Using Oil Additives in Your Engine: What You Need to Know

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The use of oil additives in engines has been debated among vehicle enthusiasts for years. While some believe these products can provide various benefits, such as improved performance, reduced wear, and extended oil life, others argue that they can potentially cause damage to the engine. This blog section aims to provide a comprehensive look at …

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Wrong Fuel Doctor Near Me

Wrong Fuel Doctor Near Me In The UK The need for wrong fuel recovery is higher than ever before. This is partly due to the fact that there are more and more vehicles on the roads. Why do you need a fuel doctor near you for solving misfuelling problems? Misfuelling is an annoying problem. In …

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AA & RAC Wrong Fuel, Fuel Drain Service & Misfuelling Costs

Fuel Doctor

Most people who fill up with the wrong fuel first turn to the AA & RAC. It is widely thought that membership would cover fuel drains…….. dun dun dun dun! Here’s some facts: The AA offers a mobile fuel draining service, called “fuel assist”  The AA charge £209.34 for AA Members and £246.29 for non …

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Fuel Drain Avon

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Avon? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast, no matter where you have broken down. If you have put petrol in diesel and are broken down, we have …

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Diesel in petrol car

If my car stopped working because I added diesel in petrol car, will I need to repair it? If you didn’t drive it for more than 2 miles on petrol whats almost certain is you drove it for 2 miles on the rest of the diesel in the fuel lines. When the petrol cleared its …

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How NOT to Drain a Fuel Tank Video

Fuel Doctor

Here is a short video of a couple of scenarios which could happen if you put the wrong fuel in your car. Leave a comment below and let us know how else to NOT do a fuel drain – and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos showcasing your ideas.

Funny Fuel Drain Story

So, Fuel Fixer recieved a call from a distressed customer a few days ago. Unfortunately the customer, a Russian fellow, spoke hardly any English. He called up and managed, with a lot of “whats?” and “sorrys?” to communicate to our call operator that he was at a petrol station in London. Our call guy wasn’t …

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