The Cost of Misfuelling Your Car: A Guide for Irish Drivers

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As an Irish driver, you may have discovered the dangers of misfuelling your car. It’s a typical mistake that can happen to anyone, especially if you’re in a hurry or not paying attention. But what exactly is misfuelling, and what are its costs? 

In this guide, we’ll look at the expense of misfuelling your car and how to compute it.

The Cost of Misfuelling

The cost of misfuelling depends on the type of fuel you use, the amount of fuel you put in, and the damage caused to your car. Diesel cars are more expensive to repair than petrol cars, so misfuelling a diesel car can cost you more. The cost of misfuelling can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros, revolving around the severity of the damage.

If you realise your mistake and do not start the engine, you may be able to drain the fuel tank and avoid any damage. However, if you start the engine, the fuel will circulate through the engine, causing damage to the fuel system, motor, and other components. Sometimes, you may have to replace the entire engine or fuel system, costing thousands of euros.

How to Compute the Cost of Misfuelling

To compute the cost of misfuelling, you need to consider the following factors:

Type of Fuel

Diesel is more expensive than petrol, so misfuelling a diesel car can be more costly. However, petrol engines are more sensitive to the wrong fuel, so misfuelling a petrol car can cause more damage.

Amount of Fuel

The more fuel you put in, the more damage it can cause. The cost of draining the fuel tank and cleaning the fuel system will depend on the fuel you put in.

Severity of Damage

If your car has suffered severe damage, such as engine damage, you’ll be looking at a higher cost of repairs.

Age and Model of Car

The cost of repairing the damage will also depend on the age and model of your car. Newer cars with advanced fuel systems and engines may be more expensive to repair than older cars.

Mechanic Fees

The cost of repairing the damage will also depend on the mechanic you choose. Some mechanics may be more expensive, so shopping around and getting quotes from different mechanics is vital.

How to Avoid Misfuelling

Misfuelling can be avoided by following these simple tips:

  • Know Your Car: Always check your car’s manual to know what fuel it needs.

  • Double-check: Before filling up your car, double-check the fuel pump and type before filling up your vehicle.

  • Use a Fuel Cap Sticker: You can use a fuel cap sticker to remind yourself of the correct fuel type.

  • Don’t Rely on Colour: Do not rely on the colour of the fuel nozzle to determine the fuel type.

  • Be Careful When Borrowing a Car: If you borrow a car, know what fuel it needs.


Misfuelling can be a costly mistake for Irish drivers. It can damage your car’s fuel system, engine, and other components, leading to expensive repairs. To compute the cost of misfuelling, you need to consider the type of fuel, the amount of fuel, the severity of the damage, the age and model of the car, and mechanic fees. To avoid misfuelling, always check your car’s manual, double-check the fuel pump and fuel type, use a fuel cap sticker, do not rely on colour, and be careful when borrowing a car.

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