling myths, highlighting the facts about both petrol and diesel fuel systems, as well as the benefits of prompt and professional wrong fuel recovery services provided by Fuel Fixer. By separating the facts from fiction, drivers can act quickly and confidently in the event of misfuelling, safeguarding their vehicle’s performance and ensuring a swift return to the road.

Myth 1: Misfuelling Causes Irreversible Damage to Your Vehicle

Contrary to popular belief, misfuelling does not always lead to irreparable engine damage. The extent of damage largely depends on the type of fuel used, the amount pumped into the tank, and whether or not the engine was started.

In petrol-in-diesel cases, the petrol acts as a solvent, reducing the lubrication required by diesel engines, potentially leading to increased wear and tear. In diesel-in-petrol cases, the higher viscosity and oily nature of diesel can clog up the fuel lines and spark plugs. However, the key to minimising these potential damages is prompt and professional intervention. By contacting a wrong fuel recovery specialist like Fuel Fixer immediately, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of lasting damage to their vehicle.

Fact: Prompt professional service can mitigate potential damages caused by misfuelling, saving you time, money, and stress.

Myth 2: You Can Drive Your Car with the Wrong Fuel to a Service Station

Attempting to drive your car to a service station after misfuelling can exacerbate any damage caused to your engine and fuel system. The moment the engine is started, the wrong fuel begins to circulate throughout your vehicle’s fuel system, increasing the risk of permanent damage. It is paramount to refrain from starting your vehicle or trying to drive to a service station for help.

Fact: To minimize the risk of further damage, contact a wrong fuel recovery service such as Fuel Fixer and await their arrival. Their mobile units are equipped to handle fuel-draining procedures on-site in a quick and efficient manner.

Myth 3: I Should Run My Car until the Incorrect Fuel Is Burnt Off

This myth is particularly hazardous, as driving your vehicle in the hopes of burning off the incorrect fuel can severely damage your engine and fuel system. Circulating the wrong fuel throughout your vehicle not only affects the components within your fuel system but can also impact critical engine parts such as the pistons and valves. Consequently, attempting to burn off the incorrect fuel can lead to costly repairs, potential engine failure, and even complete engine replacement.

Fact: The safest and most effective solution in the event of misfuelling is to promptly contact professional wrong fuel recovery specialists like Fuel Fixer to drain and clean your fuel system.

Myth 4: A DIY Wrong Fuel Recovery Is a Cost-Effective Solution

While some drivers may be tempted to attempt a DIY fuel recovery in an effort to save money, this approach is not recommended. Draining the fuel directly from the tank can be a complicated, messy, and even dangerous process without the right tools and knowledge. Furthermore, a DIY fuel recovery may not address the full extent of potential damages if fuel has already circulated into the engine or other components. Finally, attempting a DIY recovery poses environmental risks, as improper disposal of contaminated fuel can harm the environment.

Fact: Wrong fuel recovery specialists like Fuel Fixer possess the necessary expertise, equipment, and capabilities to efficiently drain and dispose of contaminated fuel, ensuring minimal potential damage to your vehicle and the environment.

Debunking Misfuelling Myths for Confident Decision-Making

Informed decision-making is essential when faced with a misfuelling scenario. By debunking common myths and misconceptions surrounding the consequences, recovery approaches, and potential damages, vehicle owners can confidently tackle any misfuelling incident. Equipped with accurate knowledge and understanding, drivers have the power to safeguard their vehicle against potential damage, protect the environment, and ensure a swift return to the road.

If you’ve accidentally filled your car with the wrong fuel, don’t panic! Fuel Fixer offers expert wrong fuel assistance across the UK. Call us now and our mobile unit will be with you within 46 minutes. Trust the leading wrong fuel specialists and get back on the road safely.

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