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Misfuelled, Check this article out! Solution

So you misfuelled your car? Dont worry you are not the first person doing so, and it’s rather common. If you’ve just put petrol in a diesel car I’m sure

How NOT to remove Unleaded from a Diesel Engine

I was reminded the other day of a misfuel that we were called out to resolve for a professor at the University of Brighton. Our learned friend had tried to

No Rest for the Wicked

I had decided that I should have a nice quite Sunday to help me recover from the hectic week. Why is it that every time I try to relax it

Petrol in my Diesel! Am I a Fool?

What’s the most common thing I hear when our unlucky customers call to ask for a fuel drain after having put petrol into their diesel, or diesel into their petrol?

Petrol in Diesel Cumbria

Being a vet in Cumbria is a busy job.  It is a county with a lot of sheep, cows, horses as well as cats and dogs and the other animals

Petrol in Diesel Berkshire

A machinist driving from Slough to Reading filled his diesel tank with petrol on the way home from the pub. Petrol in diesel is not good for combustion and his

Petrol in Diesel Bedfordshire

A cinematographer making a film on the delights and tourist attractions of Luton in Bedfordshire ensured his place in history by putting £5 of petrol in the empty diesel tank

How far will a car drive with wrong fuel?

This is a question allot of people ask if they are unsure of whether or not they have put the wrong fuel in the car. The answer differs greatly, some

wrong fuel & filling up habits

Having drained the wrong fuel from thousands of cars I have spent more time on petrol station forecourts than most. Every wrong fuel removal involves putting a flexitube into a