Diagnose Wrong Fuel Properly with These Symptoms of Petrol


Today’s diesel engines are much more complex than when they were a decade or two ago. Due to the digital age, remarkable progress has been made in efficiency, noise reduction, and pollution control. This also means that it can be harder to identify and resolve when something needs to be fixed with a modern diesel engine.

The engine in a vehicle might be experiencing problems such as misfiring, lagging, or just not running correctly. This could be due to a blocked air filter, damaged exhaust sensors, inadequate fuel pressure, or many other causes. A factor often overlooked is the possibility of having “bad” fuel, which can be responsible for the engine’s issues.

With bad fuel a common cause of diesel vehicle breakdowns on the side of the road in the UK, today’s article provides information on how to recognise the signs of bad fuel so you can prevent your vehicle from breaking down. Before taking it to a 24/7 wrong fuel service, here are the symptoms of petrol in a diesel engine:


You’ll notice the engine is struggling to run, as if it’s receiving short bursts of fuel followed by none, causing it to lurch or sputter.

Insufficient Power

The engine won’t provide enough power when the accelerator is pressed. Even though the accelerator is engaged, the engine is only generating a minimal amount of power, resulting in it being unable to reach higher RPMs.

Black Smoke

This happens because the engine is not burning the fuel properly, resulting in large amounts of dark, thick smoke from the exhaust pipe. The smoke comprises unburnt carbon particles from the petrol/diesel fuel mixture.

Engine Death

Engine cutting out or dying is when the engine suddenly stops running and no longer responds to the accelerator pedal. It may also happen after experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above, such as stuttering, sputtering, or misfiring.

Start or Restart Failure

It can be difficult to start a car when it has been off for a while. It may require multiple attempts to turn the key in the ignition before the engine finally turns on. You may have to take your vehicle to a 24/7 wrong fuel service if it doesn’t start.

Engine Management Light (ELM) or Other Electronic Warnings

The ELM is a warning light that comes on in a vehicle’s dashboard when there is an issue with the fuel system, fuel pressure, or injector errors. It is illuminated to alert the driver that something is wrong and should be checked out by a mechanic.

Weird Smells

The smells of petrol and diesel are very different, and someone knowledgeable about cars can tell the difference between the two by sniffing the fuel or fumes from the area where the fuel is filled or the exhaust. Those who are experienced can even detect it in the exhaust fumes.

In Closing

If you’ve filled up your diesel vehicle and within 24 hours you experience any of the following signs, you’ve likely put the wrong type of fuel in your car: jerky acceleration, engine misfires, reduced power, diesel engine noise, higher fuel consumption than usual, and a decrease in engine performance. It’s best to confirm your suspicions and find out if you’ve put petrol in your diesel car.

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