Predatory Dealerships

Starting to notice a pattern from main dealers, I think the word I am looking for is “thieving ****” – time and again I get to a job and find out that the client has phoned the dealer who supplied the car and been told it will cost between 700 and 1200 for a “proper fuel drain”, these are cars that have not been started that are sitting on station forecourts, this is fairly simple stuff and as much as some might like to make it seem like rocket science, it’s as simple as it gets, WRONG FUEL IN – WRONG FUEL OUT – RIGHT FUEL IN,  “rinsing tanks – replacing fuel lines – changing filters – new fuel pump” absolute rubbish which serves no purpose other than lining your dealers’ pockets, dealers are businesses like any other and try to drum up work, they have quotas and targets like the rest of us and are independently owned and operated, some of the bigger dealerships do 100k per week in maintenance and repairs, and are much more profitable than the sales side, a main dealer would be happy to send out a recovery truck (4 hours) and bring the car in “to be looked at over the next few days”  and charge 1200 pounds to drain a tank, this is nothing more than a racket, and the only justification is that it is the “main dealer” – thus “proper” and “right” – they play on this and I don’t think it is fair.

If you have misfueled, don’t listen to the scare stories, call an independent fuel drain company, we deal with misfuels for a living, we wont carry out unnecessary work, or take advantage of your misfortune, any car can be drained on site if it hasn’t been driven, and if it has been driven for a couple of miles, we can most likely still get you running, misfuel correction is straightforward and has a very high success rate.

So, if you want to get on your way as fast as possible (in your own car), and this unfortunately happens to you, and you don’t have a spare 4 hours to wait for your dealer, or a spare £1200 to pay for it! Give us a call. 1 hour and you are on your way.

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