I’d love to hear from you, especially if you have had a fuel drain done by us –  please feel free to leave a comment with your experience. I would especially like to hear from people who have had a fuel drain in the past and the “long term view”.

805 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Demi morley says:

    Was having a bad day , previous garage failed to correct the issue with wrong refuelling and caused me to have a breakdown . YOU GUYS CAME TO THE RESCUE! thank you so so much for your help and getting me back up and running! Same day within an hour they was sorting the problem. Cheers 🙂

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Good morning Demi,

      I have just seen that you have left a lovely review on our website.

      Thank you so much for using Fuel Fixer, it is really great to hear such positive feedback and we are glad that your car is back up and running again.

      From all of us at Fuel Fixer, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

      Hope your week improves!

      – The Fuel Man

  2. Anthony says:

    Excellent service. 02/10/20 mix fuel. Well done Andras you were polite and explained all that had to be done. Thank you

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the review Anthony,

      Also, thank you for letting us know that Andras did a great job.

      – The Fuel Man

  3. John and family, job number 47389 says:

    We were amazed at the prompt service late on a Friday evening. The person who answered our call was very reassuring. The drainer Jojo (?) arrived promptly and despite the dark and confines of our drive completed the drain down quickly and efficiently. In addition he was such a delightful person who relieved our stress. He was very kind and compassionate and renewed our faith in human nature.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for letting us know that Zsozso did a great job late on a Friday! I will pass on your thanks, it is great to hear that he relieved your stress 🙂

      I have sent him the review as he will be delighted that it has renewed your faith in humans.

      – The Fuel Man


    Brilliant fast response after I put petrol in my diesel! Let me know how long he was going to be and then provided fast, professional and friendly service and got me back on the road in no time! Thank you!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the review Graeme,

      I am very pleased that you were happy with our service and that we were able to get you up and running again.

      If you or anyone you know does need a fuel drain please do give us a call.

      – The Fuel Man

  5. School boy error.
    I put petrol in my diesel Transit.
    What a doughnut!!!
    Georgio (I think that’s how you spell it) came out and while he was waiting for my tank to drain, checked and cleaned my air & pollen filters.
    He also checked my oil & fluid levels.
    This man loves his job and his trade.
    He went above and beyond and is an absolute credit to his company.
    I hope I never see him again as long as I live lol.
    You’re a top man.
    Cheers Georgio from Hungary (sorry if I’ve misspelled your name).

  6. School boy error.
    I put petrol in my diesel Transit.
    What a doughnut!!!
    Georgio (I think that’s how you spell it) came out and while he was waiting for my tank to drain, checked and cleaned my air & pollen filters.
    He also checked my oil & fluid levels.
    This man loves his job and his trade.
    He went above and beyond and is an absolute credit to his company.
    I hope I never see him again as long as I live lol.
    You’re a top man.
    Cheers Georgio (sorry if I’ve misspelled your name).

  7. steve says:

    Very impressed with the service given.
    Having put adblue in my diesel tank by accident, I called fuelfixer and they had someone in attendance in less than an hour.
    An hour later the tank had been drained and flushed and I was back on the road.
    VW had previously stated they could recover me back to the garage but couldn’t look at it for at least two weeks.
    Highly recommend fuelfixer if you are in a similar situation.

  8. Simon Marriott says:

    Wow, called Fuelfixer this morning after a Senior Moment at the garage this morning!! Balazs arrived faster than quoted and in no time had the system drained, fuel line cleaned out and diesel topped up. He was extremely professional, very customer oriented, funny and made me feel completely at ease!

    Great bloke, great service and great company – Thankyou from the bottom of my fuel tank

  9. Oskars says:

    I’m really happy with this service. Guys really know what they doing and how needs to be done. Job was done less than the an hour. If I knew early this company, sure I go for it from begining. But unfortunately I call to breakdown recovery service and they move my car to car service centre and they holded it for 3 days and after they said we can’t fix. I don’t want to say unprofessional service centre name. But fuelfix showed how can be fix miss fuel issue. Absolutelly recommend this service.

  10. Nicky says:

    I put unleaded petrol in my diesel tank after finishing at work. From my initial call to the completed job, I was really impressed with the courtesy and professionalism shown throughout. The engineer, Bela, has just left. He phoned me to say he was 20 mins away and found us despite it being an address that usually causes problems; was charming throughout, explaining everything he did. Please convey my thanks to him once more. I will certainly recommend fuel fixer to any of my NHS colleagues who find themselves in the same predicament.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Nicky,

      Thank you so much for leaving the review, Bela and the sales team are extremely professional and I am glad the experience was easy for yourself.

      I have passed on your thanks to both Bela and our sales team.

      Thank you for recommending us to your NHS colleagues and thank you for all of the hard work the NHS have been doing especially with coronavirus, you are all hero’s.

      – The Fuel Man

  11. LISA McDonald says:

    I would highly recommend this company. Bela was very professional, experienced, polite and courteous. Thank you.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the awesome review, Lisa! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you.

      I have passed on the message to Bela as he deserves recognition for the work he has done!

      – The Fuel Man

    2. Kevin Morris says:

      Just had Job completed by Hungarian operative called zoltan and just want to say what a thorough job he done. Didn’t stop until he was sure every bit of ad blue was out of my system. Top top man .

      1. TheFuelMan says:

        We like to be diligent to make sure that 1) you get the best service for your money 2) you don’t experience any further issues with your car.

        I have passed on your praise to him and he is very grateful.

        – The Fuel Man

      2. Oskars says:

        I can only agree what you said. I had as well Hungarian man. I believe same one. He is the best. Whe he was 100% sure than he said you are good to go. Best service.

  12. Neil says:

    I filled adblue to the diesel tank in my car and drove c400 metres before the engine cut out and I was stranded and extremely worried that I had done serious damage to the fuel system and possibly more. I called my usual mechanic who said I could be looking at a hefty bill if the fuel system on my car needed replacing and suggested I try a roadside specialist in dealing with a misfuel situation. I spoke initially to the helpline (Alan) and after a lengthy exchange and explanation of the process and expertise which fuelfixer has, I commissioned them. Bence arrived slightly late, but proceeded to talk me through what would be needed, and how long it could take. Just over an hour later my car started and could be driven pending a fuel filter change. 48 hours on the new diesel filter is fitted and the car is running as sweetly as I can recall. I had heard horror stories, and feared the worst…but the people who I spoke to and who preformed the service along with the result achieved lead me to have no hesitation in recommending this business if you are in the situation I was. Do not despair just yet!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hey Neil!

      Thank you for the amazing review 🙂 We are glad you had such an amazing service, there is nothing we like more than hearing how amazing we are 😉

      In all seriousness I am glad that we got you back up and running without any hitches and thank you for the recommendation.

      You know where we are if you ever need us again.

      – The Fuel Man

  13. Lynne East says:

    You did exactly what you promised: n drama, jus a great job. Bence arrived within the hour on a busy Sunday evening, got my car working, and didn’t make me feel like a fool for wrong fuelling. I had complete confidence from the moment Bence arrived. Would I recommend FuelFixers? You bet!

  14. M.B.K. says:

    First class job, carried out by very professional young man.
    I would highly recommend this outfit.

  15. Thomas says:

    Tommy came out and did a wonderful job! Will definitely wouldn’t mind meeting him again, just over a pint of beer instead and not due to my foolishness! 5*

  16. Mrs A owen says:

    Just to say a big Thank You to Krisitiau who has just fixed our van after putting the wrong fuel in something the AA could not manage in 25 hours. Wonderful service and a really helpful man.

  17. Mr.G.Hendry says:

    I rang about 8.30. on Tuesday evening and your operative arrived at Wednesday took just over an hour to drain and test the car, very polite and efficient service ,would highly recommend,without your help we would have had to cancel our holiday on the Thursday definately a 5 star service, Thank You,

  18. James Mackintosh says:

    Gabor came to rescue yet again. Twice in about 14 months and he remembered me from the first time we met so he got a big welcome.
    Fixed car again no problems – really nice guy.

    Next time I will be looking for a big discount for being one of his best customers.

    Thanks Gabor.

  19. Gavin says:

    Thanks Gabor for you expert and friendly rescue after my moment of madness!!! Excellent service, timely and professional. I hope I have learned my wrong fuel lesson but know who to call if I do it again!

  20. John White says:

    The service of by Székely Gábor was first class. He was very polite, and, once he fully explained what he was about to do, he had our full confidence.

    The vehicle now runs again perfectly.

    Székely is a good man, who thrives on good work – and he has a nice sense of humour.

  21. Anwar Vora says:

    I putt petrol into my car instead of distal due to tiredness. Rest assured when I realised my big mistake I woke up! I called my insurance company who were charging me a ridiculous amount of money to fix the problem so I called fuel fix as I found them on Google. I spoke to a lovely professional gentleman called Scott who asked me a few questions and put my nerves at ease. Scott was able to arrange a engineer to come out to me within an hour of calling them which was great! Tommy arrived who was the engineer who was very pleasant and explained ever move he took and why. Tommy was friendly and really put my worries at ease. Wishin an hour all the work has been completed and I was able to drive y car again. A big thank you to Scott and Tommy – Highly recommend Fuel Fix

  22. Clare Lawson says:

    Excellent service from Gabor. Fixed my Freelander quickly and efficiently. Would not hesitate to recommend this company. Five stars

  23. Charles says:

    Gabor came straight to us; when he was delayed by traffic he sent a text to let us know when he would arrive. He drained the incorrect fuel very quickly and was pleasant, reassuring and friendly. The car has been absolutely fine since. Not the cheapest service but certainly very quick and efficient way to get out of a nasty situation.

  24. Rita Davidson says:

    I somehow managed to put petrol in my diesel car !! how silly do I feel ! why do they not make the pump a different shape to stop this happening ?
    However your engineer called Gabor text me 10 minutes before he arrived . He was there to help very efficient & friendly with a very positive pleasant manner and he explained what he was doing throughout the job and made me feel better. what a really lovely guy 🙂 a true asset to your company. perfect service , Thank you.

  25. Lee Kirkwood says:

    Amazing company…. and he never laughed!!

    I screwed up and put AdBlu in my petrol cars thinking I had bought Redex fuel treatment. a friend of a friend suggested Fuel Fixer and 90 mins later both cars were flushed out and drivable.

    I cannot recommend this company highly enough. the guy was with my me at my house within 30mins and worked on both cars getting them ready to go. all of this on a Sunday too.

    1. Jordan says:

      Really happy with the service the bloke was happy friendly had a laugh with him fix the car in half the time he said it would take him really happy with this company would recommend to anyone

  26. Leslie Ratcliffe says:

    I accidently put AdBlue in my Audi fuel tank and called out Fuel Fixer, they were very efficient and despite it taking a long, long time to clear my tank of the crystals from the AdBlue, Bela was patient, pleasant, professional and I was so impressed that he was so conscientious too.
    I would highly recommend this company, brilliant!

  27. Alisha says:

    Hi, I dealt with Someone called Jerry or Jeremy. He was so helpful and really helped me! Honestly will be using this company if I can be served by him. Look member of the team and should get a pay rise because he was amazing

  28. Alisha Aydenk says:

    Hi, I dealt with Someone called Jerry or Jeremy. He was so helpful and really helped me! Honestly will be using this company if I can be served by him. Look member of the team and should get a pay rise because he was amazing

  29. Nicholas says:

    Brilliant service from Tommy. Arrived very quickly and done the job very quickly aswel.thanks Tommy.

    1. Adam fisher says:

      Used fuelfixer today as i didn’t realise i put Petrol in my diesel van till the next morning and it didn’t start. A very friendly man called bela came to the rescue quick response time and had it running again in just over an hour brilliant job even cleaned part of the engine where some Petrol leakd ! 100% fully recommend!!! 10/10

  30. Alastair Black says:

    I miss fueled when using my wife’s diesel car. I called fuel fixer and very soon ( within 30 mins ) Gabor arrived. He was very pleasant , and professional. Within 30 mins I was underway again – no fuss , no mess no , hassle.
    great service.

  31. Lisa Y says:

    Great service. Tommy arrived quickly and all done with no fuss. Thanks

  32. Very helpful and friendly, genuinely a lovely guy. I had put petroleum in my deisel car. Out to me within the hour. Gábor was a star! And Jeremy on the phone, was lovely too.

  33. Catriona Parkes says:

    Great service, friendly, v fast & super efficient. Thank you!

  34. Linda Imrie says:

    I was recommended FuelFixer by Whites Garage, Edinburgh and was not disappointed by the standard of service. Gabor, the technician, was very professional, he explained the process and was fast and efficient. My car, a Landrover, is now running very smoothly. I would not hesitate in recommending this service. Many thanks

  35. Bob Fenwick says:

    Very prompt service. Knowledgeable and polite engineer had car fixed in 30 minutes. Had made error of putting petrol in diesel engine and feared the worst. Service at house was excellent from gabor

  36. Frank Chalmers says:

    I was very grateful for the expert service provided by Gabor, from Fuel Fixers, when I putbpetrol in my Jeep rather than diesel on Thursday 3rd January. I was fearing the worst, as I’d actually driven the jeep for a mile or two before I realised what I’d done. He was friendly, very efficient, quick and cheerful. Not only did he drain and flush out the engine, somehow he’d made the vehicle run better than before. The man’s a star.

  37. Mike Weston Super Mare says:

    Accidentally put a full tank of diesel in a a Mazda CX-5.Looked online,not sure who to call.Tried FuelFixer first,and they give me a fair quote.Even better,they were with me in about half an hour.It was dark,but not a problem for Bela,who was really nice.He expertly drained and flushed the tank and fuel system,and put in some fresh diesel.The car was up and running soon afterwards.It has been a week since it happened,and the car has ran faultlessly.The service I received was absolutely fantastic,and Bela was so professional,and friendly.
    Well done

  38. Robin says:

    Very quick and efficient service. Marton was very helpful and friendly and explained the process very clearly. Thanks

  39. Robin says:

    Fuel fixer provided prompt service when I filled my son’s Polo with diesel by mistake. Thanks to Marton for his friendly and quick help and for providing a great explanation of the process.

  40. Graham Macdonald says:

    I unfortunately put the wrong fuel into the vehicle I was driving contacted Fuel Fixer explained what had happened, they advised that someone would be with me in 40 mins time. 10 mins before arrival Gabor contacted me to update me on his progress. On Gabor’s arrival he fully explained what he needed to do and how long it would take, he had me back on the road very quickly.

    Gabor was polite, professional in everything he did and I would say he is an asset to the company

  41. Mairi Esson says:

    Unfortunately I put petrol into my diesel car in Polmont on my way back home to Glasgow. Gabor arrived within 25 minutes and very quickly and efficiently restored my car to full working order. He explained everything he was doing and was very reassuring and calm. I felt very safe and comfortable and so able to begin my journey back to Glasgow. I sincerely hope that I do not make such a costly mistake again , if I did I would have no hesitation in contacting Gabor. Greatly appreciated his expertise and manner. Thank you

  42. Beverley Lawrence says:

    Robert Kiraly attended my car when I put unleaded into diesel tank. Robert was so reassuring and professional and made what seemed like a disaster into nothing to worry about. Than you Robert.

  43. Jane Chapman-Andrews says:

    Very prompt and friendly service, Bence was efficient and polite and sorted out the fuel problem very quickly.

  44. Simon Mantle says:

    I spoke today With Atilla Puskas.
    He was so very helpful. I am stuck in North Germany not covered by Fuelfixer. Our car is at Mercedes workshop they are saying many parts need replacing when the vehicle has not run.
    After a chat with him I am confident to request the problem be handled in the way he has recommended .
    I see that fuelfixer does everything possible to look after the client at the minimum cost and I would recommend them to anyone needing their help.

  45. Nandeep Nagi says:

    Hats off to Tommy from fuelfixers. I was in 2 minds should I ask them to help me fix my fuel issues as was getting slightly cheaper quotes. Decided to go with them and its the best thing i had done. Tommy was amazing and always was in control and answered all my questions. Highly recommended service

  46. Ruth says:

    Usual story, half way through fuelling my car I realised I had put the wrong fuel in. Stopped immediately and had a mini panic. Rang my insurance who promised to get back to me in 10 mins. Meanwhile another person in the filling station was in the same predicament and as it turned out was waiting for your operative to arrive. When Bela turned up I rang you to request that he did mine too. Fortunately I was able to cancel my insurance call out. Bela is a lovely man with a beautiful smile and immediately puts you at ease. His explanation of the whole process was easy to understand and not done in a patronising manner at all. He made what could have been a traumatic experience into something of no no consequence. He is definitely an asset to your company and as already stated on the receipt/invoice provided excellent service.

  47. Amanda and Janet says:

    After filling my car with unleaded petrol instead of diesel, I was given your card by the kind cashier at the BP garage in Frant near Crowborough. I was understandably overjoyed to see the lovely Jozsef Bence arrive to my rescue. He was polite, reassuring and very professional – a real credit to your company. I am pleased to say that I was back on the road very quickly (now with a tank of diesel) and was in time for my daughters hospital appointment. A fabulous service, thank you.

  48. Alistair Darling says:

    Fuel Fixer drove from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed on a Sunday lunchtime to rescue me from the side of the road! He was polite, very friendly and reassured me that putting the wrong fuel in the car is a mistake made by many. I was very grateful and you got me back on the road in no time at all.

  49. Piotr says:

    Unfortunately filled my car with wrong fuel and had to call for professional assistance.
    Gabor quickly attended and within an hour had my car back on the road.
    He was very friendly and polite explained exactly what was required to fix my car, drained wrong fuel flushed and cleaned car fuel system reset my cars computers fault codes supplied new fuel for me to continue back on the road.
    Very polite and friendly
    Professionally work
    Excellent service from start to finish

  50. Victoria Finlay-Kerr says:

    After my fuel disaster on the way to see a very sick relative in hospital, i was put in contact with FuelFixer and was attended to by Gabe. Gabe was very professional, efficient and reassuring when he was attending to my car. He explained everything he was going to do and he was very cheerful and had a brilliant mannerism. He was very confident in answering any questions i asked. Cannot fault him in any way but i wish he could have been with me sooner because it was freezing but that is outwith his control as he got sent to the borders for a job but once he got there, it was half an hour and i was on my way. Thank you anyway but hopefully wont see you again lol

  51. Peri Kulezic says:

    Great prompt polite service

  52. Ann sutton says:

    Your help was efficent polite quick and no hassle
    Thank you , my car was back on the road in an hour

  53. david warburton says:

    Had to call FUELfixer last night. They came within half an hour and an hour later the car was working. Brilliant service.
    Attilla was Polite, Pleasant and Professional.
    Would not hesitate to recommend both him and FUELfixer.

  54. Ricky Lawless says:

    After a refuelling disaster, unleaded into a diesel hyundai i30 my wife was at her wits end when she phoned me to tell me what had happened. To make matters worse, it was dark and our 5 year old granddaughter was in the car with her and the car would not start. I collected them both and returned home. I Googled the problem and fuel fixer came up . A very friendly and knowledgeable guy called Gabor collected me at the house and we returned to the car.After draining the wrong fuel and cleaning the fuel lines Gabor had the car running again in about 20 minutes. Thanks fuel fixer and especially a big thank you to Gabor, you’re a star.

  55. Stephen crawford says:

    Very fast an efficient. Thanks.

  56. JOHN. says:

    I am now not surprised that so many people have misfueled their car….. and have felt that sinking feeling. I realised almost straight away that something was not quite right (after less than 2 litres had gone in) but was not happy with the prospect of potential damage to pumps, injectors and the general state of tune. I called FUELfixer (Google) and Gabor arrived less than an hour later. He quickly pumped out the saddle-tank in my car, added some sort of flushing agent, and put in £20 worth of fuel. A certain procedure was carried-out on start-up and the car ran faultlessly 300 miles the next day. Every step of the service was explained to me in detail and I was made very comfortable in the knowledge that no damage had been done to the car’s engine or management systems.
    A great recovery was achieved from a wretched mistake – thank you, Gabor.

  57. Ron Murphy says:

    My wife filled our diesel car with petrol. She came across your website online and decided to ask for your assistance. Gabe arrived within the specified time. He drained the fuel, flushed out the system and refuelled the vehicle while I waited in the car. He kept me informed of progress throughout the job and was very professional, polite and considerate. I hope I never have to deal with a misfuelled car again but if it were to happen I could not think of anyone better to have fix the car than Gabe. Many thanks.

  58. David Wilson says:

    When I fuelled my car incorrectly , I contacted my insurance , who I have breakdown cover with. They arranged for your company to send out a technician to help me. Marton arrived within 90 minutes and cleared my tank out. He was very friendly , helpful and informative. Had my car sorted and running within the hour.

    Would definitely recommend your services to family and friends

  59. Jay Delport says:

    Thank you guys for an amazing job. Well done to Bench he knows what he’s doing, polite and understanding
    Don’t know what we would have done without he’s help. In the rain midnight

    Thanks again


  60. Sophie O'Connell says:

    Fuelfixer was the best priced service I could find, about £70 cheaper than the AA! Arrived in good time, about an hour. The engineer was very polite and friendly and only took about 15 mins to have me back on the road. Would recommend.

  61. Brian Smith says:

    After the completion of a 16hr shift I refueled at my local Tesco, It wasn’t until I’d put £30 worth of petrol in my diesel car I’d realised what a stupid act I had committed no one else to blame but myself. I googled wrong fuel and found FuelFixer, the rep I spoke to assured me that I was just one of the many thousands who unwittingly make this mistake every a day.

    Your agent Bela arrived within the hour, you should count yourselves lucky that you have Bela who is an outstanding ambassador for your company. Thoroughly professional and very knowledgeable Bela explained everything that he was going to do in detail, I was very impressed with Bela he was a really nice and genuine person.

    If your company has any internal awards for staff achievements then Bela certainly deserves a top award, well done and thank you Bela.

  62. Thomas Vincent says:

    Quick and efficient service. Highly recommended

  63. John Vanderplank says:

    Oops, I did it again,thank heavens for FuelFixer.
    Robert Kiraly (THE fuel-drainer) arrived promptly at the appointed time and got straight on with the job in hand
    Mixed fuel drained and system flushed he tried to start my car up ,it didn’t want to play !
    After several minutes of “a little more suction here,a little( or a lot of ) squirt there” the car started and ,after gentle coaxing from Robert, continued to run smoothly again. Throughout the whole process Robert was friendly,courteous and very knowledgeable (explaining each step/process as he performed it).
    I would happily recommend both Robert and FuelFixer to anyone in need of their particular services.Many thanks for a job well done and the prompt service provided by both Robert and the call-centre operative that took my initial call..

  64. Wayne Smith says:

    Total thanks to fuel fixer and Szekely Gabor who came to my aid after I had a brain dead moment and stuck adblu into my diesel tank. Very professional, didn’t make me feel like an idiot (I did that to myself!). Explained exactly what the process was, the downsides and potential problems and also the chance of first fix success. Whole process took about 2 hrs and then van started up, running perfectly after about 3 mins. Job was conducted in very clean and safe manner with all drips etc cleaned up. Cant recommend these guys highly enough if you find yourself thinking your an idiot, call them!!!

  65. Declan Melvin says:

    Fuel fixer Scott managed to get my car back on the road promptly at very unsociable hours after my girlfriend filled my Honda Civic with the wrong fuel. Very happy with the friendly, quick, professional service. Would happily recommend to all my friends and family.

  66. Alex says:

    Big thanks to Robert Kiraly.
    He performed the fuel change service impeccably and was back on the road in a timely fashion. He also followed me to the filling station to make sure the car would work well, going above and beyond his duties. I would thoroughly recommend this service and Robert, in particular. Thank you again for saving the day!

  67. Roisin says:

    Brilliant service from this company and in particular Szekely Gabor who came to my aid. The whole process took no time to fix and I was very grateful to get back to work. Very friendly and professional service, kindly didn’t make me feel stupid! Happy to recommend to anyone and was cheaper and quicker than quote from nearby garage.
    Alll in all – greatly appreciated!

  68. Ray says:

    Massive thanks to Robert Kiraly for fixing my unleaded petrol in diesel car problem. He arrived exactly when he said he would and was incredibly polite and good-natured. I would have absolutely no problems in calling him again the next time I don’t pay attention when I fill up my car.

  69. Derek Daly says:


    Unfortunately filled my car with wrong fuel and had to call for professional assistance.
    Gabor quickly attended and within an hour had my car back on the road.
    He was very friendly and polite explained exactly what was required to fix my car, drained wrong fuel flushed and cleaned car fuel system reset my cars computers fault codes supplied new fuel for me to continue back on the road.
    Very polite and friendly
    Professionally executed work
    Excellent service from start to finish

  70. Matthew Simpson says:

    Your staff member was excellent. Arrived quickly and was helpful throughout. They even helped me with wi a seperate issue under the bonnet. A loose spark plug that had been giving me issues with starting.

    10/10 service would highly recommend to anyone in the same situation.

    Thank you !

  71. Peter Wills says:

    I would like to thank you for your service on 11th of October at 1.30am. Robert was a very Curtis young man who arrived on time and did his work with great efficiency. Within a short time I he got the car up and running and I was on my way home
    Many thanks

  72. India says:

    Robert Kirkcaly arrived within half an hour .
    He was friendly , efficient and professional .
    He got the job done in less than an hour and I M so very pleased with the service and information he provided .
    Lovely chap – a credit to your company .
    He gave outstanding customer service, in what could’ve been a worrisome situation.


  73. Carl says:

    Would like to thank Tommy from fuel fixer, very prompt and professional service provided, reassured me and had me back in the road in no time… hopefully those reading do not need the service but would highly if needed.recommend

  74. Carole Allen says:

    Robert from Reading/Hungary came to my aid today when I foolishly put wrong fuel in my car.
    He was extremely professional, informative, friendly and efficiently put my car to rights. Felt so bad about my error, such a stupid thing to do, but he was v reassuring about the amount of people who do this and how confusing the pumps can be, said all the right things and I was impressed at the quick service and from the controller ,Lucas too. Many thanks and highly recommend!

  75. Neil Watt says:

    Excellent quick and efficient job by Gábor. Really helpful nad professional

  76. David says:

    Hi had to use FuelFiixer today after misfuelling at a petrol station in Newmains .The operator Marton who attended was very professional explaining the whole process and made me feel at ease in what was a very stressful and embarrassing situation.I would recommend this service if anyone ever finds themselves in a similar situation .Big thank you to Marton for your assistance today you are a credit to your company .

  77. S Rankin says:

    Job number19736 Mechanic Robert was Wonderful service,fast responce,very experienced mechanic with good attitude and communication.Explained the whole process and made you feel at ease.A great professional service,I hope I never need you again .Thanks

  78. Kevin Harrison says:

    I was attended to by Robert Kiraly. I found him to be incredibly helpful, polite & knowledgeable. After he had sorted my refuelling problem & drove away, I was unable for some reason to get the petrol cap cover to open & was waiting in the petrol station to fill up. Robert had actually finished for the night & was on his way home, however he turned around & came back to help me!!!! An absolute credit to your company. If all your staff are this good, then your company will go far. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends & of course would use you again without doubt.
    Thank you Robert.

  79. Peter Muschamp says:

    Disaster avoided thanks Bence. Great customer service and explained the process thoroughly. Highly recommend.

  80. FRANK ohara says:

    Hi today I misfuelled £30 petrol into my diesel car at Morrison’s petrol station in Alloa .
    Your engineer gabor came to our aid he was a credit to your company very polite and courteous and got us back on the road .
    Thanks do much for you prompt service .

  81. John Dodd says:

    JOB REf; 19241 . Mechanic Robert Kiraly.Wonderful service,fast responce,very experienced mechanic with good attitude and communication.Explained the whole process and made you feel at ease.A great professional service,I hope I never need you again .Thanks embarassed John

  82. Lucie says:

    Fantastic customer service-so friendly and reassuring when I’d gotten myself into a little bit of a stress. Thank you for your assistance and for helping to get me home after my silly mistake.

  83. Damon Dagnall says:

    Robert Kiraly was assigned to my call in Dorrington, Lincolnshire today, 15 Sep 18.

    He was polite, friendly, and very knowledgeable, and sorted the problem out very efficiently. He a credit to your company.

  84. JOHN MCDONAGH says:

    Bence arrived early and drained the tank, flushed the fuel lines snd injecrors, put in a fuel aďditive and some fuel to get me going. Bence gave me some sound advice regarding the fuel system. All in all he was very professional and I would certainly recommend FuelFixer.

  85. ken Fricker says:

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Robert the fuel fixer ,
    I was worried that I had destroyed my engine having filled the tank full of the wrong fuel
    He was there promptly and it only took him 20 minutes to have my car not running to purring like a cat . The service was fantastic .
    Thanks again

  86. Gemma Price says:

    5* service quick and very polite I would recommend these guys my cars running like nothing ever happened thanks Robert

  87. Callum Dacey says:

    Great customer service friendly and helpful

  88. Jenny Bower says:

    I was very impressed with this service. Bunce was courteous & very helpful, reassuring & efficient after my stupid mistake at the pumps. It took just 20 minutes. The lady working at the Asda fuel garage at the time also commented about his very pleasant helpful attitude & thought the cost was good, & reasonable.
    Adam who took my call was similarly very reassuring & fairly accurate with expected time, an hour after requesting assistance.


  89. Richard Lowe says:

    Just to say ”a huge thank you’ to the mighty janine in accounts for serving me with such a lovely empathatic attitude in view of my needs coupled with efficiency which meant my issue was dealt with in literally minutes of a phone call. ‘Bravo’ to fuss free friendly customer service ”how refreshing”

  90. Paul Brown says:

    Fast and efficient – and a generally great bloke to chat to while the necessary is being done!!

  91. Joel Cutting says:

    Fuel Fixer truly rescued me and my daughter half way from Yorkshire to Somerset. I had misfueled a brand new rental hybrid, with the AA not able to help, and facing an unthinkable dealer bill which would prob have bankrupted me as the AA responder reckoned it could have been thousands. Robert Kiraly from Fuel Fixer was professional, friendly and super efficient. In addition the three young men who took my (stressed) calls were really helpful and reassuring – more an online help service than a switchboard. I am really grateful – not least for Fuel Fixers’ flexibility with paying on invoice as has no card on me and insufficient cash. On the payment front, the cost was v reasonable. Thank you

  92. Gary Pick says:

    I am so pleased to leave feedback for Robert a very pleasant professional individual not only solved my error but spent time explaining the process of what he was doing I would say he is an asset to your company and would highly recommend your service thank you to Robert and fuelfixer

  93. Sophie kittle says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Quick response, lovely guy Bence came to my rescue and I couldn’t be any happier!!! Thankyou so much!!! ☺️☺️☺️

  94. Abel Munoz says:

    I got plaisure today of be attended by Mr. Gabor,
    very friendly, faster and awesome professional,
    he came in less than half and hour and sorted out in 10 min,
    I went back to work like wa my break.
    Thanks a lot.

  95. Angela. Baillie says:

    Absolute outstanding service. 12-10.

    Thanks. Again

  96. John Wright says:

    After initial panic of the realisation that I had placed unleaded fuel in my diesel car …. and then drove for 50 miles ….. I obviously feared the worst. I came across FuelFixer via Google reviews and decided to give them a call and ask them to visit by 8.30am next morning. I am one of those who take ‘feedback’ with a pinch of salt, but this experience has allayed my fears and justified my call to them.
    I was greeted at 8.20am next morning by a very polite, obliging and knowledgeable technician, Bela. He was a very calming influence and began to reassure me right from the start.
    He took the time and patience to explain the whole process. What was involved and why he was doing this. I have to say that he was a real pleasure to deal with. After about 1hr 15 mins the job was finished and the car was purring nicely (as nicely as a diesel can!!). 3 days later and absolutely no signs of any issues caused by my mistake. I fully recommend them to anyone in the same predicament.

  97. Christian. says:

    Gabor came to the rescue after putting petrol in my new diesel van. Thankfully I never drove anywhere and he was very reassuring that everything will be fine. He was very helpful, polite and professional. Highly recommend.

  98. Kevin Hobson says:

    Couldnt fault the response from Robert. Arrived on time, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you.

  99. Brendan Clifford says:

    The Drainer (tommy?) arrived on time and was a reassuring expert able to work through the problem in a systematic way until he solved the wrong fuel issue

    Well done

  100. Annette says:

    Very friendly and reassuring from the initial phone call everything was going to be just fine and not the drama I imagined having put petrol in my diesel car. Robert efficiently got the job done and me back on the road within an hour of arriving.

  101. robert nicolson says:

    thank you for your help and I was very happy with the work you did thankyou

  102. Christopher says:

    Your operative was outstanding polite and informative. High recommend.

  103. Chris Bone says:

    I put unleaded fuel in my Diesel VW Tiguan for the firts time after driving for 30 years and Gabor Szekley came to my rescue!! He was very polite, professional and helpful and put me at ease after a nightmare of a day. He was there with me within 15 minutes and sorted me out to get back on the road again avoiding a massive garage bill. Couldn’t recomend this guy highly enough!! Give him a pay rise he is a worthy ambassador for your company!

  104. Verity says:

    Yesterday I made the dreaded mistake of putting petrol into my diesel. Although I only put £15 it was still enough to do damage..
    I called fuelfixer before attempting my car and they were excellent and sent someone out straight away.
    Robert Kiraly came to my rescue, drained and refulled my car.
    I can’t be more thankful.

  105. Harjinder says:

    Robert was very helpful and very efficient. He did his best to fix oil contamination as quickly as he could. Highly recommended.

  106. Stavros says:

    Very good service and quick cheers guys

  107. Kate Green says:

    Really impressed with my fuel drainer Robert Kiraly.
    He arrived after only 40 minutes of my call to fuelfixer and did a great job in restoring my car to its previous unleaded free condition. Thanks very much.

  108. Stuart Dobson says:

    Fantastic service from Gabor!
    I put petrol in my Diesel engine car by mistake and only found out when I had driven home and shuddered to a halt.
    Time was arranged for visit. Phone call to say he was on his way. Very professional from start to finish, working away and keeping me informed as he went.
    Would not hesitate to recommend Fuel Fixer and Gabor

  109. Finlay says:

    I put unleaded in my diesel. Gabor from FuelFixer came out within the hour to drain and refuel. He was very professional and explained exactly what he was doing. He was very polite and friendly and put me at ease. Great service. Thank you Gabor.

  110. Mrs S Stevens says:

    So annoyed and upset with myself for putting petrol in my diesel car today, whilst on holiday near Torquay and all on my own, many miles from our hotel. The call handler was calm, reasuring and very helpful. Chaba, the fuel engineer, was a real star. He arrived within 30 mins of my call, letting me know when he was about 10 mins away, and he got me back on the road again about 30 mins later. In the meantime, we had a lovely chat about Hungary, gardening, cathedrals and the quirks of the English language. I was weeping when he arrived, but laughing when he left. Proud to shake his hand. Excellent service and a real gentleman. Thank you.

  111. Tina says:

    They were very quick and helpfull.
    I would highly recommend them.

  112. Hari Gurung says:

    i put petrol on my diesel car by mistake. Peter (from Winchester ) who is very friendly and helpful came and fixed it. Thanks a million to Peter and Fuel Fiexer……

  113. Olive says:

    The person who arrived to help us was efficient, friendly and reassuring ……we hope he gets lots more customers ( although we personally are not planning to repeat the same mistake a second time!!! )

  114. Chris Reid says:

    After a very long shift at work, I foolishly picked up the black hose at my local BP garage to fill my car with diesel. Unfortunately it wasn’t diesel but a premium unleaded. I hadn’t checked!
    I found Fuel Fixer on line the following morning and Gabor was with me an hour later to fix the car.
    Brilliant job, very quick and also polite and informative on the situation. The car is running well and back to normal.
    Thoroughly recommend as a great solution to your woes. He is located on Edinburgh but covers a vast area across the north. A far better option than using the AA or RAC who would have charged me a lot more. As I wasn’t a member.
    Thank you Gabor.

  115. Iain Gammie says:

    I stupidly put petrol in my diesel car on 28th July. Gabor came along and saved the situation. Very friendly, very fast, no fuss at all.Excellent service.

  116. Carolyn Singleton says:

    Fantastic service: quick, efficient, reassuring and very understanding. Thank you very much to Fuelfixer and Robert who managed to make what could have been a disaster into a very positive outcome.

  117. derek w gorrill says:

    Excellent service. Engineer was there within 15 mins, All done and dusted within another 15

  118. Alison Hood says:

    Gabor came and fixed my car in the early hours of the morning.
    I cannot thank him enough not only for his professionalism but also for coming out at 3am!
    Nothing was too much trouble, he was efficient and so very courteous, great customer service.
    I would 100% recommend Gabor and Fuelfixer

  119. Josh says:

    I accidentally put petrol in the diesel tank of my rental car in Edinburgh on July 5. Fortunately, the station attendant had the contact information for Fuel Fixer. Gabor showed up and took care of everything. He was friendly, quick, and efficient. A real lifesaver.

  120. Donna Pettigrew says:

    Excellent service. Very promp response and Gabor was lovely to myself and my little boy. If any of my friends or family happen to be as daft as me and need a fuel fixer, I would not hesitate to recommend.

  121. Navin says:

    Thank you so much for attending on such short notice ! Robert Kiraly was very knowledgeable and sorted out the issue very quickly. He was also very polite and friendly. I would definitely use FuelFixer in the future and also recommend.

  122. Steve says:

    Excellent service was back on the road in one hour very efficient

  123. Andrew Cartwright says:

    Thankyou Attila of Fuelfixer who arrived promptly (just over an hour from my call) and successfully fuel drained my Golf today and enabled it back on to the road. Attila’s service was very professional reassuring and friendly and did what it says on the tin “’ll be soon back on the road again”. Highly recommended. Andrew. High Peak

  124. Richard hockley says:

    Great service from start to finish. Less than 2 hours and back in the road. Brilliant

  125. Robert says:

    Quick and good service

  126. Mr Melville Curry says:

    Dear Sirs,

    My Knight in shining armour was Gabor.

    He was pleasant and polite and most importantly knowledgeable.

    He listened carefully and then told me exactly what he could and would do to save the day.

    This was very reassuring as I was very anxious about my car.

    He then proceeded to save the day in a very calm and precise manner.

    I was very impressed by your company, the calm assured person on the end of the phone who was also excellent and of course Gabor.

    My car is running perfectly what more can I say.

    Your training and recruitment in this instance are to be praised.

    Many thanks.

    Mr Melville Curry

  127. bill lang says:

    Gabor did a thoroughly professional job,explained what he was doing and was helpful and polite.

    Great to have the car back running smoothly in double quick time.

    I have retained your company contact card .just in case…..but hopefully no confusion over diesel/petrol again.

    Many thanks.

  128. Nigel Alvis says:

    Re Invoice 30198
    I had put half a tank of petrol in my diesel car before realizing my mistake – 1st time for everything I suppose. Your representative Peter arrived at Shell Station, Parkstone, Poole at the anticipated time & did a great job in a hard working & professional manner. It was a difficult job & required the back seat of my 16 yrs old BMW 5 Estate to be removed to access the 2nd fuel tank. This was a very difficult task which Peter accomplished really well & with good humour despite the difficulties & the heat. Excellent job, well done – thank you.

  129. andreas gyarfas says:

    Allan by phone and Tommy on the road were absolutely brilliant, such a great relief to get back to my car after a silly mistake!

  130. James Meredith says:

    Great help from local contact Scott. Thanks very much.

  131. Tom says:

    Your Technician Pete who covers the Southampton area, came out to my girlfriend this evening 07/07/2018. After she had accidentally put the wrong fuel in her motor. On the side of the B3035 nr curdridge. After the Rac had said it would take 2hrs. He was with us within half an hour, He reassured my partner and explained that everything was going to be ok. An not to stress, he explained everything that he was doing. He was really professional and he is a credit to your company. Please pass on my thanks again to him. Tom littlewood.


    Just like to thank Pete (winchester) 3.7.18 & company. Wonderful job outside Tesco Poole
    Contact, communication, transparency, open, honesty, politeness & courteous.

    Thanks for getting me back on the road the company was effective & efficient.
    Discussion of cost right from the start. Great company & employee. Thank you

  133. Iain says:

    Excellent service. Fast and efficient and well worth the money to save the car. Would definitely recommend!

  134. Robert says:

    After making the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in my car, I asked the Murco station on the A49 if they had any recommendations on what company I could call. They gave me Fuel Fixer’s number, and within an hour after calling (Job 15731), Attila arrived and fixed the problem efficiently. His friendly manor made my ridiculous mistake less stressful, and he even waited to make certain after I put in the correct fuel that my car would start without an issue. I would highly recommend both Fuel Fixer and Attila again if anybody runs into this issue…

  135. Graeme Rae says:

    The gentlemen that attended to me was very pleasant , he reassure me that everything would be ok and very informative.
    Very nice guy!

  136. Mia says:

    Székely was very friendly and extremely helpful when I accidentally put the wrong fuel in my Volkswagen polo and reassured me that everything was going to be fine, and the job was done in no time, thank you! Great customer service

  137. Don Merrifield says:

    Thanks to Tommy for his invaluable help today when I foolishly added wrong fuel to my car. He was prompt, professional and efficient. As you can imagine I was annoyed at myself, but Tommy was reassuring and positive throughout.
    A great service, the car is running well, but in the nicest way I hope I don’t need you again!
    I would recommend fuel fixer.

  138. Irfan says:

    Bence came to drain our car today.
    He was efficient and polite and we could not be happier with the service.
    Would definitely recommend your service and Bence in particular.
    Right from the initial call to Fuelfixers the service was excellent.

  139. Aiden Hannon says:

    Relaxing presence, really helped to calm down a stressful situation. Many thank to Attila and his friendly and helpful service.

  140. Samantha French says:

    Many thanks to Attila for providing excellent service and helping to put my car back on the road!

  141. Damien McQueen says:

    The gentleman that come to help me out this mo4ning was greatbi was having a really bad day and he come round happy drained all of my fuel and made sure everything was back up and running in as quick as possible would definitely use again (hopefully don’t have to haha )

  142. Paul says:

    Many Thanks to Atilla for a fantastic job (Job number 15208). He was very efficient and courteous. A great person.
    Also my initial contact with the company by phone was a pleasant experience and I felt reassured.

    Many Thanks

  143. Rafi Allos says:

    Great, speedy and responsive service that fixed what was a really annoying mistake! Thanks

  144. Zileyh H Shah says:

    Fantastic service and quick service. Was served by a very professional yet friendly staff. He did the job very quickly and very effieciently. I am glad I did decide to drain the fuel after accidently filling in small amount of petrol in diesal engine. Now its running alot better than before.

  145. Peter Flanagan says:

    Thank you to Marton who came to my rescue when I accidentally filled my A Class with unleaded petrol instead of diesel.

    Marton arrived within 20 minutes of me calling on a Unday evening, and had the tank drained and ready for me to get back on the road within 15 minutes. Although Inhope I personally never have to use the service again, I would definitely recommend Marton at Fuel Fixers to anyone who makes the mistake of filling up their car with the wrong fuel type.

  146. Gillian Heap says:

    Fuel fixer you deserve the highest praise. For the first time in my long life I did the unthinkable and filled my tank with the wrong fuel. Your service from the first call was calming, courteous, reassuring. When Mercedes, who I had warranty with, wouldn’t give me a quote nor get someone to me within less than an hour your wonderful Robert Kilary was with me in 20 minutes. He was so calm and immediately got the car moved to a safe place on the garage grounds so he could get to work and resolve the problem. All done within 45 minutes. He even filled my car(with the correct fuel) after he had drained it which I thought was a great part of the service. You and he turned a most stressful situation in to one of quiet resolution. I am so delighted to recommend you to anyone found in this most unbelievable scenario. Thank you so much. Incredibly efficient service.

  147. Philip WHITTAKER says:

    Re Job ref 14583. All thanks to Atilla this afternoon for sorting out my diesel car after I put petrol in it.
    Within 2 minutes of turning up he had relaxed me with his efficiant and personable manner explaining to me what to expect at each stage and had me sorted in about 40 minutes. I could not have asked for a better service. Thank you.

  148. Alan Mackie says:

    Good and prompt service provided , professional job carried out with due care and diligence.

  149. Steve G says:

    One of the things you think you’ll never do, but hey ! , it happens. Phoned these guys and straight away I didn’t feel a complete idiot , as was told this is more common than we think. The guy who took my details was very friendly and told me someone would be with me within the hour, which he was. Tommy did an excellent job and was very thorough , making sure all was good before I drove off. Recommended service !

  150. Jamie Crawford says:

    I was really pleased with Martons service, quick and efficient and ensured my car was working properly once refuelled.

  151. Callan Edwards says:

    Gabor was really lovely- he was friendly, professional and managed to fix my silly mistake very quickly. He talked me through the whole process as he did it, I can’t thank him enough! I’d recommend anyone who puts the wrong fuel in to give these guys a call! Cheaper than the AA (even with membership discount!) and we’re able to come out very quickly (which AA couldn’t do til the next day!)
    Audi A1- half a tank of unleaded put into a Diesel engine.

  152. Mark Wood says:

    Wonderful service. A great guy.

  153. Margery Bambrick says:

    Excellent service from the attendant yet again as sadly this was our second mistake.
    Very courteous, helpful and friendly man.

  154. John Wilson says:

    Like a true idiot managed to put diesel into my GSXR750 through inattention whilst in Perth approximately 80 miles from home.

    My insurance breakdown cover contacted Fuel Fixers who arrived within a couple of hours. The delay was only due to the operative, Gabor, already being on another job.

    Though unfamiliar with my bike, Gabor, was very professional and took his time to examine and understand how the fuel system on my bike worked. Gabor very efficiently drained my fuel tank and the fuel line removing all diesel from the system. This involved removing one side of the bodywork to do so which he did with care. Upon putting the supplied fuel, I was very lucky in that my bike very quickly cleared itself and once filled up I was able to complete my journey home.

    I cannot commend highly enough both Fuel Fixers for the service provided and Gabor for his professsionalism, efficiency and happy nature.

  155. Eddie says:

    Excellent service tough job getting the car sorted and going again. Attila very patient and professional can’t thank him enough would highly recommend Job Reference 14130

  156. Rachel Barnes says:

    I was stranded with a young child and the big firms couldn’t send anyone out. The guys on the phone at fuel fixer kept me updated on arrival times and sent out Robert Kiraly who was absolutely fantastic. Robert did an amazing job in the pouring rain. Lovely chap, thank you!

  157. Graham Taylor says:

    With living in the Scottish Borders Marton was at me within the 2hour window they quoted and within an hour he had the car back up and running with the correct fuel. Marton was polite and professional explaining the stages of removing the petrol from the tank. A costly mistake by myself but with fuel fixer and Martin they got it working without it having to go to the garage. Thank you and though a great service I hope to not use again.

  158. Perry says:

    Alan asked for details of the problem when I rang for a quote, which was reassuring. The gentleman who arrived at the agreed time was courteous, knowledgeable and very thorough. I hope I’ll never make the same mistake again about fuel, but if I do I’ll definitely ring Fuelfixer. And recommend them to others.

  159. Martin Dinmore says:

    Many thanks to Robert K this morning for arriving quickly and resolving the fuel contamination problem.
    I was pleased to be given an honest appraisal of any potential future problems – no ‘scaremongering’ that the fuel pump will need replacing etc..
    Tank drained, refilled and working perfectly..
    Thanks Fuelfixer!

  160. Peri Batliwala says:

    Excellent service: polite, knowledgeable and thorough.

  161. Craig says:

    I had Tommy come drain 5he fuel out of my car
    What a very polite man .
    He got the job done very efficiently .
    Cleared the fault on my dash .
    I am very happy with his workmanship
    Thank you

  162. jeremy says:

    Great job done by Gabor , got here very quickly and was very friendly and professional, got my car running with no problems.
    Also, the man on the phone at initial contact was great, thanks guys you are a credit to your company.

  163. Hayley says:

    Great job and very quick
    Was back on the road in a hourthanks Tommy

  164. Hayden Lazarus says:

    Fantastic service, prompt, professional and thorough. Our engineer Tommy got us up and running in no time, he even reset the onboard computer that was showing a missfuel error. I would highly recommend Fuelfixer

  165. Norma Corbett says:

    Very pleased with service I received from Szekely. He was professional, polite and friendly. I was so upset that my daughter had put the wrong fuel in my car and was worried that permanent damage had been done. He reassured me that it would be OK and he was correct. My car is running fine now. Thank you for your efficient service.

  166. J Garritt says:

    A great job from Gabor, very helpful and friendly and efficient as he drained the diesel from my unleaded tank and got me back on the road. Thank you!

  167. Alice says:

    Very kind gentlemen rescued me from Sunningdale Golf course today! Very helpful – brilliant service!

  168. ken says:

    Great service from Gabor in Scotland. He arrived earlier than expected, polite and knowledgeable on my car Mercedes E Class and how to get additional fuel out. 45 minutes later and additive and correct fuel and car running well. Saved me expense of new engine so thanks for your help

  169. Roger Robinson says:

    An excellent service carried out by Zoltan, a very knowledgable, polite and professional technician.
    If only everyone could show this amount of care and understanding in carrying out their jobs.

  170. Iain Robertson says:

    Gabor was fantastic
    Very professional
    Our car was a Mercedes E 250 convertible
    Can’t thank him enough

  171. I could not be more happy with Robert Kiraly ensured me that he will be as quick as possible as it was late at night and even said he will text my phone when the car was done and for me to go inside . Robert didn’t make me feel stupid or silly when explaining how I put the wrong fuel in my car very polite and being a young woman alone a friendly face was appreciated and even though he was from redding area and I’m in South Wales he still took his time to explain the work he has done really brilliant service would recomend to anyone

  172. Josefina says:

    We have a good experience whit FuelFixer, the fuel drainer that helped us was Robert Kiraly, very nice man, he arrived on time and did his work fast and professionally. He also took us to the nearest gas station to make sure we where ok.
    We where back on the road only in an hour.
    I will totally recommend your service.
    Thank you very much!!

  173. Andrew Thomas says:

    On the 12th May 2018, I was put back on the road, after refuelling my car with the wrong fuel by Robert (job No13680). Excellent friendly service, well impressed and would happily recommend Fuel Fixer. One tip to all drivers keep the Fuel Fixer’s number handy in case this happens to you, unless your breakdown service or insurance company covers you for free, avoid! Go directly to Fuel Fixer it’ll be cheaper.

  174. Well what can I say Marton saved the day and my car was there quickly and had me back on the road in good time. Great service thanks again Marton

  175. John Done says:

    Fantastic Service.Marton came down from Glasgow at an ungodly hour.Once complete I asked him to follow me to Glasgow, where he was also heading,as I was worriedf worried something might go wrong and he was happy to do so. Top man, fantastic service. Thankyou

  176. Robert kemp says:

    I was very pleased with Martons courteous and professional approach to resolving my problem. Martin arrived within the stated time and quickly, efficiently and safely emptied the tank. He then ensured I filled with the correct fuel before I left with a smooth running vehicle.

  177. Graham Gillies says:

    Marton done a great job on Saturday draining petrol from my disel car and had me back on the road in a short space of time many thanks.

  178. Gary Shannon says:

    Really happy with the service I received. E ginger arrived quickly, explained the procedure and carried out the job with minimum of fuss. Had me back moving within 40 mins of arriving at my car. Would recommend although I really do hope I myself will never need to use this service again. Now I’ve made the mistake once I’m sure I won’t make it again.

  179. Lynn Robbins says:

    My experience with this firm was very good the drainer whose name is Attila ref no 13482 or z put me at ease and made
    me feel not so stupid . He was very nice and friendly and also checked my oil and water. He stayed and put the diesel in for me for which i was very grateful and then i was on my way , If all your people are like Attila you will have a good crew.

  180. Paul Crosbie says:

    Many thanks to Robert and the team for sorting my car today. Friendly and professional service all round. Rob was very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to make sure car was ok too after filiing up again. I recommend these guys.

  181. Kevin Brunton says:

    From the initial phone call the company is very professional. We cannot fault the service provided by Gabor. He was very friendly and polite and is reall credit to the company. Thanks again.

  182. Mat Harris says:

    Tommy was very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable and got my car sorted quickly explaining what he was doing all along. Thank you

  183. Lyle Z says:

    The guy was a God-send!!

  184. Louise Allen says:

    Can’t speak highly enough of Robert the fuel drainer, lovely and professional and got the job done with a smile , credit to your company.

  185. Brenda Anderson says:

    Excellent service from Marton.

    He had me back on the road within 45 minutes. Fantastic.

  186. Viv grant says:

    Morning Marton, thank you so much for coming to my rescue, lm still shocked l did it. I hope you enjoyed the coffee and the car is running as normal. I cannot thank you enough for getting to me so quickly, I was only 2hrs late for my work and that was with dropping my car at home and my daughter taking me in (wouldn’t have got parked at that time in Glasgow) Your can do and smiling attitude was brilliant and nothing was too much trouble. You really are an asset to Fuelfixer. many thanks again

  187. John says:

    After making the horrendous mistake I contacted Fuel Fixer and was advised that the Engineer would be with me in about half an hour .
    Sure enough ATTILA attended my home on time . He was very professional and courteous with a good sense of humour . He told me what the procedure he would be undertaking and how long it would take . The entire job was completed with the minimum of fuss and I was more than satisfied . Fuel fixer is privileged to have such an excellent gentleman working for them . In fact I was honoured to meet a PUSKAS (ATTILA’s surname ).

  188. Steve Kaye says:

    Called Fuelfixer,Allen was polite and explained the procedior.
    Zsolt arrived on time and asked what had happened he then went about soting the fuel issue out in the manor it was decribed. At all times he was curtioues and professional.
    This is a good company in my experiance.
    Thanks all keep up the good work.

  189. Musti says:

    Been driving many years and filled up weekly with no issues until yesterday, somehow managed to put petrol in my diesel and drove 1.4 miles in my new car. Worried sick that I had caused serious damage my concerns were put at ease by your competent operative who assured me it’ll be fine and drain the tank. Car now running fine like it never happened.

  190. Katushka Giltsoff says:

    Great service today no fuss very polite kept in touch reasonable price even picked up cost of taxi home to sort my dog out while waiting for them to arrive. Thank you

  191. Jeri Waynick says:

    Highly recommend this service, our technician was informative professional and fast. Amazing!

  192. Darren says:

    Robert did a great job on a dangerous road. Car running great again, thanks.

  193. Michelle Wales says:

    Accidentally filled my petrol car with diesel. Being an AA customer I called them initially, they were more expensive (with a member discount) and they also would not have been able to get my car up and running until the following day (I called at 5pm). Googled for alternatives and Fuel Fixer came up. Could not fault the service, no waiting in long queues to be spoken to, very prompt service, with me in 45mins, and very prompt, kind and helpful service was received. Would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in this dilemma.

  194. Oscar says:

    Highly recommend Gabor. He turned up very promptly, took me through the stages of what he was going to do and was done in 20 minutes. Couldn’t be happier and now my car runs as good as ever. Would recommend. Cheers!

  195. Damian Winters says:

    Szekely helped me when I put petrol in my diesel engine in Cambuslang. Arrived quicker than the time I was told and was very quick to fix the problem and get me back on the road. Very friendly and very helpful. Will recommend to anyone

  196. Greg says:

    Today could have been a nightmare: I misfuelled my car on my way back from Glasgow to Aberdeen, at Aberuthven to be precise… I got the Fuel Fixer contact from the Petrol Station, and after a quick phone call, Gabor arrived on location 40 mins later. This guy obviously knows what he’s doing: very professional, quick, and very nice and calm. Within less than 1 hour the car was fixed and this experience turned out to be a positive one. Thanks a lot Gabor.

  197. Madeleine says:

    Very happy and up and running in no time
    Many thanks

  198. Keith says:

    Fantastic Service, reliable, fast and Tommy was very polite too.

    Highly recommended

  199. SAmantha says:

    Found you guys on Google, after I made an error of putting £5 of petrol into my new diesel vehicle. The fuel station was rather unhelpful, so I’d searched you online, as did my dad who was at home, and ADAM was so friendly.

    Would highly recommend.

  200. Mave says:

    Highly recommend Zsolt. Spent time working through the problem and got me back up and running. Great advice and service. Hopefully I have learnt a lesson and won’t be making that mistake again. Thank you to Luke as well on the initial call. Great work. ☺

  201. John Calder says:

    Have just had a very helpful conversation with ADAM at the Head Office, very courteous and obliging. Will definitely use FuelFixer next time I have my “wrong fuel” problem. Hopefully it will not be at a Shell station, their product display/marketing/advertising -at the pumps is confusing and needs total concentration when filling up – “don`t be slightly distracted or you`ll pay the penalty. But FuelFixer can help….!

  202. Leigh says:

    Very happy to leave positive feedback on the service received from Bence. Excellent service, quick response time, very knowledgeable and a lovely and very polite guy.

  203. Brian Nugent says:

    Good response time, Marton did a good job, told me what he was doing throughout job.very pleased.

  204. Sheila says:

    Over a week ago on a very early Saturday morning I put petrol in my diesel car. It was only £5 worth but still not good. The attendant suggested Fuel Fixers. They said they would be about an hour and true to their word Marton turned up. He carried out the fuel drain and waited until I filled up and got the car going again. Very polite, quick and efficient, thank you again.

  205. Stuart Goodall says:

    Left stranded away from home and cursing my stupidity I called round the well-known vehicle assistance firms, but with no success. FuelFixer answered the phone, were polite and professional, and got someone – Marton, to help me as soon as they could. Marton was professional and well-mannered, solving my problem quickly which meant I could get home that night – I was very grateful.

  206. James Hannah says:

    When Marton arrived he explained everything he was going to do and when he was finished he went through everything again. I was very impressed with the service and if ever we are unfortunate again won’t hesitate to call. Marton was was very friendly and reassuring.

  207. Peter says:

    Misfueled a diesel car with petrol in Dairsie, Scotland. Called fuel fixer, and after explaining the details I got an appointment and a quote.

    Gábor came promptly on time, and did an amazing job getting the car back in the road.

    Wouldn’t call anyone else if this happened again, although hopefully it will not. Will recommend to others.

    Thank you!

  208. Tiffany says:

    Marton was an absolute lifesaver! I miisfueled my car in the middle of the night at a 24h petrol stop with no other people around, had a bit of a panic moment but found Fuelfixers number on Google. Marton arrived swiftly and sorted everything out within half an hour, carrying out all checks to make sure it was working again, luckily I’d not started the engine or tried to drive it. Would definitely recommend their services if you’re ever unfortunate enough to need it!

  209. Thomas Cullen says:

    Great service. Quick, knowledgeable and efficient, as well as polite and understanding.

  210. Nick says:

    So I don’t mess up often, but when I do it’s big. I had half a tank of diesel already and decided to top up but filled up with unleaded. Then I drove 100 miles back home. I’m new to driving so didn’t notice any performance issues and got back OK. About an hour later I went to go to the shop and the car wouldn’t start. After googling for hours I was advised to check my fuel receipt which is when I found out what I’d done. I called your company and was not spoken to like the idiot I was. I was reassured and told that someone would be out to me in about an hour. About an hour later, a gentleman called BELA arrived and he was nothing short of amazing. Full of reassurance that I’d not ruined my car (no bullshit promises either which I appreciated). He did a full drain, flush and treatment of the fresh diesel he put in. The car is working fine now, I just need to change the fuel filter (recommended by BELA). it didn’t cost alot and I’m back on the road. Cheers guys especially BELA.

  211. Nancy Stergiopoulos says:

    I like many of You,had a very long day and put the wrong fuel into my car.
    I realised straight away as I pulled out of the petrol garage and stopped half a mile later as I knew the more I drove,the more damage I could do to my engine.
    Called fuel fixers,spoke to Alan,he was very helpful and said he can send Bence to me within an hour.
    Time was already 22:00 and considering I wake up at 06:00am ,an hours turnaround sounded amazing.
    Booked it and within 48 minutes Hence,a lovely smiley chap arrived.
    He explained what he was going to do and how long it was going to take,and reassured me that everything was going to be ok.
    The draining-emptying of my tank took 25 minutes with another 10-15 minutes of my engine cleanse and we were done.
    Paid on the spot and was on my way to the petrol garage to refuel with the correct fuel this time;)
    Bence was friendly, professional and super helpful would recommend with ease to anyone.
    Robert his trainee was also very polite ,I’m sure you ‘ll be great in no time.
    Thank you both very much

  212. Vasilica Lepadatu says:

    Very helpful and well done job Marton..thank you

  213. Vasilica Lepadatu says:

    Good job from Marton ..I ad in my tank petrol instead of diesel..I know ..stupid thing but sometimes it’s just happened.the fact it’s..I called Rong fuel Doctor..and all fixed..tks one more time Marton..well done guys

  214. Jacqueline Stokes says:

    Sorry for delayed message however on 22/03 I unfortunately put the wrong fuel in my car. That said I was advised by my mechanic to call fuelfixer to sort at roadside. Attila was honestly fantastic, explained the entire process and both friendly and very efficient in rectifying my error and to get my car going again.
    I sincerely hope I don’t see him again but, would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone their service is prompt and excellent. Cannot thank them enough!

  215. R.Halstead says:

    Very pleased with the service by Marton after I put the wrong fuel in my car. He also waited to check the exhaust once I had filled up with petrol to make sure everything was working ok. I would recommend your company – but hope I never need you again!

  216. Ben Kaye says:

    What a lifesaver! Put diesel instead of unleaded in our 1 yr old Mercedes A class and then drove it for a couple of miles. Mercedes quoted at least £1k to fix plus our warranty would have been invalidated. FuelFixer arrived within an hour of calling, drained the diesel, flushed new unleaded through the system and got the car working again no problem. Saved us thousands. Thanks so much, would highly recommend.

  217. Daisy says:

    Put 14 litres of petrol in my diesel Mercedes. Got to fuel fixer via Gem Assist. Peter arrived in just over an hour slightly sooner than expected. As I was on a Morrisons forecourt, there was a problem with them as to where he could do the job. He was told to push the car into the car park, impossible alone. I then made a great fuss and three men arrived to help. All that being done my car was drained and I was up and running fairly quickly. There is an added problem with Mercedes cars. Peter was polite professional calm and very helpful. Altogether a very good service.
    Thank you.

  218. Mamour says:

    Tommy was great!
    Called and after 30 min he came to rescue.

  219. DR Williams says:

    Thete was a delay but ibelive that was the fault of my insurer
    When you engineer arrived he was very cortious polite and efficient i had many questions he was very informative and advised me what i should do to rectify my situation as this was the first time i had mis fuelled in 55years of driving
    Thank you Bela
    Mr DT Williams

  220. Michael says:

    Happy with Service very proffesional would use again if needed in the future. Thanks to Zsolt

  221. Edvinas Slavinskas says:

    Great service! Engineer came within an hour drainedthe incorrect fuel and sent my on my way. Thank you!!!

  222. George aitchison says:

    Excellent service from gabor .very experienced engineer . I’m very happy car on road again 20 mins later

  223. Archie says:

    I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it around 5 miles.
    My insurance didn’t cover so I troed fuel fixer. Gabor aririved within an hour. He was confident thst he would fix my problem. He explained everthing as he did it.wi Within 15 minutes my car was up and running. Probably saved me around £5k. Thanks and well dine Gabor

  224. N. Karimi says:

    The guy was good and very friendly .
    I am hopeful my does not stop. Good job

  225. CHARLES KING says:

    Stupidly put petrol in my diesel car, so did a quick internet search and called Fuelfixer. 25 minutes later, Gabor turned up. He put me at ease, talked me through the process and 30 minutes later I was up an running. Really great work and excellent service from Gabor.

  226. Mike West says:

    Arrived at time they said. Very professional service. Cheerful and helpfull engineer, Bela. Very pleased all round to be helped so quickly and efficiently. Nothing but highest praise, Thank you

  227. Matt pia says:

    On a sunday, fuel fixer was there within 40 mins. Tommy was incredibly efficient and friendly.
    The sort of service he provided is seldom found and. Fully deserves 10 out of 10.

  228. Alison says:

    Thanks for sorting my car out after I mistakenly put petrol in it. Good service and would definitely recommend you to others.

  229. Chris says:

    After searching the internet for someone to drain petrol out of our TDCI I chose FuelFixer based on reviews. So pleased I did. Peter arrived within 50 minutes and set to work draining the tank, followed by the filter and fuel lines. The hazard lights had drained the battery so he had to jump start the car and made sure the battery was well charged. He did an excellent job – thanks Peter.

  230. Louise Woodland says:

    Gabor ***** thank you for fixing our car. Very kind and friendly guy. Felt at ease, very professional. Keep up the good work.

  231. Julia Botwright says:

    Bence effectively sorted out my fiesta when I stupidly put unleaded instead of deisel . Very good service and no lasting damage luckily as

  232. Richard of Luton says:

    Sunday evening 18th March 2018, snowing, freezing cold -4 easterly wind and I’d fully filled my diesel Subaru with unleaded. Didn’t realise until it came to a stop 1.5 miles later. Looked at the receipt realised my STUPID mistake. Called FuelFixer and Tamás came to fix the problem. Not easy as the Subaru has TWO seperate fuel tanks. He was brilliant. Explored every option and even had to take the seats out! Excellent service from the first phone call to the parting handshake. Thanks Tamás. You are a good man!

  233. brian morrison says:

    Fantastic response from fuelfixer to sort out my big mistake in putting the wrong fuel in my car
    He was very friendly and very efficient in removing the wrong fuel and get my car going again
    I hope I don’t see him again but would thoroughly recommend this company if you find yourself in my position

  234. Joy says:

    I am a little late on leaving this message and I apologise but 1 day last week outside Homebase in Formby my car wouldn’t start and the guys from fuel fixers were there and saw I was struggling with my car. They very kindly came to my rescue and got my car sorted in a very short space of time. Atilla was so kind and very professional and extremely polite and I couldn’t give him and his amazing company Fuel fixers a high enough recommendation. Definately 5* company and I would recommend this company to everyone. Thank you Atilla. You are a star.! Joy x

  235. Amanda says:

    I recently had the misfortune of mis-fueling my car with unleaded petrol when it is a diesel. I was recommended fuel fixer and after using there services I would highly recommend to anyone who unfortunately finds themselves in the same position. They came to my location within 30 minutes and explained everything to me before fixing my problem. Marton was very friendly and explained the process to me throughout. I filled my full tank up with the wrong fuel and drive about a mile before realising and fuel fixer managed to solve the problem and my car is now running absolutely fine. The only down side is the financial cost this will set you back (a few hundred) but its not much in comparison to the thousands you may need to fork out if it is not fixed straight away.

  236. Aluson Plenderleith says:

    When my car wouldn’t start after a trip to Fort Kinnaird I realised I had put in the wrong fuel – not for the first time. However this experience was much less painful. I was told someone would be with me within 60 mins and about half an hour later Gáboras Székely arrived – a knight in shining armour. He was friendly, polite and knew exactly what he was doing. He kept me informed every step of the way which I found very helpful and reassuring. I was on my way about half an hour later. Very impressed with the service. Gábor is a true gentleman.

  237. Nicky Bennett says:

    had the unfortunate luck to use your services very efficient Marton was great and reasuring was there within 30 minutes and carried out the job within 40 minutes car running great Marton has great customer service very friendly wexpla the process

  238. Kofi says:

    I run out of fuel on the nuthall roundabout in Nottingham.Zsolt ,saw me and risk the busy road and drove to my line and went and got me fuel set me up to continue my journey.Zsolt you are God sent.

  239. Arthur Morris says:

    I could not have had any better service. Excellent workmen. Just first class.. As such got to my appointment across the Penines with time to spare!!!!!!
    Invoice 25683

  240. Norman says:

    During a “senior moment” Friday 9th March 2018 I fuelled our Land Rover Discovery 2.7TD with unleaded petrol not realising I drove a couple of miles and stopped at a local beauty spot, my trouble began when I tried to restart the engine, I called the AA and we were recovered to home address very early Saturday Morning (1.20am). We were directed to the “FUEL FIXER” I called 10.30am Saturday and Gabor was with us and problem fixed by 1.30pm. Fast response and excellent job. Happy to recommend. Szekely Gabor was very friendly. Thank you.

  241. sabir ali says:

    put petrol in my diesel car
    quick and fast service
    gabor the guy who fixed the problem was helpful

  242. Lucy says:

    Excellent service. Marton was very efficient and friendly, and sorted my car out. I have not had any problems with it since.

  243. Robert Beardsley says:

    Good Service, Responded as requested, Arrived as predicted and remedied my mistake without fuss.
    Much appreciate the rescue and all completed politely comprehensively and without drama. I shudder
    to think what may have happened if I had just driven away…Many Thanks

  244. Paul says:

    Fast response and excellent job. Happy to recommend. Szekely was very friendly. Thank you.

  245. Paul Moulding says:

    Excellent,efficient service at a very reasonable price.
    Would use again( but hopefully not)

  246. Morag Gardner says:

    Morag Gardner
    Tesco Garage Musselburgh

    The calm, sensitive manner of your employee and the swift response time really alleviated some of the stress from my predicament. Thanks!

  247. Iain Jamieson says:

    I was very satisfied with the fuel drain work carried out by Fuel Fixer on my car after the recent misfuelling incident. It was extremely competently carried out by Marton Boncfoldi. In addition to his technical competence, he had a great customer manner and is a good advertisement for your company.

  248. Stuart Macgregor says:

    Lot cheaper than aa and guy was on time sympathetic and informative I am a time served auto electrons and would recommend

  249. Judith Willis says:

    I was very fortunate in that the fuel station passed on your details and gave me access to a phone to make contact. Although I had a longer wait than anticipated when he arrived Marton Boncfoldi was incredibly considerate, professional and efficient. He explained exactly what he was doing throughout the process. He was polite, friendly and re-assuringly competent. I was much relieved and had confidence that my vehicle was fixed and reliable for my 26 mile trip home in the dark. First Class.

    Thank You so much Marton
    Best Wishes

  250. Kirsty Reid says:

    Marton was efficient and very kind in the day that I messed up with my fuel. He kept me informed about what he was doing, and even went as far as making me feel that this wasn’t the stupidest thing I have ever done! Many thanks!

  251. Joanne says:

    Fuel fixer are amazing. I was stressed from putting diesel in my petrol car. I phoned early in the morning and had someone to me couple of hours later. Sorted the problem and the engineer was lovely and got straight to work. My car is back to normal. Couldn’t be more thankful for this company!

  252. Tracey Bardell says:

    What an amazing service
    Arrived really quickly spent time to make me understand the task they were taking and even pointed out an issue on our battery.
    Fuelfixxer 100%

  253. Serook Saeed says:

    I had a guy called bence he was very professional and fast and a nice guy and for the price you avoid hours getting towed and eating for mechanics to drain it and drives perfect

  254. Niki Jones says:

    Bence was just brilliant. He reassured me that everything was going to be ok, fixed my car quickly and was very polite, helpful and clear. I’m not planning on mixing my fuel anytime soon, but I will definitely recommend fuelfixer.

  255. Jon says:

    Zsolt whatvcan i say. Excellent service. Took a lot tho get the old girl going but he persisted and worked some kind of witchcraft magic and go me and the family on the way. Top guy. Top service. Thanks

  256. Ruth Boshier says:

    Very good service by Peter the man from fuel Fixer’s came within hour done a very good job put my mind a at rest would recommend them

  257. Iqbal says:

    Hi this is iqbal I put wrong fuel into my car and then I had the engineer name is Mr BelaThe best person I’ve ever had is very helpful and very kind and the service was absolutely very good. I will recommend all my friends and family. thank you Mr Bela. *****

  258. Barbara Exton says:

    I was almost in tears when I called Fuelfixer after misfueling my car. Fuelfixer made it so personal and had an Engineer Soma, who arrived within scheduled times. The Engineer was ever so friendly, very professional and thorough. Reassure me throughout the process and kept a smile on his face all the time even though it was just before midnight. I will always recommend you to friends and family. Thank you for such a great service !!!

  259. Louise Wells says:

    Bence is the best person you need in a situation like this. Calm, professional, polite and competent. Many thanks.


  260. James Mackintosh says:

    Your operator Gabor Szekely arrived on time and was very quick to fix my car on Edinburgh.
    Gobor was very helpful and had my car up and running on 15 minutes or so.

    Great job – I actually think my car is running much better now – must be due the engine cleaner additive has cleaned up my injectors.

    Thanks Gabor for recommend that 🙂

  261. Deb Thomson says:

    The service I received from your company yesterday evening was helpful, professional, and efficient from the moment I made the call to you, through to getting the job successfully completed.

    I unfortunately put petrol in my Deisel car, at the Morrison’s Service Station on Ferry road Edinburgh. My new car is only 2 months old so I was very distraught at my mistake and the potential damag I had done. Lukily, Morrison’s recommended your company and I’m absolutely delighted Gabor was able to rectify the problem for me. My thanks also, to the person who handled my call, who was very reassuring and professional and helped calm me in my panic! Gabor reiterated this manner when he arrived in reasonable time, and kept reassuring me it would be ok whilst working on my car in a fast, friendly, professional and efficient manor. I will be forever grateful Gabor was was able to sort the problem for me. It was a huge relief waking up this morning and the car starting and running in a seemly normal way.

    Hopefully, I will never personally need your service but will not hesitate to recommend your service to friends and family.

    Thanks and Kind regards

  262. Peteco says:

    Thanx to Gabor on a good job. An excellent response and a bit of a late one as well, pitching up at 10pm – hope you got back safely!!
    He even explained it all to me and I know my car better than I did before.
    Its well worth putting the wrong fuel in the car just to get such good service (eh??)

  263. David Brown says:

    Dundee, Charles Bowman Avenue.

    Stupidly filled up my diesel car with petrol and drove from Aberdeen to Dundee. My car conked out in an industrial estate. Fuel Fixer engineer was very helpful in organising help. I required a full tank fuel drain and system clean. Gabor was very professional and explained everything clearly. He had my car in perfect working order within 30-40mins. Thank you very much Fuel Fixers! Would highly recommend this service!

  264. Tom Slavin says:

    Excellent service from Martin. He arrived exactly when he said he would. Completed the job exactly when he said he would. Very friendly and helpful.

  265. John says:

    My first point of contact on the main number was Allan who was very calm and reassuring with regard to the error on my part and my circumstances. He said that an engineer would be with me in about 20 minutes which I thought was remarkable and very optimistic, however, Szekely Gabor was with me in 20 minutes, FANTASTIC.
    Gabor was excellent, he explained the procedure required to correct the problem together with the timescale to complete the job and, as the temperature was around 3 degrees with snow on the ground, he sat us in his clean van with the heater on for the duration.
    My location was Crew Toll Edinburgh, EH4 2NT and after completing the job we started the car and made sure that it was running smoothly. I completed my journey home, about 400 miles, without any problems and could not be more satisfied with the whole procedure and the work carried out

  266. R. Graham says:

    Experienced the sudden horror when I realised I filled up my diesel Land Rover with petrol. As it was the weekend, my normal mechanic was closed, but found “Fuel Fixer” on the web. To my surprise, they offered to come out that afternoon to get me back on the road.
    Gabor drove up to Aberdeen from Edinburgh that afternoon and did a very professional job getting my vehicle back running smoothly.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending FuelFixer to anyone who has had the misfortune of making this error.

  267. Natalie Quate says:

    I used fuel fixer for the 1st today Amazing service and guy that attended was so pleasent & helpful
    Thank You
    Natalie Quate

  268. Stephen Burns says:

    Marton was absolutely brilliant with my fuel fix process and could not recommend him highly enough. He was there as quickly as he could get there (he had to travel at least 35 miles), was very friendly, made sure I was aware at all times what was getting done and then took the time once he was finished to make sure everything was in working order. A great representation for the company and would recommend him to anyone in the same situation.

  269. Mary sneddon says:

    I recently had the misfortune of putting petrol in my deisel car. After contacting the AA I discovered I would have to Wait for an engineer to come over 100 miles and would then be charged for the privilege. We stuck on a single track road where I managed to push the car into a farm yard.
    A friend suggested trying fuel fixer. I can’t praise this service enough. Arrived when on his ETA explained what he had to do as he done it. Extremely pleaseant and well mannered.
    Brilliant service thank you again Gabor

  270. M.Hassen says:

    Put unleaded into my work Diesel van. Phoned FuelFixer after googling it. They sent out Tommy to the rescue and I found him calm and very professional and had me on my way in no time.
    I’m hoping this is the first and last time this happens to me… But if it ever happens again I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them again.

  271. craigwillson says:

    used service on Monday 8 jan 2018 after stupidly using wrong fuel in car. could not fault the engineer, Gabor, who arrived at my home within 1 1/2 hours of being contacted. Gabor explained the process and within the hour had my car back on the road. I hope that I will never need this excellent service again. I would highly recommend Fuel fixer to anyone.

  272. Sue says:

    Thanks Gabor- fantastic job- really quick and such a help. Car running great now after cleaning it of petrol (diesel engine). You helped me on halbeath rd Dunfermline today 10/1/18 and I really appreciated your friendly face and offer of sitting in your warm van while you worked on my car. Will recommend!

  273. Grant says:

    Excellent service. Arrived within half an hour of the initial call and had the tank drained in no time . Car has run smoothly ever since.

  274. Mark Hardie says:

    Very helpful, quick and polite. Seems to have done a good job. Thankfully realised before I drove away. Not cheap, but then its my own daft fault and besides my Green Flag cover is paying for it because they couldn’t find anyone to help!

  275. J Orr says:

    Job ref 9369 drainer name Tamas D refers.
    I just wanted to thank Fuel Fixers for a prompt service and to thank the drainer, Tamas D, for his helpful assistance last night. Much appreciated following a stupid error on my part. Thank you.

  276. Alison Donnelly says:

    Used this service yesterday and was very satisfied with it. It was very cold and the engineer moved me to sit in his van which was cozy and even put the local radio station on whilst he carried out the work. Very courteous and reassuring, made me feel confident in the service and success of their intervention. Saved the day and I would recommend this service to anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate position.

  277. FranB says:

    After filling my diesel car with petrol and not realising until I had been for a drive, I was really impressed with the fast and efficient service from fuel fixer – a very reasonable price for New Year’s Day! Within an hour of calling, Gabor had my car in Edinburgh drained, flushed and ready to drive.

  278. Liesje says:

    I was stuck at Inverness airport after Making this mistake
    On phoning the company I was informed of the waiting period for the engineer to arrive , time it would take and approximate price.
    The Fuel fixer engineer duly arrived with words of encouragement and sorted it all out.
    It was a pleasure to do business with Fuel Fixer as they soon got us back on the road
    I would highly recommend them
    Thank you

  279. Mike says:

    I chose Christmas Eve and the A14 near Cambridge to make this easy but expensive mistake in a car full of presents. The chap on the phone was very reassuring, and Laszlo turned up ahead of the time I was given, by which time I had four of Cambridge Constabulary’s finest about to tow me to the nearest lay-by. Laszlo took over, explained the process and sorted the problem in a friendly and unflappable way, even when the battery went flat and needed a jump start with two sets of leads. He then escorted me to the nearest petrol station and waved me off once he knew we were OK. These guys are a godsend if you are ever unfortunate enough to have it happen to you!

  280. Rob Davies says:

    I cannot recommend Fuelfixer too highly. The service was brilliant. Attilla came over 160 miles on Christmas eve. He had been told that to drain my car (Jeep Wrangler) was impossible. But he worked hard and he did it. He was absolutely brilliant. I would have had to wait another four days for an official Jeep pick up and drain. Fuelfixer did it within an hour and a half. Thanks again Atilla – you were brilliant.

  281. Mike says:

    Zsolt came to my rescue on 23/11 at 830pm. He was very efficient, courteous and very helpful. On his arrival he immediately reassured us and set to work. The problem was quickly resolved. First rate customer service from a top class guy. 10/10

  282. Mike says:

    I used FUELfixer on 23rd December, and had an excellent service. Your operative Frank arrived within the stipulated 90 minutes (I was expecting a longer time, as it was near Christmas) and took just half an hour to empty the fuel tank and fuel lines. Frank was cheerful and helpful throughout. I would recommend FUELfixer.

  283. Andrew smith says:

    Bela from Fuel Fixer was at a garage whilst awaiting the rac.offered to sort my mistaken fuel priblem straight away. He was so happy to help and worked through a few foibles on my particular car to get me up and runninh again. He could not have done more, incredible service. Thank you thank you

  284. Martha says:

    Bela from Fuel Fixer
    Was very efficient and am happy with the service. Took less than hour and am able to go to work. Very happy with service.

  285. Khum says:

    Bela was very professional, safety concious and explained every step. Very helpful and would not let me even push the car! Waited for me to leave only when I was completly happy.

  286. John says:

    Help was ‘top notch’. Very obviously an expert he was efficient and friendly through a good experience – to recover from a bad place.

  287. GRAHAM says:

    Bela gave a fantasic forst class service
    Thank you very much!
    Super job!

  288. daniel Barlev says:

    Hence was extremely proffecional and efficient under very harsh conditions – bad weather and a proceriouse position of the car. He fixed the problem quickly and made sure to mark our position well to avoid risking us.
    Thank you very much

  289. daniel Barlev says:

    Friendly proffecional and very efficient service. Thank you very much!

  290. Jim Pendreich says:

    Gabor your engineer was brilliant, punctual, efficient, polite and understanding. Saved me a whole load of stress and got me back on the road in no time at all. Will defo recommend although hopefully I won’t make the same mistake again.

  291. Diana Bathgate says:

    Put petrol in my diesel car and drove for a few mile. Gabor came to the rescue in Glenrothes. Was with earlier then estimated. Car is back on the road and running great, all round fantastic friendly service. Highly Recommend.

  292. Brian says:

    Excellent service, polite and efficient.

  293. Susan says:

    Excellent service, very quick to arrive, fast friendly service, from calling to getting back on the road with a cleaned out refilled tank of fuel was around an hour for me – great thank you – won’t hesitate to recommend

  294. Andy batchelor says:

    Bela was very quick, clean and went the extra mile to make it as pleasant an experience as it could be under the circumstancea would defjbitly recommend this service tha kbyou bela !

  295. Laura Graham-Brown says:

    Thank you to Tommy for coming to my rescue tonight after I filled my diesel car with unleaded. Arrived within the hour and sorted me quickly. I would happily recommend them to friend. He stayed until I had refuelled and ready to head home.

  296. Amy says:

    Put petrol in my diesel car and drove for half a mile. Gabor came up to Perthshire from Edinburgh. Was with us in under two hours and immediately put my mind at rest that the problem would be fixed. Efficient and friendly service. Car is back on the road and running fine.

  297. tarik solomon says:

    First time I’ve been in this situation, I called up cos of wrong fuel in car and spoke to a lovely gentleman called Alan.
    Great professional service with great communication. When you call them, there’s no misunderstanding, clear information is given along with great advice and polite manner. Also the guy showed up on time. But mostly its the level of quality work, it was done patiently and carefully (not your regular money hungry companies where they rush and see you later to the next client).

    Thank you very much guys.

  298. Ruth Smith says:

    I mistakenly put petrol into my diesel 4×4, so after a quick call with FuelFixer for some advise I decided it would be best to get it all sorted out. The Van only took 20 minutes to arrive at my office in Edinburgh where my car was parked in the underground car park. I believe the guy who cam out was Gabor Szekely he was very efficient and very precise. I would recommend to anyone who needs a fast effective service. Well impressed.

  299. Stephen jackson says:

    Having put the wrong fuel in my car a very costly mistake I may add. It only took one call to the fuel fixer who came out the very same night . Thank you for getting my car back on the road .

  300. david mcarthur says:

    very professional and great customer care . excellent service and would highly recommend. Fantastic workmanship.
    David McArthur

  301. Neil Gravener says:

    I would like to thank Attila for sorting out my fuel problem, promptly and quickly.

    He completed the task to a high standard and in a proffessional manner.

    If you have a fuel problem in the Liverpool area Attila is your man to call.

    Thanks again.

  302. Kashif Ahmed says:

    When i put petrol in my deisel van and drove off i thought that was it, I’d ruined my engine. When Zsolt came out he looked after me really well, was very reassuring and gave me confidence he knew what he was doing and would get me back on the road, and he did just that. Would definitely recommend fuelfixer to anyone in the future, especially with Zsolt at hand.

  303. John Kennedy says:

    What a nightmare. Put petrol in my diesel car on Saturday morning. Fortunately Gabor turned up promptly and was very friendly and efficient. He swiftly sorted us out and got us back on the road in record time.

    Can’t praise him highly enough.

    So if you’re stuck in Edinburgh then Gabor is your man.

  304. John Milgrew says:

    Guy explained what needed to be done and sorted problem out fuss . Thoroughly professional

  305. The engineer who came was Gabor. He arrived promptly to my location in Greenbank Road, Edinburgh. He was really helpful and professional. He explained the process at every stage and he did a very thorough and careful job. I had completely filled my diesel car with petrol and I had also driven for over a mile. He removed all traces of petrol from the tank and the fuel system. The car has been perfect since then. Great job

  306. Jim Allan says:

    Pleased with prompt response. Your operative Marton arrived within the hour and fixed the problem efficiently andprofessionally. He took time to ensure that the car was running smoothly before he left. Overall very satisfied with service.

  307. nigel miller says:

    Incident on 21/11/2017 Ingliston filling station, Edinburgh- Jaguar Xtype SLO7VVS
    a sincere thank you for your prompt attention care and professional approach; not only clearing the contaminated fuel but ensuring the fuel injection system was not contaminated or blocked with air. The car ran perfectly and completed a return trip to Campbeltown after re-fueling.

    Your calm good humour transformed a stupid mistake on my part into a positive experience.

  308. Paul says:

    Thanks zelot

    He was very help ful

    Lent me a coat and kept my wife warm

  309. A Elder says:

    Fast, friendly service. Car running ok, no problems.

  310. James Treacy says:

    Bela was very professional and friendly at the same time. Would highly recommend him. Thankyou, James Treacy

  311. Nick Denison says:

    Excellent service from Bela. Very competent, very professional, very reassuring and friendly.

  312. Becky savill says:

    Bela Put me at ease that he would get it sorted. Explained everything very well. Very happy.

  313. Kim Sibbald says:

    Big thanks to Gabor, who came quickly, was friendly and carried out the job professionally. Car is sorted now and had no problems! Thanks, Kim

  314. Carolyn says:

    Bence was a true professional and had to discover a 2nd fuel tank under the back seat to drain petrol. Although I’d driven nearly an hour very lucky the car started again! Thanks for good friendly service

  315. Atoosa says:

    Great service, quick to attend,polite and explaining well about the problem and procedure patiently , thank you

  316. Natasha Roberts says:

    I cannot believe what I did! Never done it before but put petrol in my diesel car. Drove 25 miles like it before realising when I went to start the engine again, it wouldn’t start! Panicked a bit, so called my breakdown recovery. They managed to get fuel fixer come out to me otherwise it would have been a tow home. They provided excellent service. I wasn’t waiting long for Asolt from fuel fixer to arrive. He was a very kind, pleasant, helpful man. I cannot fault the service I received and most importantly my car wasn’t damaged

  317. John Morrison says:

    Marton did a great job, car running great.
    He arrived on time and was extremly helpful.
    Will pass on to all my friends in case they have the misfortune to make the same mistake I did.

  318. Tina says:

    Well what a silly mistake !! However Zsolt came out to us within the time specified … what a lovely lovely man although I do hope for obvious reasons I don’t see him again

  319. Gabrio says:

    Zsolt wass great helping out with my son’s scooter. Quickly fixing a broken spark plug. Thank you

  320. Francis Hambleton-Smith says:

    I mistakenly put petrol in my diesel tank and drove a fair distance, once I realised what I had done it was sorted within the hour after calling Fuelfixer. Zsolt arrived and within 20mins of himstarting tge car was good to go and is now running fine again. Can’t recommend this enough!!

  321. Jean Hay says:

    At the shell petrol station Admiralty Rd Rosyth I put deisel into my petrol car. Disaster! The assistant gave me the contact number for Fuel
    Fixer. The engineer Gabor arrived at expected time 45 mins. He was extremely efficient and helpful. Top marks to Gabor ! Excellent service ! Thank you ! Jean Hay

  322. Amanda says:

    Bela was very fast in responding to my dilema, we found him to be friendly, polite, efficiant and made us feel at ease. Highly reccomended! Fantastic service! Thank you!

  323. Mark says:

    Very quick and happy service!
    Even entertained my little boy too. Big thank you!

  324. Graham S. says:

    Goban arrived in st andrews with 90 minutes. Job well done. Thank you.

  325. Jean hay says:

    Top marks to our Fuel Fixer Gabor.
    I made the awful mistake of putting diesel in my VW polo. Luckily the Shell garage Admiralty road Rosyth had your business card.
    The engineer arrived in the predicted time 45mins. Gábor was very helpful and very efficient telling us each stage of the procedure.
    Excellent all round service. Gábor’s pleasant polite manner reassured us in this unfortunate situation.

  326. Graham says:

    I called FF out when I had put unleaded in my diesel tank when I was in Edinburgh. Gabor phoned me to apologise that he couldn’t get to me within the time given when I’d first called (20-30 minutes) because of heavy traffic. When he did arrive (about 45mins) he was helpful, friendly and very efficient. The car was soon back on the road, none the worse for the incident. My credit card was, however, aching from the cost!

  327. Paul says:

    Zsolt was very polite and helpful as well as very professional took him no time at all to complete the job excellent service

  328. Vince Peters says:

    My partner put petrol in our diesel Bmw x5 and drove it to the shops approx 1mile from petrol station. The car wouldn’t start and so we found Fuel fixer in the Internet who promptly arranged for their technician Zsolt to come out to us. He arrived within the hour and was very polite and professional. He had my car running within 15mins. I was very impressed with service and would defiantly recommend them.

  329. Sara Chambers says:

    Great service – engineer was polite, friendly and made it through horrible traffic to reach us as quickly as possible. Car sorted and on our way again in no time!

  330. William McLaughlan says:

    I managed to top up my bosses Petrol quad bike with diesel. Fuel Fixer were brilliant. Marton was on site within an hour of placing my call. He was effectively, profession and patient while he fixed the problem. I was even able to continue doing my job. I can not recommend this company highly enough!

  331. Andrea Smyth says:

    Gabor came to my rescue in Kirkcaldy when I studiply put unleaded fuel in my deisel car. He arrived within an hour and got the job done very quickly and was polite and friendly. Would definitely recommend him. Great job.

  332. Colin Yeates says:

    Frank arrived on time phoning me that he was alongside my vehicle. He immediately put me at ease by telling me exactly what he was going to do. He went about his task with speed and efficiency. He checked everything on completion even to the extent of checking my air filter unit which was damaged and leaking. He left me an advisory note at the foot of my invoice regarding it’s replacement. He never left until he was sure my car was fully safe to drive..
    I will be sure to use your services again should the need arise but hopefully there will be no repeat of my fuelling with petrol (25 Litres In fact) in my diesel tank.
    Thank you for turning what could have been a compete disaster into a routine job.

  333. Helen says:

    Sincere thanks to Alan when I called to ask for help. Thanks also to Zsolt who came to drain and fix my car. I would totally recommend FuelFixer to anyone who has made the same error as me! Extremely professional and very caring service from Alan who reassured me and kept me calm in a very difficult situation. Zsolt was so efficient and professional he did an amazing job and I am so grateful. Thank you for your help and support today. Helen

  334. Martyn Barrett says:

    Bela was fantastic.
    Incredibly professional,helpful and friendly.
    Many thanks for all of his help in a very stressful situation.

    Martyn Barrett

  335. Darren Pilkington says:

    Gabor came out to dunfermline after my wife put £25 of diesel in our Peugeot 107 unleaded car. Was very courteous and even have me his jacket to wear the to the cold.
    Hopefully will not need him again but his work was A1.

  336. Ian says:

    Bela excellent service, fast, friendly and very careful with the car. Would highly recommend this company

  337. Imogen says:

    Tamas did a fantastic job sorting out my car which I had stupidly put the wrong fuel in. He was polite, efficient, thorough and would not let me rush him! Many thanks

  338. Garry Mason says:

    Stupidly poured adBlue in to my diesel tank, Audi Assist couldn’t help and could only offer to take my car to local Audi dealer, who quoted £400+ to rectify and uncertain when they could carry out the work – I was beginning to get worried!

    I googled and came across Fuel Fixer, they had a engineer with me within 90 minutes of my initial phone call and had me back on the road in a further 90 minutes.
    Engineer was friendly and helpful, could not fault him nor the service in anyway and would thoroughly recommend.

  339. Eva says:

    We accidently used wrong fuel and guy who came to resque us was really great, servise was quick, clean and safe. Fuel Fixer staff, name Zsolt Karda, very polite and kind, answered all (even silly!) questions, done his job perfectly – put as back on the road as soon as possible. Big Thanks.

  340. Lorna Howe says:

    What a great service, I was back on the road in 2 hours – really nice guys – put me at ease straight away! And they saved my car.. Thank you Bence!

  341. David Hissett says:

    Don’t know how or why but after four years driving a diesel I put 50 litres of unleaded in the tank at my local Sainsbury’s. The staff there were brilliant and so were members of the public on the forecourt. Sainsbury’s staff gave me a few numbers and the first one I called was Fuel Fixer and spoke to Alan. He was brilliant and reassured me that they could sort it for me. An hour later and Tom arrived in his Fuel Fixer van with all the kit and all the knowledge and experience to sort it out for us. He was very methodical an extremely pleasant lad, very personable and constantly reassured us. My Volvo XC60 has a “saddle tank” which made it a longer job to get every drop out. Fuel Fixer Tom and Alan were excellent. Thank you guys you saved us

  342. Claire Thompson says:

    Good quick service
    Marton was friendly and efficient

    So glad they could come and help

  343. Lisa evans says:

    Can’t believe you saved my car Tommy,I’m so over the moon,releible,reassured me through the whole thing,and my car is running perfectly ☺ one very happy costumer,refer anyone to you x

  344. Steven Evans says:

    Fuelfixer technician Zsolt, arrived within an hour of my call to get me out of a very embarrassing and sticky situation.
    I explained how much fuel was in the tank, and how many litres of the wrong fuel i had put in.
    Zsolt very quickly drained the tank of mixed fuel, then added the correct fresh fuel, primed the fuel system and the car was back on the road.
    A very quick and professional service indeed.

  345. Thomas says:

    Very good job done by Attila .

    Job ref# 5872




  346. ERic simpson says:

    Hello my name is mr Simpson,today my car had a puncture and your employee Attila Puskas stopped and changed my wheel for me as I am disabled,it was very kind of him and really appreciate his help,a very kind man,Thank him again for me.

  347. Anya Cooper says:

    Great service, zsolt was with me within 35 mins, he was a really pleasant and helpful young man and got the job done within 30 mins, hopefully I won’t need to use this service again after my stupid mistake of putting petrol into my diesel car, but would definitely recommend the service to others.

  348. Trevor Vaughan / gloucester says:

    I mistakenly put petrol in my diesel tank on the way home from work today and was given the telephone no for this company. They were prompt about 45 mins or so, the technician was very polite and 100% professional he took care of the problem he knew his job no problems working on my car whatsoever he is a credit to the company I would recommend anytime, job well done lovely man with manners hard to find nowadays

  349. James Bell says:

    Fuel Fixer saved me from little refueling experiment on the M3, and despite a bit of squirming at the airport, we thankfully made our flights on time.

    Big thanks to Frank the fuel tank expert for his sense of humour and expertise in a time of need, and to Janine for a copy of my card receipt.

    May absent-minded rental car drivers keep you in good business for many years to come. Hopefully I won’t be one of them 😉



  350. Ronnie Mcgrath says:

    I had the misfortune to call on Fuelfixer recently and was extremely satisfied with the manner, attitude and professionlism displayed by the Fuelfixer mechanic Marton. Although we had a long wait for him to arrive from the cental belt up to Inverness, when he arrived he drained the tank and had us back on the road within the hour. The alternative was to be towed 70miles to a garage back home on a Sunday not knowing if that garage would be capable of fixing the problem on the Monday which would meant another tow 16 miles to the next garage.
    Marton kept us informed during the draining process and had an excellent customer facing manner
    The wait was worth it and and both myself and my partner were completely satisfied with the service.

  351. Stuart Romford says:

    I would not hesitate in recommending Fuel Fixer, top service from start to finish.
    Bence did a fantastic job sorting out my wife’s car; professional, friendly and thorough!
    5 stars! *****

  352. Jill watson says:

    Excellent service arrived within the hour
    Job completed in the time they sai car up and running again
    Very pleasant guys and fixed price for the job
    Would certainly recommend

  353. Andrew C says:

    Fantastic service from enquiry to job completion. Thank you!

  354. Greg Porter says:

    I have to compliment Fuel Fixer for a really professional service. Right from Pete at the customer service desk through to Bense at the front operational end. I lost the plot in a very senior moment and inadvertently put petrol in my diesel car. Not good. Bence did a first rate job and took time out to explain every action. At no stage did they make you feel worse than you already did and they just delivered on their promise ….. to get you up and running asap with no fuss or drama. Many thanks.

  355. Gordon Roy says:

    Called fuel fixer out a few sundays ago
    Great service which was prompt within the hour AA quoted 4 hours waiting time and
    RAC quoted an unbelievable 8 hours
    Thanks again my renault laguna coupe mk3
    Hasn’t missed a beat since the drain

  356. Chris says:

    Bela in times of trouble Fuel Fixer UK came to our rescue Bristols finest asset Bela was polite and efficent absolutly brilliant.

  357. Very helpful lovely man who turned up within an hour and soon had us back on are way

  358. Roy rowland says:

    Absolutely brilliant service. Came within the hour and done in 30 mins. Friendly phone operator and friendly and polite mechanic. Couldn’t have wished for anything better. Highly recommend

  359. Jill Kinloch says:

    Fuel fixer were efficient and friendly – such a contrast to the first enquiry I made to the AA! Putting diesel in an unleaded tank is very enfuriating and what you look for is someone who can tell you straightaway that they can help – no signing up to year long contracts. Within the hour Gábor had arrived and was dealing with the problem in situ. It took less than around half an hour and the job was done and I was able to carry on with my trip with my mother to Blair Atholl. I would highly recommend Fuel Fixer if you are unfortunate enough to make the same mistake I did. Thanks Gábor.

  360. Lee Kellaway says:

    Quick response.Professional technician and service.Thanks Bela and Fuel fixer

  361. John says:

    Just a quick note to say how pleased I was to have had Bence as our engineer.
    Not only was he polite and pleasant but also very competent, taking care to carrying out his work professionally and thoroughly despite having to work in the pouring rain.
    Great service, Many Thanks

  362. James Law says:

    Hi. After 24+ years of having a 2 car family fleet comprising both a diesel & a petrol car, I finally managed to fill the diesel with petrol in the Freuchie filling station on the A92.
    I did at least know NOT TO START the engine and the filling station gave me Fuel Fixer’s number. They were excellent. Gabor arrived in just over an hour & 20 minutes later we were on our way. He explained exactly what he would do & was efficient, courteous & friendly. The whole service was very impressive. Thank you.

  363. Kelly Noble says:

    Having made the silly mistake of refuelling my car with petrol, instead of diesel, Gabor sorted out the issue quickly and efficiently for me, making sure to keep me informed each step of the way. It was an extremely professional service – thank you Gabor!

  364. Allison Lee says:

    Frank did an amazing job, arrived promptly and worked hard keeping the site clear and clear at all times.
    Would recommend again ..

  365. David says:

    Great service. Thanks Gabor. Would highly recommend.

  366. Barry measor says:

    Bela was fantastic. A great guy very friendly happy and great at explaining what he was doing. Perfect service.

  367. Wendy says:

    Just been saved !!! From the initial phone call with a very pleasant and reassuring gentleman ,to my car up and running, and i might add, sounding and driving better than before I had my brain relapse. The lovely gent that came to save me (sorry I didn’t catch his name) explained everything and really made me believe that I’m not the airhead I think I am. Very polite, efficient, Excellent service, these knights in shining armour made what was a disastrous situation into a not so bad one. Can’t thank you enough xx

  368. Steven Bathgate says:

    Accidentally put £40 of unleaded in my works van at the weekend whilst in the scottish borders,Gabor arrived and had the fuel drained quickly and with no fuss,he then added an additive and refilled the tank,he even started the van for me to make sure that everything was fine.5 stars from me,great service.

  369. April Johnson says:

    After driving a petrol car for the past 8 years I bought a diesel to cut costs on fuel… I always go to the pump with “black pump” repeating over in my head, not tonight! I picked up the unleaded and put £10 worth in, I then realised what I had done so panicked and put £20 diesel on top I drove about 5 miles to the shop and when I came out the car wouldn’t start… within 1 hour 30 mins Ferenc was there to ease my worries and sort the problem, he drained the fuel and cleaned the fuel lines before putting more diesel in with an additive.. problem now solved! Thank you Ferenc for such a great service.

  370. Simon norris says:

    Bela arrived exactly on time and turned our car around very quickly whilst keeping us informed of what he was doing at every step. He provided a excellent professional and friendly service.

  371. Raheem says:

    Thanks Soma
    Great service.. soma was very helpful and understanding… very professional 5 stars!

  372. Kye says:

    Excellent service from Gabor who arrived to fix my car within 30 mins when by accident, I put diesel in a borrowed petrol car. Lucky for me I was still at the Morrison’s petrol station on Ferry Rd in Edinburgh and had not started the engine which meant that Gabor had me back on the road about 20 minutes after he arrived. Fantastic service from a very professional, calm and kind person.

    Many Thanks

    1. John Paget says:

      I agree with aĺl comments about gabor he was very quick and professional when he attended my car st crewe toll service station he soon had us on our way to berwick thank you gabor.

  373. Ian Dinwoodie says:

    We are a two-car family – one petrol, one diesel – and I always feared it was a matter of time until one of us put petrol in the diesel car. (It’s much more difficult of course to do it the other way round, owing to nozzle width. When will manufacturers change nozzle design so that you cannot put the wrong fuel in BOTH types of tank?) I was very pleased with FUELfixer’s service, though: Alan who took the call was friendly, polite and efficient; and Gabor, who carried out the work was similarly courteous, good-humoured and professional. The waiting time, at Braehead shopping centre in Glasgow on a Saturday evening, was impressively only 30 minutes, so I am very satisfied.

  374. Ricky McKenna says:

    Great service..Gabor was very helpful and understanding… very professional 5 stars!

  375. Sean Clements says:

    Thank you Bela and Fuelfixers, for your fast response, assurance, efficiency and friendliness after I called you out to help me after I had accidentally half filled my VW Passat TDI with petrol. Great chap; explained what he was doing as he proceeded to get me back on the road very quickly. Just the man and outfit I needed to help get you out of a tight spot, late on a Monday evening in a reasonably remote rural location in Gloucestershire.
    Thanks again Bela and thanks guys’s.

  376. Marisa says:

    100% recommend this company to everyone. From start to finish FuelFixer’s service was fantastic, very professional and friendly service in every way. The initially call was answered very quickly and the chap I spoke to was so helpful and made me feel so at ease. He went through exactly what they would do and how they would do and really reassured me and put my mind at ease that they would have me back on road and my car driving like new again so I could make my long journey home to Gloucestershire and that’s exactly what happened. A lovely chap called Bence arrived within the hour who had come across from Bognor Regis to Poole to help us as we was stranded with my little girl and puppy in the car, he arrived on time and he got straight to work and had it all done in half hour. Bence and the company was amazing, they got me back on the road and my car running back to normal for my journey back to Gloucestershire that night, otherwise I would of been totally stranded. Thank you so so much Bence and FuelFixer I am so grateful. Marisa

  377. Wendy Edwards says:

    Friendly and professional service from Gabor when I accidentally put petrol in my diesel tank at Dalgety Bay BP filli ng station. Arrived within 45 mins and did the job in about half an hour.

  378. Charles Nash says:

    You feel stupid when you realise you have filled your car with the wrong fuel
    Thankfully, we were pleased to see your company appear on the scene, especially as we were blocking traffic on a busy roundabour on the A92
    Your employee immediately took charge, knew what he was doing, and flushed out the pertol, and replaced it with deisel, more importantly, knew what he was doing, and providing assurance, that when finished, we would be on our way.
    This is what happened, and we were deaply appreciative of his skill, professionalism, and good manners.
    Thank you.

  379. Penrose Jones says:

    Within 15 mins Bence arrived, did an excellent job, very professional and just over an hour later I was on my way again. Can recommend very highly.

  380. Jake S says:

    So we had a 2001 fiesta that’d been filled with diesel by my sister. We thought it would take a long time to fix and cost more than the car. But it was a decent price and the mechanic, Bence, assigned to us modestly did the job well.

  381. Malcolm jacotine says:

    Had Bela attend my car, was excellent and fast service. Would highly recommend.

  382. Maria Coppard says:

    We have just had our tank drained by Bence. He was amazing and very professional. Immediately put me at ease that all would be ok after putting petrol in my diesel car. Only had to wait for 25 minutes for him to arrive. Our Mercedes was not straightforward to drain but Bence was calm and very reassuring at 9 o’clock on a Friday night! Highly recommend if you are unfortunate enough to make the same silly mistake. Car now running perfectly!

  383. Hasan Ali says:

    Bela did a wonderful job in taking out the petrol in my mercedes. He was prompt, polite and worked efficiently until the job was completed. I would like to thank Bela and Fuel Fixer once again.


  384. Fiona Nicolson says:

    Thanks Marton for doing a great job. You came out on the day, got on with the job, explaining what you were going to do, by changing the fuel. It didn’t take too long. Thanks again, especially when I was told that Skoda couldn’t take the car till the following week and that it would be in for a full day.
    Hopefully, I will never to it again and need your assistance. I would recommend you to my friends and family.

  385. Ian Schofield says:

    Great professional service , Thank you

  386. Chris McConnachie says:

    Gábor arrived at a seafield road in Edinburgh very quickly. Doing the drain, flush and fefill didn’t take long (around 30 mins) and worked like a treat. Perfect service!

  387. Jonathan Milbank says:

    I mis-fuelled my Skoda Rapid, putting petrol into a diesel tank, at the Esso fuel station near the middle of Mintlaw on Wednesday 2nd August. I agreed to be met on the morning of Thursday 3rd at 11:00 to have my fuel tank drained by Gabor of FuelFixer and he arrived promptly. He then proceeded to carry out the task with impressive professionalism, while treating me with greatest respect and courtesy. At all times I was very satisfied with his performance.

  388. Rodna Angus says:

    I would like to say a huge thanks to Fuelfixers for coming to my aid last week. I called the number and the service was fabulous from start to finish. Polite courteous and professional.
    I only had to wait about 30 mins as the engineer Gabor was a bit of a distance away. I had misfuelled in Livingston at the Lizzie Bryce. It was awful as I had filled the tank to the brim.
    This happened quite late at night. Out came Gabor to the rescue, he went through each step of the procedure and put me at ease and made me feel safe instantly. He was very polite and courteous and he had me back on the road in no time. Gabor drained the fuel put some diesel back in to my car. I reversed my car back to the pump and he even refilled my car. He was very gracious and I thank him a lot… A job very well done !!
    I’m very sorry I can’t remember the guy on the phones name but thank you to you too.
    A huge thanks to a team of people that made my experience a whole lot better.
    Thank you very much for your service Gabor and the rest of the team. Especially providing it without making me feel silly…. No judgement passed
    Thanks again and hopefully won’t be needing your services again

  389. Che Gannarelli says:

    Excellent, friendly, polite, competent service

  390. Paul Cairns says:

    Marton arrived promptly and explained what he had to do putting me at ease. Very quickly my car was running fine again. Would recommend to anyone Marton is professional and courteous.

  391. Catriona says:

    I called out FuelFixer at 1830 last Thursday night in a panic after putting some petrol in my diesel vehicle. The man on the phone was very reassuring and although their engineer was over 100 miles away promised to have him with me in just over 2 hours. True to their word Marton Boncfoldi arrived exactly on time, was even more reassuring, explained what he was going to do. He was extremely professional and a mere 20 mins later the job was done and a still smiling Marton had my car fixed and ready for a long journey the next day. I have had no problems since and cannot thank him and FuelFixer enough for all their help.

  392. Chris hill says:

    Thank you so much your service was excellent, honest and straight forward from call centre to fix. Adam on the phone was helpful and honest with explaining my options ( which I went away and thought about). When I then called back to book an engineer all timings were spot on and Bela the mechanic was amazing, he was helpful, cheerful and professional. Many thanks.

  393. A King says:

    Marton was excellent, had me going again very quickly whilst being polite and professional.

  394. sarah says:

    Marton you came out super fast. Got the problem sorted straight away. Got me back on the road in half an hour. Plus you made me feel not as bad as that was the worst day ever thank you very much Marton. For sure if this unfortunate accident happens to anyone use these guys

  395. kiss robert says:

    Thanks for a quick and great job for your guy called Marton who was great with his work
    Thanks again for a great service

  396. Tony Love/Gill Love says:

    We were attended today by a Mr. Ferenc with respect to having put the wrong fuel into our vehicle. He was extremely informative, pleasant in nature and very hard working. A credit to the company.
    Now we just have to see that it has all worked over the next few days.
    Thank you all very much for your service. A drama dispensed with.
    Tony and Gill Love

  397. david gregory says:

    Your Engineer Gabor arrived within 30 minutes. Very helpful with good manner. Problem of filling car with petrol instead of disel quickly resolved and car fine.Good value considering the possible disaster it could have become.

  398. Judith Bailey says:

    I would like to thank Thomas. For his help when I had put the wrong fuel in the car. He was professional and very kind.
    He reassured me when I was in panic mode. I would recomened fuel fix vert highly.
    Thankyou for your reasurence Thomas .

  399. Garry Fowell says:

    I rang them and a man was on site within the hour and away with the problem resolved after less than 1 hour.
    What was a drama for me was quickly resolved.
    Excellent service

  400. John mcniven says:

    Gabor the fuel fixer was extremely helpful ,keeping me informed and calm,cannot rate his help and experience highly enough,
    I would have no issues recommending himself and the company at all,thanks again,john.

  401. Calum Macfarlane says:

    Ther staff member that came out to help us was fantastic!
    Quick response.
    Made my error feel a little easier

  402. Stephen Leigh says:

    Great service on Wednesday from Attila. He arrived within 2 minutes of me having been towed off M56 to a petrol station forecourt. Quick, efficient job. Attila explained what he was doing at every stage and had me back on the road in approx 30 mins. He even offered me a bottle of water as it was a really hot day. Would definitely recommend.

  403. Graham says:

    Great speedy service and got me back on the road within one and a half hours of initial phone call
    a big thanks to marton for saving the day and explaining what was happening from start to finish
    thanks again

  404. Gill Orde says:

    Thank you very much to Gabor Szekely who very efficiently and quickly rescued me from my wrong fuel mistake.
    It was rush hour when I filled up at Tesco Superstore, Dalkeith, Edinburgh but he was with me within an hour as I was parked up in their fore court so easily accessable. He waited to see that I drove off again without a problem which was very reassuring. As a result of your good service all our company vans now have your details.

  405. m watt says:

    fixed the problem quickly and professionally

  406. Angela Wardrope says:

    Excellent service from Szilard. Was stranded at a petrol station in Motherwell and he came out within 45min and fixed the problem straightaway. Would highly recommend.

  407. Leanne glen says:

    Great service… fast and friendly

  408. Christian V says:

    Excellent Job, very professionnal ,Polite and super kind.
    We could continue our road trip in Scotland without any concerns about our car.
    Thanks a Lot
    Highly recommandable.

  409. Dave Jenkinson says:

    Really pleased with all Marton’s hard work to sort my misfueled xtrail. In particular, the effiort Marton undertook to make sure that my xtrail’s twin tanks were properly drained has ensured the car is working perfectly! Thanks, Marton!

  410. John Miller says:

    We had a first class service from Szilard , , who arrived with a smile and a very positive attitude and ready to get us on our way once the fuel had been drained ,
    A silly mistake on our part was less painful by the promt and professional service by Szilard
    Thank you , would definatly recommend him and Fuelfix .

  411. Dave Clark says:

    Fuel fixer arrived at the time given and the ” fix ” was done efficiently and successfully very quickly and the car has been performing perfectly with no problems. I took their business card and will pass it on should another idiot do as I did !!!

  412. Martin McLernon says:

    Szilard came out and gave a great service. I couldn’t drive my car so fuel fixer came to me. Don’t know what I would have done without them. My car was perfect after it. Price was very reasonable and were by far the most helpful as I did call other mechanics and garages and they didn’t want to know 10 out of 10 for Szilard

  413. Danny says:

    Awesome all that needs said

  414. stuart anderson says:

    very polite, quick response to my initial call, professional service, even fixed a problem I had with my fuel cap while he was pumping the petrol out of my diesel car! thoroughly recomend the service

  415. James Clelland says:

    Efficient service. Helpful gentleman who drained vehicle, which thankfully appears to be working ok

  416. Mark Brian Irvine says:

    Guy was there with in 20 minutes of call and this was after 12 on a weekend
    Fast hassle free job done
    Guy was fantastic and put my mind at rest
    Would definitely recommend

  417. Irene Black says:

    Fuelfixer szilard was very plleasant and helpful to a distraught woman who was panicking. He helped calm me down.

  418. Elise Methven says:

    Excellent service – cannot fault. Made a very annoying experience far less annoying!!!

  419. David Robinson says:

    Just like to say a huge thanks to Attila,workmanship,in fixing my car,and his manner in the way he explained what he was doing,would recommend him to all my friends/family who may end up with the same problem.A credit to your company.

  420. Nicola Gill says:

    I have a Motorhome rental company in West Lothian and recently had a customer return the vehicle after filling the tank with petrol instead of diesel.
    The vehicle was due to go out to another customer later that day and obviously couldn’t be driven.
    I found Fuel Fixer online and called their landline number. I was immediately impressed with the call handler and he was able to arrange a technician visit within the hour.
    The technician Gabor arrived on site and had the fuel tank drained, cleaned, primed and added an additive to ensure the vehicle was going to be ok, in approx 1 hour. He was very pleasant and professional and I would recommend this company to anyone and if I ever find myself in this unfortunate situation again, I will not hesitate to contact Fuel Fixer.

  421. Matt Smith says:

    I called fuel fixer late evening after my car had been misfueled. Gabor arrived within the hour . He cleared the car and had it running again within an hour and a half . He was very efficient , courteous and professional. My car is running fine as if nothing had happened now. I woukd recommend you to anyone who was in this position .

  422. Wayne Davison says:

    Just like to thank Gabor for traveling 3hours to reach me in the highest village in the highlands Tomintoul who came out to drain my tank last week
    Car is now running 100% better

  423. robbie says:

    always tough to leave nice coments when you don’t even want to remember what you did!! but Gabor was fabulous, courteous, sympathetic and very efficient, would highly recommend, Birkhill near Dundee, waited about an hour during mid-evening then fixed in 40 minutes.

  424. Bruce Paterson says:

    Very helpful and efficient service from Gabor Szekely last week on the A9 at Gleneagles.
    He arrived within the hour and had me going again in about 40 mins.

  425. Roger Duncan says:

    Back in March I foolishly put petrol in my diesel Mazda whilst up in Glenrothes, Fife for a funeral, which was taking place the following day, hence my need for urgent assistance and after much ringing around I managed to get hold of Fuelfixer, who unlike some other companies stuck by there promise to turn up with an hours time, which impressed me as it was a Sunday. A most friendly and helpful guy called Mik arrived and immediately set to the task of emptying my tank and flushing the system so that within less than an hour I was on my way back to our hotel. Can’t recommend Fuelfixers enough, especially Mik who ensured everything was ok and the engine was running as it should before he left.
    Roger Duncan, Bromsgrove, Worcs

  426. tony westhead says:

    just like to thank you for draining my tank in Blackburn 19/03/2017 the mans name was Attila he did a brilliant job he put petrol in to make sure it was ok and even after it was back up and running he waited around till I filled my tank up again as I never let my tank run less than a quarter just to make sure it would start and run I would highly recommend this company to anybody and for the service I received
    Thank you very much
    regards Tony

  427. McMinnen says:

    A wee while ago I had put petrol in my diesel car. I felt silly when I realised I made the mistake. But I needed to do something. I got my phone out and did a bit of searching and FuelFixer came out first in Google.

    I phoned and within the hour Szilard arrived at the service station in Edinburgh. Szilard’s service was not only quick, professional and useful, he assured me that I wasn’t as daft as I thought I was. We had a few good laughs and he got me on the road again within an hour and a half from my initial call.

    He’s a guy that still cares about true customer service and for a price that’s really competitive! In need of someone to fix your mistake? You definitely need Szilard (or one of his colleagues).

  428. Stephen young says:

    I stupidly put £20.00 of petrol in my Audio A3 cabriolet. I didn’t realise until it cut out half a mile away. I found fuel fixer online and scepticly gave them a phone, the guy on the phone was very helpful and reassuring, within 40 minutes Szilard picked me up, he was very friendly and a good laugh, and assured me that I’m not an idiot, I felt like one!! He drained the diesel tank and the engine and within half an hour my car was alive again! He done a fantastic job and it has been running like new ever since. I drive from Glasgow to Dunfermline most days and its still faultless. The sevice was only £200.00 and worth every penny, it was a fast and very friendly and professional service. I very highly recommend fuel fixer. Many many thanks!

  429. Dr Douglas Ward CBE says:

    Gabe came out to Romanno Bridge promptly and
    drained my tank the service was excellent and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

  430. Lesley McMillan says:

    How silly did I feel after putting petrol in my diesel car. I never realised until my car started to struggle, I managed to get back home to Kirkcaldy I googled for help and found Fuel Fixer, they were very friendly on the phone and they put me at ease. Gabe came out well within the time scale that I got told. I could not fault Gabe, he was very nice, put me at ease and explained everything that he would do step by step. He explained the process in a way I could understand. .
    He even told me to get my jacket because it was cold, very thoughtful.
    I had to apologies to all my neighbours the next morning for me revving the engine so late at night to get the fuel through but it had to be done.
    This happened on the Monday night and my car was back to normal by Tuesday early evening after I had driven around and got the diesel back through the system.
    Definitely recommend Fuel Fixer

  431. Duncan Ross says:

    After my wife filled our diesel car with petrol we called Fuelfixers and Gabor was on site within half an hour of us calling and speaking to Kieran.
    Gabor was very helpful and efficient, whilst also very pleasant to deal with.
    All together a great service very well performed by professionals.
    Thanks for your help.

  432. Esther Strickland says:

    I put petrol in my diesel car yesterday in Perth and called Fuel Fixer. The guy I spoke to on the phone was really helpful and said that someone would be with me within the hour. Gabor arrived in good time. He was so cheerful and polite that he immediately put me at ease in what was a very stressful situation. Gabor clearly explained what he was going to do and the car was fixed quickly. I was very impressed with the service – and very grateful that it was all resolved!
    Thank you, Gabor!

  433. Shumyla says:

    After filling 68 litres of petrol in my range rover sport and on top driving it on the motorway for atleast 10 miles, i called fuelfixer. My car didnt stall, it was driving fine and also no warning lights came on..i sort of just realized whilst driving that i may have put the wrong fuel in which i quickly confirmed with the receipt. Gabe came for the rescue, he was very assuring and prompt and he knew what he was doing. It was overall a job well done and my car is driving like a beast that its meant to be . Thanks

  434. John G says:

    Having accidentally inserted the wrong fuel in my vehicle I called my breakdown service who recommened
    Fuel Fixer. Although I had to wait one hour thirty minutes (due to rural location) Slizard arrived and quickly informed me that he would drain my tank and within thirty minutes have me back on the road.
    He was very friendly and efficient and within thirty minutes my car restarted. I cannot fault the service
    and would highly recommend it.

  435. Heather Barclay says:

    I am very grateful to Szilard who assisted me on 30th December STV Asda Govan! I had put unleaded in my diesel car! Szilard attended my call out within 20 minutes and I was back on the road within an hour of making my mistake! Hoping I won’t make the same mistake again, but I know I will recommend Fuel Fixers to others for the best price and customer service.

  436. Bernard Canavan says:

    Hi Guys,

    How dumb did I feel after putting petrol in my diesel van? I finally came to a halt just before the traffic lights/pedestrian crossing approaching Queen Street in Edinburgh. I was very very popular with the other motorists. Slizard attended the scene well within the time scale that was quoted. First of all he put me at ease and I could laugh about the situation, he is very likeable and made me not feel like an idiot. He explained the process involved, the time each step would take and the possible outcomes. I had driven two or three miles so he had to go to the next level, at no extra cost. The price quoted was the price I paid.

    One of my colleagues found your company through an on line search and considering I was quoted £150 simply for a call out fee as standard by most, that is before even looking at the vehicle, recovery then drainage costs etc. Trust me £190 is a bargain as it includes £10 of fuel to get you on your way. I was back at work within 90 minutes all included.

    About Slizard: he likes kidney beans and his girlfriend likes peaches with ice cream.

    He is professional, courteous, patient and very efficient.

    Maybe tone down your vans a bit! Advertise recovery and other things. I saw people openly laugh at me with the FUEL FIXER logo all over, shhh

  437. George mcilreavy says:

    Slizard was there quickly and was very helpful and polite .problem solved after wife put wrong fuel in .
    He explained everything and no hidden costs would recommend him to anyone

  438. Jean O'Brien says:

    Great, speedy service and up and running within a short time.

    Szilard was fantastic and explained whole process and timings, no damage to car either 5 star

  439. Lesley Muir says:

    I miss fueled my car a few weeks ago in Tollcross, Glasgow and was helped by Slizard. He was very prompt in attending and helped to get me back on the road in around 30 minutes which was fantastic as I was travelling to Edinburgh to fly to tenerife. I would definitely recommend his service if any of my friends or family find themselves in the same predicament as me!

  440. Jane says:

    After I stupidly put petrol in my diesel car, I called fuel fixers. I was initially told someone would be with me in 30 mins unfortunately it took a bit longer however when Szilard arrived he apologised for the delay. He put me at ease by explaining everything he was going to do. He drained the unleaded and then pushed me back to the pump to fill up with diesel he was friendly and courteous and really put me at ease. Hopefully I won’t need to call you again but if I’m stupid enough to do the same thing I hope you send Szilard to get me back on the road

  441. Lee says:

    Excellent service. On site within the hour and resolved issue within 30 minutes. Car runs like a dream after using injector cleaner fluid.

  442. Rodger says:

    I would like to recommend and thank Szilard for his prompt response helping remove the wrong fuel from my car.

  443. steven docherty says:

    Szilard was a great help there was never any negative signals from him re the job he had to do and he explained everything very clearly.Szilard was very friendly and chatted comfortably with me during the process, an outstanding representative of your company

  444. Robert Gibson says:

    Szilard helped me when I bought my new car and put the wrong fuel in my car. Szilard spent a lot of time on my car. I mean I had already given up on my own car that I just got and had already accepted that it was broken but Szilard and his years of experience knew he was close to solving the problem. I mean I had just got the car and had given it a lot of ping on way home as you do. Which causes more problems but Szilard solved them all with a massive smile on his face. Not only would I use this service again (hope I don’t have to) but would recommend to anyone and everyone 100%

  445. bob adams says:

    Thankfully only done it twice in fifty years of driving! Very friendly service from point of contact, perfect timing with the retrieval of my car, your staff member Szilard carried out the job efficiently on my Merc 200c in what was extremely inclement weather, explaining his actions at each step of the way and with clear explanation of the company’s billing when complete at a third of the potential dealer cost. Highly recommend.

  446. Szilard says:

    Willard was professional, reassuring, friendly, helpful and got it done within the time frame that he quoted. He ensured I knew what to expect for my onward journey and explained what I should do next and how my car would most likely react.
    A nice man who understood my frustrations and empathised accordingly. Fantastic service which went over and well above what i had expected to happen. It was well worth the wait and once I appreciated the service that was being given, the wait time on help coming was all forgiven especially since he had came from across the other side of the country at 11pm at night. Thank you Szilard.

    1. Szilard says:

      Oops, the chap who helped me is Slizard, not Willard. Thank you.

  447. Jane says:

    So happy to see SZILARD from fuelfixer after putting super unleaded into my husbands diesel car! It was pure panic from me, I called fuelfixer and they stayed in touch regards time of arrival etc. SZILARD arrived within an hour. He explained what he was going to do, he was very polite and understood the panic I was in as I thought I’d caused huge damage to car. I was back on the road in no time. Great service!

  448. Colin says:

    I was impressed by the service and friendliness of Slizard. He arrived at the fuel station within the hour. Actually I think it was 30 minutes. The draining of the tank was done quick and efficiently and at the side of the fuel pump. He talked me through everything as it was done. Even though the car had not been started after misfuelling, he still stayed while the car was run for a few mintes after correctly refilling the tank. Fortunately I had not run the engine with the wrong fuel and had only put in a litre on top of a quarter a tank before realizing my mistake. Hence there was not a full tank to empty.
    I’d recommend this service which was cheaper and fasrer than my breakdown rescue service had offered at the time. Slizard was excellent and very professional.

  449. mr stephen stewart-smith says:

    The only comment i have to make about my fuel drain is a big thank you to Szilard for the great service he offered
    and the help he gave being a fuel drain on my motorcycle in dumbarton august 2016 i got the feeling that he was’nt familiar
    with motorcycles but we soldiered on and got the job done with little fuss and got me back on the road.
    once again great job well done

  450. Cathymurphy. says:

    I was helped by an employee called Szilard. I found him very helpful at a time when I was vulnerable. I would recommend his way of making people feel so at ease in an extremely tense situation.

  451. Barry says:

    The guy who came to help was fantastic, very helpful, made the whole disaster feel much better. Sorted me out and made sure everything was ok before leaving. The price wasn’t terrible and definitely much better than fixing the engine! Not worth the risk. I’d recommend them, and many thanks to Szilard.

  452. Stephen mclear says:

    sorry forgot to mention the great service i received from SZILARD who came to my aid in Glasgow thanks for all your help

  453. Stephen mclear says:

    Friendly fast service would recommend

  454. Shelley Walker says:

    I put petrol in my deisel car by accident in Cumbernauld. I phoned fuelfixer and within a short time Szilard came and fixed everything for me. Top service. Great guy. Would definitely recommend.

  455. John Cairns says:

    Stuck petrol in my diesel and drove home!!
    Called fuel fixers and within an hour Szilard was at my door. He provided a quick and friendly service and my within half an hour the petrol was drained and my at was ready to go. I’m pretty sure it would have taken longer and cost a lot more at a garage. Thanks

  456. Erik Hansen says:

    Szilard `arrived on time and set right to work draining a full 60 litres of unleaded petrol that I had pumped into my diesel powered VW van. Because I had driven about a mile after putting the wrong fuel in, he also had to make sure it was out of the fuel injection system as well. He got the van working perfectly and was a real lifesaver since I had to haul a lot of equipment that night to a job I’d landed some distance away from my home. Thank you for the great service. Great company–I’d use again in a heartbeat–just hope I never have to.

  457. Sam Shillitto says:

    After having diesel cars for years I accidentally put diesel in my new car which has a petrol engine. I called Fuel Fixer and was quoted a price and time that Szilard would arrive. Szilard arrived on time and got to work straight away. He was very helpful and explained everything he was doing. The service was very good and even though I was really annoyed with myself for using the wrong fuel, I left grateful that this service is available and that Szilard done a good job. I won’t be putting the wrong fuel in my car again but will be recommending this company to others.

  458. John kelly says:

    Szilard was prompt friendly efficient and professional. Excellent service at a fantastic price

  459. Caroline ennis says:

    hi I used this service some months ago felt so daft but easy done but szilard came along after I called fuel fixer and was so pleasant & courteas we recommend I’d needed many thanks to szilard

  460. Jack says:

    Fast & reliable with no hidden costs. Tom, the chap who arrived to carry out the work did so professionally and thoroughly. I recommend this company without a doubt. Other well know companies wanted to charge a hell of a lot more for the same service. Glad I found these guys.

  461. James Cardell says:

    Stupidly I put the wrong fuel in my car! After speaking to my insurance company they had arranged for fuel fixer to meet me to fix my car. Atilla came as quickly as he could and did a fantastic job! He got the job done super quick and explained everything he was doing through out the process. My car had been fixed and I was still unsure that it was ok to drive
    Atilla followed me to a petrol station and waited with me so I felt 100% happy to continue on my journey, Atilla went further with his service by following me on the M6 to make sure I could carry on my journey safely . I would highly reccomened this company.

  462. Emma Harrison says:

    Tonight I put petrol in my diesel car I thought o no that’s it I need a new car, I rang a couple of numbers to come out to fix it they all was a bit pricey and was gunna be about an hour and half . I rang fuelfixer they were at a great price and said he will be with u within 15 minutes, absolutely brilliant the man came brilliant customer service explained clearly and put us at ease his name is ATTILA top guy very helpful and professional thankyou so much for your help very friendly did a great job

  463. Andrea Scotti says:

    I made the mistake of putting the incorrect fuel in my MG and rang Fuel Fixer (I’d tried other phone numbers from my Googled list but these sounded the most professional and helpful). Within minutes of giving my location, etc I received a call from the person who would be coming to sort this out for me and he gave me the approx. time he would get to me. I have to say this man, who I think was called Atillla, was absolutely fantastic. He explained the process, how long it would take, etc but not only that, he was a really lovely friendly man. He made sure my car was absolutely fine before driving it away. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in the North area, which is the region covered by Atilla. I very rarely leave feedback but on this occasion I felt it only right to do after receiving first class customer service.

  464. melissa tuttle says:

    Foolishly put petrol into my diesel car so called Fuelfixers for help. Sven arrived, was friendly and attentive and even helped me get the car back to the pumps to fill up. His cheerful attitude made a bad situation slightly better and he had me on my way in under an hour.

    Great service.

  465. Leanne Goodchild says:

    My friend put unleaded in her car after a very long day. Fuel Fixer came very quickly and Sven was so lovely and quick and knowledgable! I am going to use them in the future, as I’m very impressed with the service (AND it was Sunday evening!) thanks Sven 🙂

  466. Gary Page says:

    Brilliant service on time and done very quickly.
    Sven sorted the problem in no time at all.

  467. Rian says:

    SVen rescued me on Saturday no only did he do an excellent job, extremely efficiently he was also one of the nicest people I have ever met… thank you..

  468. L Tang says:

    Sven drained my car, his customer service was excellent, friendly and a total professional. Back up and running within 30mins.

    Thanks Sven

  469. Anne says:

    I had fuel drained from my car at the end on 26th September, The engineer that came to help (I think his name was Benle) was extremely polite, helpful and efficient.
    He then waited to see me drive off safely with no problems before he went on his way. Excellent service, thank you!

  470. Ed says:

    Sven drained the car of diesel on Saturday evening and the customer service was excellent. Very friendly and professional and really felt like he knew what he was doing. If it happens again (please no!) I’d gladly used Fuel Fixer again on the back of this experience.

  471. Donna Trahar says:

    I had to call on fuel fixers today after I stupidly put petrol in my diesel car! I called them and they advised me what to do, within 10 minutes they were with me. The drainers name was Sven, he called me when he was 3 minutes away, extremely friendly and polite, and reassured me my car wasn’t going to go bang and I’d not done any damage, within 23 minutes my car was fueled up (with the right fuel!) and I was on my way. Thank you very much to Sven. Would definitely recommend these guys if needed. 10 out of 10 service.

  472. Mike Murray says:

    Sven and his partner (didn’t catch his name) did a first class job today after I put petrol in my diesel Audi. Well done guys!! very professional.

    Mike Murray.

  473. taz says:

    Dear Team. Mike

    I just wanted to briefly say, thank you for the quick, polite and efficient service you guys provided me today.

    Feedback is always important. So great job and keep up the grear work. I will recommend you to my clients.


  474. George Townley says:

    Yesterday, 22nd Sept I had need of your companies services after half filling my diesel SKODA Yeti with unleaded . Overall the service was brilliant , with the technician calling to update me and arriving on site in only 30 minutes !!! . Attilla , your technician was superb , explaining the whole process and working very professionally , his happy friendly nature helping to ease my worries about any potential catastrophic damage to my pride and joy . As an ambassador for your brand he must surely be second to none . I will have no hesitation in recommending your service in the future , and as I have already said , a huge thank you and a pat on the back especially to Attila himself .

  475. Martin Forrest says:

    Excellent service! Sven had my car back up and running in 30 mins. Was polite and professional too. Would certainly recommend Fuelfixers if I am stupid enough to put the wrong fuel in my car again. Hopefully not.

  476. Heather Thrower says:

    After stupidly putting the wrong fuel in my sons car Attilla arrived within 25 mins of calling the central number. He called before he arrived as promised, and within 40 mins the fuel was drained and I had enough for about 100 miles of driving. He was polite, courteous and very efficient. What a professional service. I can’t recommend Fuelfixer more highly. I just hope I won’t need their services again!!

  477. Pete Chard says:

    Filled diesel Range Rover with petrol…limped home without realising what Id done. Then feared the worst. Online search found FuelFixer, and whilst they took 3 hours to arrive, when they did the service was friendly, attentive and professional. The tank was drained, fuel filter cleared and primed and the car started first time!! Fantastic job…highly recommended.

  478. John Chapman-Andrews says:

    I was very satisfied by the helpful servce to get my car back on the road. Sven was highly efficient, polite, and effective, and I was reassured to know that the problem had been solved without any lasting damage to my car. Thank you very much indeed.

  479. Michael Treasure says:

    Daughter put wrong fuel in my car!!! She rang you and amazingly you had someone to us within 90 minutes. Can,t remember his Christian name ,Puskas his surname, only rang a bell with me because of famous Hungarian Football Team,!!!! shows how old i am!! However the Service was superb,he was brilliant,nothing too much trouble, and Customer Care superb. Peace of mind 100%.Thank You to everyone involved.Mike Treasure.

  480. Nick Chivers says:

    Bence came out within 20mins and was extremely helpful, diligent and professional – going beyond the call of duty in helping us get our Discovery back on the road. Would highly recommend this company and if you’re lucky enough to get the very friendly Bence, you’ll be on your way in no time! Thank you!!

  481. C Smith says:

    Sven arrived in good time, we had had our car towed to our local garage by the RAC, neither could drain the tank for us. Sven was very professional and helpful and did everything possible to ensure us that our car would be fine. It has been fine, so thank you very much Sven!

  482. Jay Mackenzie says:

    Sven arrived promptly, was very courteous and swiftly fixed the problem, restoring order and harmony. Many thanks. 10 out of 10!

  483. lesley says:

    I was stuck in morrison in Clacton essex and the man ended up with two cars and was very helpful and friendly service

  484. GRAHAM EDNEY says:

    Great service, Sven was brilliant. Got to me in no time on a Sunday, very professional and quick.
    Answered all my concerns about how stupid I had been and didn’t laugh once.
    All round brilliant job done, thanks

  485. Dave Decourtney says:

    Wow!! what a fantastic company and what a fantastic .Engineer . Your Guy Russell is the type of guy who puts the Great in” Great Britain” his professionalism was first class, his respectful attitude was excellent !!! his likeability was off the scale . If only all companies worked like your company !!! “guys my age find it hard to trust any companies now days . but thanks to your guy Russell you have brought back my faith in British companies , you should be very proud of him. before I retired I own two companies and hired almost 35 people including 20 sales staff and none of them were as good as your man Russell !!! good luck to your company!! I have sent your number to all my friends, so if they have a pensioner moment [ like I had] they know who to call

    Yours and with regards Dave De’Courtney, Folkestone CT20

  486. Yvonne Worrell says:

    Sven came to my rescue yesterday. He was prompt, very polite and efficient and reassured me that my car would be ok, which, thankfully, it seems to be.

  487. c hamilton says:

    Sven attended to my call on 30th June at 8.00pm at night. He was very and extremely professional in his approach and made me feel very re-assured.
    I just wanted to say thank you to him for his swift response.

  488. james patient says:

    ref sales receipt 11114
    Good service from the lady who dealt with my inquiry on the phone to Attila who arrived when scheduled, was very pleasant, explaining what he had to do and finishing the job when he had indicated.
    Car started first time.
    On this basis I would recommend Attila and FUELfixer to anyone who makes the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in their vehicle

  489. Erik Hansen says:

    Thank you for taking care of my problem so quickly and efficiently. Sillar (sp?) from Edinburgh was very professional and pleasant. Please remind him that he promised to send me the name of the Hungarian food store in Edinburgh. I have already recommended you to my neighbours.

  490. Ryckie says:

    Atilla did a great job. I drove my insignia aftfilling it with petrol. He came out (even though it was his daughters birthday!) within the hour, cleaned it out and it’s running beautifully now. Thanks so much. Great job.

  491. Henderson says:

    Just would like to say brilliant service, Sven is the best got to me on time what more can I say don’t call the AA waste of time call Fuel Fixer!!

    Many thanks Sven

  492. Tracey Pemberton says:

    Excellent efficient service. Made the call at 3.30ish Sunday afternoon Sven arrived at 4.25 and job was complete by 17.20. Sven was polite and had phoned to indicate his arrival time and arrived as promised 10 minutes later. Would highly recommend.

  493. Mrs marsh says:

    Excellent service – quick efficient and the engineer, Sven, was so nice. Would not wish to repeat the mistake but if I do I know where to come for help. Thank you.

  494. Johannes says:

    Sven is top man when you have put the wrong fuel in your car friendly, efficient and gets the job done. I am so greatfull we are able to have this service at the touch of a button keep up the good work.

  495. Sam says:

    Hi, Brilliant service, thanks very much!

  496. Chris Abbott says:

    I was a bit sceptical about calling Fuelfixer out. I thought, is it worth it, but then when you weigh up what it would cost to get towed to your mechanic and then for them to do the draining, it was a no brainer, especially as I filled up with Petrol in my Diesel at midnight on a Friday/Saturday. I would have been waiting until Monday. 40 minutes later, Attila Puskas was draining out my tank. Brilliant name, brilliant guy. An hour later all done, including checking that both sides of the split level tank, that I didn’t know about were all clear.
    great service guys,
    I hope I don’t do this again, but I know who to go to if I do.

  497. k boateng says:

    good efficient work by the german called sven, thank you

  498. Paul C says:

    Can’t believe I put the wrong fuel in my car.What am I like.Phoned Fuelfixer at 9pm on a Saturday night.Sven was with me in half an hour.Fuel replaced and car running within 25 minuets. Great service. Many thanks Sven.

  499. Dexter says:

    Sven came to the rescue and was done within 20mins. Very fast and efficient. Great company too, top man. Thanks

  500. Andy Goodwin says:

    I have not had the pleasure in dealing with a company such as yours before, I made the call at 11:30 am, and the guy (sven) was here within the hour as told by the lady on the phone, very professional service,

    Sven was really good, very polite, very professional, explained the process, he phoned when he was 20 minutes away, which I thought was excellent service so I had time to pop to the shops before he turned up,

    All I can say is a very good, outstanding service, thank you sven for working your magic

    Will recommend you to others who happen to be in the same situation as myself

  501. N Hodkinson says:

    Oh dear
    Broxden services last night and yet again the fuel pump handles all in the wrong slots….. Yup now got diesel in my motorbike’s petrol tank .
    Phoned fuel fixers out who arrived within an hour drained my tank flushed out the system and got me back on the road.
    Although a little price’y these guy’s were fast and very professional .
    I Would recommend them if this happens to you.

  502. Liege says:

    SZIKLA did a great job removing the diesel from my petrol car. He was very patient and resourceful and I was very happy with the service he provided us with. He was confident my car would work again and that helped me calm down. I would definitely recommend him.
    Car running fine now. Thank you very much!

  503. Traci Thorne says:

    I called Fuel Fixer out on Friday 27th to the Slinfold Golf club as id been stupid enough to put unleaded in my diesel car and couldn’t get it started!
    A really nice man came out (Goatie beard which curled at the bottom!) well he was just superb! He reassured me he could fix it no problem and had me up and running within the hour. I just wanted to say thank you so much for rectifying my really stupid blond moment and if I ever do that again I wont panic next time as I know exactly who ill be calling!
    Your customer service was second to none. just amazing! I never write reviews but just wanted to let you know just how brilliant he was! thank you so much!
    Traci x

  504. Nikolay Kehayov says:

    Great service and fast arrival well done

  505. Lynda Boorman says:

    EXCELLENT SERVICE BY SZIKLA AND HIS COLLEAGUE. I put the wrong petrol in my car and the two men you sent me were really lovely and arrived within the hour and got me going on to my journey very quickly they were very helpful and diamonds and I could not thank them enough thank you so much for sending them to help me they were very helpful and polite and made sure my car was fully going before leaving. thanks

  506. Emma McLean says:

    A big thank you to Szilárd Szikla and his work partner who came to help drain the petrol out of my diesel car.
    Although we had to wait a while, I appreciated the fact that they had to come all the way from Luton to Essex.
    He was friendly and chatty and got the job done as quick as possible. It was done at a great price in comparison to other competitors who were charging an arm and a leg.
    My car is in great condition now and will definitely use Fuel Fixer again.
    Thank you!

  507. Gary Maitland says:

    Hi Thanks to you all I was quoted by volvo £4,500 to sort out my car you did it for £195 car is running very well Thanks Again

  508. Adrian Keith says:

    Excellent service, SZIKLA was very knowledgeable, efficient and very professional
    Realised my mistake before turning the engine over so the wrong fuel did not reach the engine.
    So far no problems after 150 miles since my error.

  509. chris devine says:

    Zsickla arrived at the agreed time was polite and helpful, did a great job.Thank you very much Chris Devine

  510. David Knight says:

    Arrived just over 1 hour, efficiently carried out work SZIKLA was very professional

  511. Steven says:

    Zsickla did great job and was very helpful . Thank you Steven Edwards

  512. Jim says:

    Great service. Szilard arrived at arranged time and got on the job straight away.Had the truck up and running in the time he said.Very pleasant to deal with.

  513. Neil Meredith says:

    Great service by Sven this evening

  514. Di says:

    I made the mistake of filling up with petrol in my diesel Nissan Pulsar. After ringing the Fuel Fixer and arranging for a local person to ‘fix’ it, I was subsequently contacted by Attila (the engineer) with an estimated time of arrival. He then called closer to the time, to give me a further 15-20 minutes notice. The fuel was drained efficiently, engine cleaned, computer error cleared, all within 45 minutes, by the professional and helpful engineer.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service again. It was cheaper than being towed and then having my fuel drained at a garage. It was also meant that my car problem was resolved within a few hours, rather than waiting a day or two. It eased the pain of my costly mistake!

    Thank you very much.

  515. Steven Strahm says:

    Very good service. Efficient, professional, quality. Thank you very much!

  516. ellen barker says:

    Excellent service, fast efficient and professional

    Sven was Brilliant many thanks

  517. terry says:

    Hi thanks for your help in contact before he arrived on time also.
    Soon had me on my way 100 % happy


  518. Thomas Irvine says:

    Szilard arrived at the time promised, got straight on with the job and got the car started. All in all a good job well done.

  519. Ed milner says:

    Szilárd was a great professional. Really please with his work and the way he went about the repair, Made me feel at ease and knew he was taking care of my pride and joy. Couldn’t recommend this service enough! Szilárd and fuel fixer are a joy to work with.

  520. Nick says:

    Thankyou thankyou so much
    I could not believe I had just put the wrong fuel in my car but just one phone call and the operator on the phone listened to what I had done and said someone will be with me in 50 minutes. He turned up removed the wrong fuel, put right fuel in and I was on my way.
    Fantastic service!!
    I highly recommend them.

  521. Gwyneth says:

    You were very efficient and friendly. I’ll recommend you to any of my friends

  522. nicholas headlam says:

    We had our fuel drained by us 1st May 2016 and feel very pleased with your service. You were quick to arrive and quick to sort the problem. Your representative was Sven and he was very polite and professional and left me full of confidence that a good job had been done. Thank you for saving my car from my wife’s mistake. Car running perfectly again

  523. Louise tydeman says:

    Just like to say a massive thankyou to Sven who came out and drained my parents car after Petrol/diesel mix up by my mum. He called to tell us how long he was going to be and was so friendly when he arrived. My parents were so anxious about this mistake but Sven was very calm and reassuring and was so professional which gave us complete confidence in him. He explained everything as he went and totally put us at ease. The problem was fixed in about 30mins or so and my parents were able to travel safely home. Thanks for a fab service Sven

  524. Nicola Ivory says:

    Turned up very quickly. Very pleased with the service provided.

  525. PREST says:


  526. Mike Gilbert says:

    I needed this service after filling up with petrol in a diesel car and after telephoning RAC I was told it would be within 90 mins they’d have some one with me at a cost of £200, they then telephoned after an hour and told me it would be another 3 hours! Stupid me, should have phoned a company that does fuel draining, searched online and found Fuelfixer, telephoned them, help arrived within 30 minutes. I cannot praise Sven ( I think it was ) highly enough. Drained and fixed in the petrol station.

    Thanks again.

  527. Rachel Dunning says:

    Great service thanks

  528. Katrina Dunckley says:

    The service I received today was very good. From the phone call to Sven turning up was very good . I would recommend your company .

  529. jakki elvy says:

    Sven was a lovely man. Very courteous. He came early/late evening and kept me informed of the time of arrival.
    Everything was done efficiently .
    this is a excellant service and saved me £100’s of pounds that the dealer would have charged. Also this was a new car.

  530. Zubair says:

    Szilka arrived and I was back on road within 45 min’s. The fuel was drained and Szilka made sure that everthi ng sounded normal after the fuel was drained.
    He comes across as a very decent and nice person which puts you at ease.
    The people on the phone are very helpful and plesant to talk to
    This is an excellent service and saves you £££ in comparison to dealer prices.
    I am really pleased with the service provided .
    More than happy to recommend fuel fixer.

  531. COURIER MAN says:

    Top Man==++++++++++++++++++++
    Had Petrol in my van by mistake RAC wanted hundreds of pounds to come out to me even though I am a fleet customer ,they could not even give me a eta some thing like 2hrs +?

    Phoned Fuel fix they were very competitive price wise substantially cheaper than RAC and promised to come within 1 hour, they actually arrived 45 min later,1 hour later tank had been drained and I was back on the Road ! Szlika was very professional. I hope I never have to use their services again ,but I would recommend them to anyone, great service ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  532. Zoltan says:

    Szilard was really professional
    Exellent service

  533. Danny foran says:

    Really nice helpful fellow great service

  534. Thomas Daniels says:

    attila has just been and sorted my car out after i stupidly put petrol in my diesel. he was very efficent and friendly great service and very helpful.

    thank you

  535. Hillarios kuvaronza says:

    Excellent service. Attended to in a very short space of time. I would highly recommend.

  536. Tim Nightingale says:

    I had unleaded drained from my diesel van by Szlika.
    He picked me up from my home address in Rotation and took me to my van 5 miles away, pumped out the fuel and spent quite some time working on starting the engine due to an airlock. He was very patient and professional at all times.
    Thank you Szlika for all of your good work!

  537. Anthony Badaloo says:

    The service was very courteous and professional.
    Highly recommended .

  538. Tim says:

    Very good service. Prompt, friendly and efficient. Would definitely recommend.

  539. Viktor Urban says:

    I had a very quick and professional service by Szikla!

  540. Victoria Parker says:

    Excellent service provided by a Hungarian employee named Attilar based in Warrington. We needed urgent assistant on a Sunday night(bank holiday) and our fuel fixers employee arrived to assist us in excellent time and had completed the fuel flush in under 30 minutes! An ultimate miracle worker who clearly loves his job. Definitely recommend Fuel Fixer ltd.

  541. Giorgio says:

    Sven was very efficient and a very pleasant person. Service was flawless and we were back on the road quickly! Great service indeed.

  542. Rik Mistry says:

    Sven’s the man, got here when he said and was polite throughout and didn’t make me feel like a tool.

    Thanks mate

  543. Carl Pullen says:

    Szilka arrived promptly, removing the contaminated fuel. After a colleague checked the running at Szilka’s request I was back on the road in time to get home. Its a shame I couldn’t thank you personally as I was previously engaged. It has been running fine since. May I thank you for your service :-). I will recommend your services in the future.

  544. Indy says:

    Thank you for your excellent and efficient service SZIKLA.

  545. Charles Clark says:

    Szikla did an excellent job, removing all contaminated fuel, replacing with diesel, and not leaving until he had started the car and made quite sure that it was running well. The job took about an hour to complete – making sure that the fuel tank was as completely drained as possible. The car has now been running well for a week. Szikla arrived 2.25 hours after the phone call I made – as expected since he was finishing a job 30 miles away. He was polite, keen to do a good job, and thorough. The job was well-priced, and about half the price that another company charged when the same thing happened 2 years ago. I would thoroughly recommend Fuelfixer for fast response, great service, and very competitive pricing.

    Thankyou, Szikla and Fuelfixer.

  546. Natalie says:

    I was really pleased with Szikla, he turned up promptly and fixed the problem politely and quickly.

  547. Lawrie Byrne says:

    In over 46 years driving I had never made the mistake I made Friday 26th February 2016 of miss fueling a car, stuck about 60 miles from home and my destination at the side of the A14 in the dark and freezing cold.
    Fantastic service from Szilard Szikla, he turned up exactly when he said he would, the job took the time he said it would, he was polite, courteous and most importantly, non judgmental, I was feeling bad enough about the situation.
    Have already recommended the company and Szilard to other people, and will continue to do so.
    Further to this, they were cheaper and faster than the AA, despite being talked into an expensive upgrade by the AA whilst at the side of the road, they couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything until between 09.00 and midday the following day.
    Now I wonder what will happen when the AA membership comes up for renewal?

  548. Michael Bates says:

    Well, the usual story, filled my diesel with petrol and managed to get back to the farm safely and then called Fuelfixer. What a pleasure to meet with Sven . So calm and careful with every step of extraction and not spilling a spot of either substance on the paintwork . A very professional and thorough job at every step of the way . I cannot praise Sven highly enough !!!

    Thank you , Sven, and well met . Kind regards Michael .

  549. Kev says:

    After putting petrol in a diesel,I called fuelfixer told I would be seen within the hour,
    A little over as he was caught in traffic.
    Sven was the mechanic that arrived.
    Very curtious,and had a good bit of wit and banter,even though it was bloody cold.
    Told me about an hour,car was up and running after 35 minutes.
    Excellent job I would recommend 10/10.

  550. Jeremy Rowling says:

    Excellent, fast, efficient and well priced. Could not be happier with the service i received. Sven who came out was helpful and informative. Highly recommend this company. However, i would recommend not putting unleaded in a diesel engine even more.

  551. Denz Fernandes says:

    We’d like to thank Szikla for saving us the other evening as we were making our way down to Dorset. He had our tank pumped out and got us back on the road in no time and at a cheaper price than the AA were going to charge. He was friendly, helpful and curteous throughout – really helpful in quite a stressful situation.
    Thanks a million!

  552. S Thananseyan says:

    Excellent work thank you .

  553. John fenn says:

    Put petrol in my diesel car,called fuelfixer who were very professional and talked with a calm attitude and not “you idiot what have you done”were with me within the hour and even picked car keys up from different address from where the car was,got a text within two hours informing me car was fixed and running,superb service.

  554. Raheel says:

    Sven was fantastic!! True gentleman. Got to me as quick as he could and sorted out my vehicle. He even drove back to the service station with me. Give this man a pay rise!! Quality service – good price – 10/10.

  555. Kevin Dunne says:

    Not covered by my ‘Breakdown’ service Green Flag, who put me in touch with their contractor. He quoted £230 plus VAT. But that was being picked up and dropped off home that night at 1am and returned to sort the vehicle in the morning. Not great.
    Found you online on my mobile. Your technician Sven arrived in 25 minutes, drained the tank, flushed it through and re-filled with diesel. Car started no problem. Home in bed by 1.30am with problem solved and nightmare over for £166 inc VAT within the hour!
    A truly spectacular service in the middle of the night. Car has run perfect ever since it happened three weeks ago.Best customer service ever, no rip off, does what it says on the tin. Could not recommend it more highly.

  556. Iain Beaumont says:

    Good response, excellent service. Tom sorted the problem quickly & efficiently.

  557. Claire Mailer says:

    Thanks Sven for all your help today. Not only did you arrive earlier than quoted, you pushed my car away from the petrol pump, filled up your jerry can with Diesel for me to drive my car back to the pump and stood by the pump so I could pay for the used fuel in one transaction. Then waited to check everything was ok before leaving. You really helped make the whole experience easier to get through.
    Thanks again.

  558. Dr Rahim says:

    Thank you fuel fixer for saving £700.00 that quoted by BMW to replace everything contaminated by petrol in my new BMW 5 series yesterday. So far it is working fine and hope it is going to be alright.

  559. Adrian Smart says:

    Put petrol into my diesel car at Gatwick today. Filling station called Fuelfixer who arrived within 30 minutes. Problem solved within a further hour thanks to Sven who was courteous, conscientious and thorough. Now back on the road again. I would certainly recommend Fuelfixer to friends who make the same mistake.

  560. Charlie says:

    Tom (Poole Audi)

    Tom did a great job!!!!!!!!!! He is a boss!!!!! Peace

  561. Maria Mealing says:

    Many thanks to Sven for a speedy, friendly and professional service. I was back on the road again (with the correct fuel) an hour after calling. Much appreciated!

  562. Rebecca Shaw says:

    It was late on a cold January night when I made that awful mistake. Luckily I was given a card by the petrol station guy and all I had to do was phone to book the service. I was a little nervous about giving my card details over the phone to a complete stranger but I had no choice and I needn’t have worried. I had the wonderful Sven come and drain the petrol from my diesel car. What a life saver. He was with me very quickly. Luckily I was close to home so I had walked home and he very kindly came to collect me and we went together to the service station. I was able to sit in the warm of his van while he took care of the whole thing. He was courteous and helpful and I would certainly recommend the service to others in the same situation. I now have the company details in my phone but I sincerely hope I won’t have to call them again. Thank you Sven.

  563. Tony white says:

    Efficient , prompt service.

  564. Watson Mutanga says:

    Tom did an excellent job. Would recommend.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the feedback Watson.
      The Fuel Man

  565. Tony Munday says:

    Your drainer Bence came to me on Monday and was excellent. Very courteous and efficient.
    I would recommend your services.

  566. B. Karg says:

    Very expensive evening today after putting petrol in my diesel car. I realised at the petrol station before switching the car on again. Via RAC and Reliance Recovery I came to Fuelfixer. The response time was two hours which was probably down to it being Saturday evening. Sven the engineer kept me well informed about his arrival time and arrived within a few minutes of his advised time. It then took around half an hour and a nice chat with Sven to get me back onto the road again. He even waited until I had started the car again and got going again. I hope it will never happen to me again, but I will now keep the phone number for Fuelfixer in the car. Just in case … Thank you Sven

  567. Martin says:

    on 10/01/21016 I managed to put Petrol in my Diesel Car, not realising my mistake I drove 20 miles round the M25 & M2 to go on a winter Cycle Ride.
    After loading the bikes back in the car the car wouldn’t start & I realised my mistake, I found Fuel Fixer on the internet & they promised me someone to help within the hour.
    45 min later Sven arrived & found us shivering in the car, he was very professional & explained the whole process to us.
    He soon had us back on the road in the minimum time

  568. Colin milliam says:

    Petrol in desel sven the technician was very plesant and helpful and had me back on the road verry quickly all credit to him as it was raining very heavy thank you

  569. Wendy says:

    for the first time in 18 years of driving I put the wrong fuel in, and not just a bit half a tank of petrol in my diesel car. I rang Fuel Fixers who took my info, assured me I’m not as thick as I felt, realising before I even turned it on makes life far easier and gave me a price then and there on the phone.
    The lovely Tom then rang and gave me an estimated time of arrival and arrived within mins of his estimate even though he’d come west on the M4 through torrential rain and restricted speed limits. He explained everything to us and chatted away while he worked and within about half an hour we were all done and back on the road.
    The price was exactly as stated on the phone, no hidden extras! Very happy with the service thanks again Tom!
    I’d also rung my breakdown company and they wanted to charge £50 more than Fuel Fixer had quoted!

  570. Nicola Hawkins says:

    On Christmas Eve I somehow made the stupid error of putting unleaded in my diesel car. This started a huge amount of panic due to it being christmas, and whether I could actually have anyone out to fix the car.

    I left the car at the petrol pump (I realised before I started the engine my error, and so left it where it was) and within the hour someone was with me. Within 1.5hrs I was home and safe, with just my pride a little damaged! A very efficient service.

    The price was reasonable, to be honest I did not shop around I was just very happy to have my car fixed within an hour on Christmas Eve. When talking to the workers at the petrol station I heard that some companies charged up to double the price. So I was OK with this!

    I would recommend Fuel Fixer, they were very efficient, helpful and friendly.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Nicola,
      Thank you for your wonderful feedback. Always happy to help.
      The Fuel Man

  571. Engin says:

    On the Monday of the 28th of December I stupidly put the wrong fuel in my car Somehow managed to get back to the petrol station that I got the Petrol from and the people in the garage were great they had the number for people like me making a silly error of a company called Fuel Fixer which I called and could not believe how quickly that got to me and fixed my car I can’t praise the company enough I could not have had a better experience Mr Szikla the man who came out to fix my car impeccable job when you need help at 5 in the Morning after making a stupid mistake I would not hesitate to call the people at Fuel Fixers or recommend Them I know that if i had somehow got to a garage I would probably have paid a lot more the reason I say that is the fact that I thought it was going to cost me an absolute fortune but fuel fixer are very reasonable in my experience in terms of how much it costs a bargain thank you so much

  572. Murray Whyte says:

    I put petrol in my diesel car on the evening of 26 Dec 15. I was recovered to my home town and at a loss as what to do.

    A search of the internet brought up Fuel drainer. After reading the website I decided nothing ventured, nothing gained. I placed the call at 1152 pm.

    The communication from Fran (I think that was his name) the technician, after the initial call was great. He had a 2 hour drive to get to me and arrived at 2 pm. By 2.30 pm my beloved Galaxy was running again.

    Fran was polite, competent, efficient and just professional.

    To anyone out there reading this, remember this companies details as they are brilliant and I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.

    The price was well below what I was expecting to pay in the Ford Garage.

    Thank you Fran and thank you Fuel Drainer or Fixer.

    Happy New Year.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback.
      The Fuel Man

  573. Nick says:

    I had been driving a hire car all week and when I switched back to my diesel car I had a lapse of concentration and put some unleaded in by mistake. Brilliant service from Fuelfixer. At my house within one hour of calling, courteous and efficient assistance, reasonable charges. All round an excellent service.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback Nick. Happy to help.

  574. Alan randall says:

    After my son put petrol in my diesel car called fuel fixer and they said someone would be out tonight within 1 hour got a phone call from your operative bang on time a most competent man I hope I don’t have to use you again but accidents happen I would highly recommend your company thanks again and top marks to Sven I think that’s his name a good job he done

  575. James Blackmore says:

    I was a complete idiot and managed to do what I always thought was stupid having seen other people do it in the past, petrol in a diesel car…. The Shell garage called their man to no avail. Whilst beginning to despair at the prospect of having the car towed to Volvo and a rather large bill my wife discovered Fuelfixer who said they have carried out the process on Volvo’s before. You came along and within no time had fixed the problem. Extremely helpful, polite and just an all round top bloke. I can not recommend highly enough, I have saved their contact details in case I take leave of my senses again….

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback James.

  576. Beverley Walker says:

    Despite owning my car for five years I stupidly filled it with unleaded instead of diesel! Received fantastic service from Sven today. He was delayed in traffic jam but telephoned twice to keep me updated on his e.t.a. He was polite, friendly and quickly drained the tank and added enough diesel for me to get to garage.

    5 out of 5. Thank you Sven.

    Beverley Walker

    Job No. CA 831


  577. Jennie Galgey says:

    Thank you so much!
    What a brilliant company!
    I had just filled up my diesel car with unleaded
    Their service was personal,professional and efficient.
    I stupidly filled my car up with the wrong fuel
    and sat broken down near a roundabout with 2 two children and my mum in the car, the man that I spoke to put me as a priority and informed me when they would be there.
    The the man who came Bence ,was friendly and professional.
    Would highly recommend
    Great to see there are still business out there with such a personal service
    5 Star

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the great feedback Jennie.
      The Fuel Man

  578. Izzy says:

    Great service thanks

  579. adrian says:

    the other night I filled my car up with the wrong fuel.
    OMG! I’m in my sixties most of my driving life never done this.
    Found you guys on website.
    the response was brilliant.
    Your driver was caught up in problems on M25, accident.
    Drainer name was, Sven.
    Kept ringing me up. finally arrived around 23:30.
    Sorted, the fuel problem. I drove today (29th) 250 miles no problem. Many thanks.

  580. Victoria says:

    I always wondered who could possibly be so stupid as to put the wrong fuel in the car! Now I know I join the great and the good in making that mistake when we’re stressed or distracted! My technician, Sven, from Fuel fixer was so calm and positive helping put right the troubled mind as well as the troubled fuel tank quickly and efficiently.

  581. Marcia Macfarlane says:

    I had a fuel clean out on Sunday 25th October and was extremely pleased and satisfied with your service especially from the Engineer who carried out the procedure.

    Thank you

  582. Alan Lake says:

    Your employee Sven was prompt and courteous. The service was excellent. Thanks

  583. Kelli says:

    I stupidly put unleaded in my deisel car. Although stuck in rush hour traffic Sven phoned to keep me updated on where he was and roughly how long he’d be. He was a really lovely guy who got me safely back on my way home. Would definitely recommend your service but hopefully won’t need it for myself anytime soon!!

  584. Lloyd says:

    Excellent service would highly recommend your company and service.

  585. delphine ashford says:

    receipt 6706. 17 october 2015 / 8pm. Location: Sainsbury’s Petrol Station Portslade Hove.Sussex.

    just wanted to say what an effecient polite & fast = professional service from Sven this evening.
    Nothing was too much trouble. & he is an excellent ambassador for your company.
    Thank You Sven & FuelFixer.

  586. Louise says:

    Thinking about a million other things… managed to put a full tank of petrol into my diesel car. Thankfully, I realised before I turned the key and drove off….

    Sven turned up 30 minutes later and was great. He walked me through the whole process and didn’t make me feel as stupid as I undoubtedly had been! A really nice man, who was obviously very professional and efficient. Not a great day, but thanks to him, it was nowhere near as it could have been.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Louise,
      Thank you for the feedback
      The Fuel Man

  587. Tahir says:

    Good service quick as well
    Very friendly thanks to sevy

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Tahir. Best of luck.
      The Fuel Man

  588. Rico Marecheau says:

    I called fuel fixer to try and solve my problem with my car. I received a call from Sven who came out within 1 hour which was brilliant. He was able to drain my fuel as it seemed to be contaminated and this was making my car have error codes and engine lights coming on. Sven put additive in my car and it seems to have cleaned it and is working ok thus far. Very good service from Sven. A credit to your company

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you Rico.

  589. Mohamed says:

    The technician was excellent very friendly and helpful. I will recommed fuelfixer

  590. Mr Rees says:

    Great service from your Company via your operator Suey? on Thursday 10th September.15 when I put petrol in my diesel tank.
    Suey? arrived in good time, knew exactly what he was doing, was very professional and helpful with an excellent attitude towards his customer.
    Suey? is a credit to a very good organisation!
    Thank you.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Mr Rees.

  591. Louis prempeh says:

    Szikla was very productive an understanding and is a very good component to your company I would refer any one in my situation to us this service great help guys good job and thank you life savers

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the feedback.
      The Fuel Man

  592. Stephen says:

    Fantastic service. Thinking I was going to be thousand of pounds down and not even my car.

    Prompt service & very polite technician who carried out the work.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you Stephen. All the best.
      The Fuel Man

  593. Geoff says:

    In a hurry I filled a diesel car with petrol (embarassing, I was borrowing car and in a hurry but no excuse!). Sven arrived promptly and was helpful and reassuring. Really nice guy and would recommend this company to anyone. Car now running fine thankfully.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Great to hear Geoff.

  594. Ellen Moloney says:

    Put the wrong fuel in my petrol car! Came within an hour. Pleasant and friendly assistance from Sven . I would recommend.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you Ellen

  595. John Cain says:

    Service was 2nd to none and by people who were courteous, polite and helpful. I have already recommended you to my company and friends.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Great to hear John. Thanks for the feedback.
      The Fuel Man

  596. carl says:

    Great service patient quick response and friendly technician.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Carl.

  597. Mark Lamb says:

    Brilliant job, you will be highly recommended by us to anyone with the same problem, speedy callout, car’s running great again! Thanks Bence and with the best intentions hope I don’t have to call you again!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Mark – we hope we never have to work on your car again. But we’re very happy to help.
      The Fuel Man

  598. Basil Dutchak says:

    I will be your muppet this week. Yep, petrol in diesel, and yes I did start the car and move it. About 200 yards from the forecourt to my driveway. Out of the way you see. So there was mistake 1. Its a Freelander. YOU MAY BE THERE ALREADY!!
    Mistake 2 I contacted Land Rover assist. After all I am paying £80 a month so why not? Dumbo! you moved it so they won’t touch it but we will arrange for it go to the dealer.
    Mistake 3 So its off to the dealer. I will name them Gordon Lamb.
    And that was when all the mistakes mounted and the pain came. A figure quoted came into my ears. £8000.00. Ears turned to tears. The car is probably worth no more than £12000.00 all in. What were they planning. To fit a new engine and gearbox for Christsake.
    Thank god for insurance Phew. But first it was moved to an insurance approved repairer first. So I could have a hire car. But my guess is that they will not get £8000.00. If they do I am in the wrong profession. I will come back in a next life as a pirate. At least they do it as a job. I think it is based on how much you might be able to pay given the luxury car badge. Fancy car and you get fleeced. Sorry I did not get to you first. The only bit of sense I have read so far

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Oh Basil,
      Such a story of deceit and deception. I’m very sorry to hear about your situation and I think it’s scandalous how the dealerships (specifically Land Rover and Mercedes) are allowed to get away with trying to fleece decent people like yourself.
      Every time I hear a story like this it gets me really hot under the collar as it is not just unnecassary – it’s actually fraud!
      You don’t need to have your entire fuel system replaced. As a leader in the contaminated fuel industry we have conducted fuel drains on tens of thousands of vehicles. Not one of them – EVER – has come back to us after a successful drain and said that the wrong fuel had wrecked their vehicle requiring them to have parts replaced.
      If I were you I would do the following:
      1. Try to get the vehicle out of the dealership/garage and get it sorted out yourself. If you can’t then…
      2. Question what the £8,000 is for – exactly. Demand to know why each part is being replaced. Ask to see the checks that were carried out which say that a part is defective needing replacement.
      Request to have the replaced parts back (they are your property) so that you can have them independently tested for faults (I wouldn’t actually bother getting them tested unless you are feeling particularly litigious but I’d probably have them up on ebay to recoup some of my losses). Demand the part serial numbers to ensure that they actually are replaced.
      I’ve given this advice to a lot of people and in almost all cases the dealership – knowing it’s trying a fast one on someone who won’t accept it – backs down and suddenly “discovers” that getting everything replaced isn’t actually necessary.
      I really hope that you manage to put these guys in their place. Let me know what happens.
      The Fuel Man

  599. Carlo Fiori says:

    Very fast and efficient service with a good competitive quotation! AJ the guy who drained my tank was professional but also a nice friendly guy! Highly recommend if you are ever unlucky enough to put the wrong fuel in! Thanks once again AJ.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      We’re happy it all worked out for you.
      The Fuel Man

  600. Nathan says:

    Big thank you to Sven ! ! Even though we were his last call out of the night he was scholar and a gent. Fixed a fuel air lock issue and got the car up and running for me as if the problem never happened… Thumbs up to the big guy ! ! !

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are welcome Nath
      The Fuel Man

  601. Annette Oxley says:

    Jay was absolutely brilliant! What a very mature and helpful young man. We couldn’t believe that he was only 20. He put us at ease about our mistake and was extremely knowledgable about his job – and cars in general. Please ask him to move to Cumbria! Thanks Jay! 🙂

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Annette

  602. John Tobin says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt response this morning and to commend Bence who explained what he was going to do and put my mind at ease very quickly and then delivered and I was on my way in the hour. Very satisfied and would use you guys again. But hope I never have to !!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Best of luck.
      The Fuel Man

  603. James says:

    An employee put the incorrect fuel into one of our vehicles. Sven was very punctual, courteous and fixed the quickly.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks James

  604. Jen says:

    Problem soon solved by efficient and friendly service. So thankyou very much to AJ.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Jennifer.
      The Fuel Man

  605. Andrew Higson says:

    I got water in my petrol tank. The two guys worked hard until the engine was started. Recommended.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Happy to help.
      The Fuel Man

  606. Anthony Jemmett says:

    Sven, was on time, it was nice to come across a very conscientious tradesman, he did a great job.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Anthony

  607. Geoff ellis says:

    Very punctually, early in fact.
    Talked though what they would do, ensured I as happy before payment.
    Friendly engineer.

    Great service. Thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are very welcome Geoff.
      The Fuel Man

  608. Sally says:

    I filled up around £20 of the wrong fuel in rush hour Friday evening. Robin from Fuelfixer was with me in 20 minutes and unbelievably I was home with car fixed within an hour of calling him! He’s a good guy too. Don’t use the RAC, I was quoted £199, 2 hours and then they may have towed me elsewhere to get it fixed. Would definitely recommend Fuelfixer! Great company!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Sally.

  609. Ken says:

    Andy arrived quickly and expertly restored my tank after I called your hotline. You are way cheaper than the RAC

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Indeed we are Ken.

  610. Colin says:

    Excellent service.
    Diesel drained from my petrol car, up and running within an hour.
    Despite being in the highlands of Scotland fuel fixer deployed an engineer to solve my dilemma, arrived promptly on the time allocated and job done 🙂 Pleased muchly.

  611. Rob Middleton says:

    Very rapid and helpful service from Sven. Friendly, efficient and great value for money. Thanks.

  612. Phil says:

    First class services..Knew straight away how to solve the problem…Very Sympathetic…always reassuring me that he can fix it…Excellent !!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Phil.

  613. Richard says:

    Sven was most helpful.

  614. Gabriel Pallaris says:

    Great service and attention to detail, an extremely pleasant and polite mechanic, Sven.
    Our job no. 6048 in Cudham, Kent.

  615. Aslan says:

    We have been driving from Brighton back to London when by mistake at the Pease Pottage BP station fuelled the car with petrol instead of diesel. After calling AA we were told that currently (after 7-8 pm) there were no sites available to drain the fuel tank and the AA guy found FuelFixer for us. Sven came very quickly, drained the tank, helped to launch the car and everything was done in a very kind and quality manner. Thanks a lot, Sven and FuelFixer.

  616. HKI says:

    Many thanks for the great service. Sven was friendly, professional and the service was good value.
    Thank you

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Great to hear.
      The Fuel Man

  617. S. Deare says:

    Very impressed. The drainers name was Sven he was a nice bloke, very efficient and did a great job.

  618. Nicola. Frielick says:

    A MASSIVE thank you to FUELfixer!
    I had to call them out after panicking when I put petrol into my Diesel engine. I didn’t realise my mistake until the car started to judder, I’d already driven for 5 miles by then. I managed to get home and went onto the Internet to investigate, that was when I panicked even further reading all the horror stories.
    I rang a number of companies and FUELfixer were the first to respond. A cheerful chap called Robin turned up about 40mins after the initial call. He explained exactly what he was going to do, he was very positive and filled me with confidence with regards to the outcome.He drained the contaminated fuel from my vehicle, started the engine a few times without success then finally added a fuel lubricant (I think), which seemed to do the trick.
    I was over the moon and really impressed with Robin and the whole process.
    The performance of my car since the disaster of the wrong fuel has been fine. I have no reservations about this company or the service and recommend them to you should you find yourself in the same predicament.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Nicola.

  619. julie says:

    Just had my car drained by sven from fuelfixer. I would reccommend this company to all my friends and family . There was a slight delay because of traffic but the fuelfixer kept me informed of this and when sven arrived he was polite , explained everything to me . Excellent service !

  620. Guido Mandozzi says:

    Had Sven do a great job on our car today. He was very thorough and professional. Clear communication in letting us know when he’d arrive. Only didn’t realise there would be a charge for the bit of petrol as the lady on the phone when i booked said it was included in the price. Glad the car is working now though.

    Kind regards,

    Guido Mandozzi

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback Guido.

  621. John Audsley says:

    SVEN dealt with my problem today. He kept in touch with me while I waited for him to arrive. He was very understanding of my predicament and patient. He explained what he had to do and took his time with me. His conduct and professionalism was outstandingly good.
    Your service overall is extremely good and I will certainly recommend you as and when necessary

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback John. Much appreciated.

  622. JPB says:

    Your team are brilliant.
    Andrew “went the extra mile” (!) to try to get me towed to the next layby, but nobody was available. He made a number of calls. I called the RAC and they were terrible. Andrew got his most experienced engineer to call me to advise me, then arranged the engineer. He then sent me Sven, who sorted me out great – he did the change on the spot rather than arranging a more dangerous towage. And there you have a German there with a great sense of humour. I’ve misfuelled before, so he offered me a loyalty card! He did the job quickly, safely and efficiently, and the car started immediately, and it’s running smoothly since.
    Thanks very much indeed.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Jeremy. Glad everything was sorted.
      The Fuel Man

  623. Viktor says:

    Excellent and quick service. Sued was really nice and helpful.

  624. JAMES SHORT says:

    Excellent service. Engineer could not have been more helpful . I would not hesitate to use this Company again. Hopefully I will not need the service again.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks James.

  625. Geni says:

    Very happy, you have rescued our holidays! Give Those man a bonus! 🙂

  626. Donna L Crowden says:

    Highly recommended. Excellent speedy service and Andy was prompt and very friendly. All drained and back on the road in under an hour.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Donna.

  627. Ollie says:

    What a great man and what a great service! Amazing job Thanks for all your help mate!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Ollie.
      The Fuel Man

  628. Fawaz says:

    Many thanks to Sven for helping me resolve this embarrassing problem yesterday. First person I have met in my life who deals with cars who explained every detail of what he is doing to me so that I am at peace. And he did not set off until he knew the car was perfectly running. Very fast and clean work. Many thanks Sven and Fuel Fixer.

  629. Freerk brandsma says:

    Sven, employ of the year!
    Quick response, problem excellently solved, great service from fuel fixer. Kind regards, Patty and Freerk.
    The Netherlands

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you Patty and Freerk. I hope the unfortunate situation of misfuelling didn’t darken your experience of being here in the UK.
      The Fuel Man

  630. Cheryl says:

    Friday 5 June:
    I had misfuelled (partly, not a full tank by any means) my car earlier in the week and after much needed advice
    from this website and a certain amount of helpful and yet conflicting advice from other people, I knew that I would
    not have peace of mind without having the tank/system drained – even though I had “only” put around 1 gallon of
    unleaded into an already half-full tank of diesel and then topped it up to full.

    My lovely “old” VW Passat had been running smoothly and sounding fine for the few (around 50-60) miles I had done
    since my mistake – but I did feel that I was waiting for it to have a a problem, so I did call Fuel Fixers today.

    Within two hours, Robin had attended my vehicle – patiently putting up with my changing the location he was to
    come to and also answering the questions that both and my elderly mother bombarded him with – carried out the process
    and was on his way to the next job on this early Friday evening.

    He was very very efficient and friendly – but incredibly professional too.

    Thank you all round and especially Robin for such a wonderful service!!

    [Cheryl, VW Passat 1.9TDi, Edlington South Yorkshire, Friday 5-6-2015]

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are very welcome Cheryl. All the best.
      The Fuel Man

  631. Ben says:

    Sven was amazing. He confidently and expertly solved the problem. Got the petrol out, flushed the engine, primed, re-fueled with diesel and got the engine running smoothly again. Great service. Excellent staff. Thank you.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Ben.
      The Fuel Man

  632. Dave Love says:

    Superb service from Fuelfixer in St. Albans. An German engineer named Sven arrived and put me at my ease! He let me know every step he was taking from start to finish. My diesel car was drained of unleaded and the problem rectified. Sven was efficient and friendly – the perfect customer service was received, I am very grateful and recommend Fuelfixer to anyone who finds themselves in this position. 10/10

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  633. Karen Richardson says:

    Dear Fuelfixer

    Just a note to say thanks to the two chaps that assisted me on Sunday evening at the Boreshead service station Crowborough. I had been waiting for over three and half hours for a RAC call out, eventually this was passed to Fuelfixer who probably recieved a slight cold shoulder from me due to the frustration and the long wait.
    The chaps dealt with the problem and managed to overcome the 4X4 Yeti tank issues in good time and got me back on my way. A studid error on my part but a good service from you, its a shame I cant say the same for RAC!


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback Karen. I’ll pass on your kind words to the technicians.
      The Fuel Man

  634. Douglas Bloom says:

    Very pleased with the service from Sven, both in terms of efficiency and courtesy on the day – and even more pleased to say that the car has been running smoothly for over a week now since he fixed it.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Great to hear Douglas.
      The Fuel Man

  635. Rick Joshua says:

    First class service from Sven, who was a bit delayed due to traffic on the M25 but kept me up to date with a couple of phone calls. The job was clean and efficient, and it turned out that Sven is from Bavaria but, sadly, not an FC Bayern fan like me! It made for some good conversation, and certainly made me feel less annoyed at putting a tenner’s worth of petrol in my Diesel during what was dozy morning moment!

    I chose Fuel Fixer after reading all of the feedback, and I can honestly say that there are some companies out there who do what they promise and offer great and friendly service at a great price. Hopefully I won’t need to call on your services again, but if anybody else out there manages to make the same fuelling foul-up I would happily recommended Fuel Fixer and Sven in particular. Great stuff!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Rick,
      Thank you for the feedback. It’s much appreciated.
      The Fuel Man

  636. andy bentick says:

    Sven not only did you get me out of a hole, through your work and courtesy i was able to have a laugh and calm down,thanks, your a great guy, great company,i wish you all the best,i hope i never see you again

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Andy.

  637. Shiva Pirnazari says:

    I had Sven coming to rescue the other day and he was amazingly helpful.
    He was there within 30 min and he did a very professional job of handling the problem and draining the fuel.
    He was very polite and had total care regarding everything.
    My car has been running totally fine since and I would certainly recommend your service.
    Many thanks again for all.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the kind words Shiva

  638. michael McNiven says:

    invoice no 5897

    Sven was the technician who attended the incident was very diligent especially as an air block proved especially difficult to clear. he remained calm all the way through the process until the engine fired back to life.

    excellent service, would highly recommend.

    best regards


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you very much Michael.
      The Fuel Man

  639. Anthony Lloyd says:

    Sven,sorted my car out speedily. Was a pleasent gentleman well mannered and curteous. Invoice no 5945 and date done 01.05.2015. Will be pleaaed to recommend

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the feedback Anthony. Much appreciated.
      The Fuel Man

  640. Phyllis says:

    Phoned about one hour ago. Technician has been (Jamie) and job completed successfully with courteous, professional service. Fantastic service and cheaper than RAC. AA would not give me a price as this is dependant on available resources.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Great to hear back from a happy customer. Thank you Phyllis.
      The Fuel Man

  641. John Christison says:

    Jamie came out and provided a quick professional service, within half an our of my call. Despite having a fair bit to travel to me, he had me back on the road within an hour and a quarter of my initial call.
    Could not be happier with the service.

    Thanks again

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the kind words John.
      The Fuel Man

  642. Wade says:

    It happens to the best of us I guess 🙂
    The technician, Sven, was extremely professional and helpful when I had my mishap. Service was very fast and Sven was able to handle the situation with grace. It was very reassuring to have him explain how things worked when I asked him. Will keep a card handy to give to those in need as I don’t plan on having this issue again if possible!!

    Thanks so much.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you Wade.

  643. Rich Pitts says:

    Really impressed with the whole process. Robin who sorted me out whilst I was in York, (16-Apr-2015) was the ultimate professional and had all the techniques needed to get my Astra going again. The performance of the car since the disaster of the wrong fuel has been fine. I have no reservations about this company or the service and recommend them to you should you be reading this having just put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. (BTW the RAC wanted charge considerably more and did not fill me with confidence they would achieve the same result.

    Yours sincerely

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback Rich.
      The Fuel Man

  644. Charlie says:

    Very reliable and fast service I will recomened them to friends

  645. Maureen Crolla says:

    I would like to say a big thanks to Mick from Fuelfixer Glasgow, the service was very prompt and the task was complete within 30 minutes…

    Thank you again, I would fully recommend this company should you make the same mistake as I did.

    Maureen Crolla

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks Maureen.

  646. Danielle says:

    Realising my mistake of putting petrol in my diesel car quite quickly, I stopped the car, looked on Google and found “Greenways / Fuel Fixer”. They were much cheaper than what I had been quoted by the RAC, so I called them to ask for assistance, as I had broken down in a small rural village. The lady that answered the phone was very friendly, and assured me the matter could be dealt with very quickly, and after taking my location, told me an engineer would be with me within an hour. I was then called by the Greenways Engineer (Robin), to let me know he was on his way and to re-check my location. Within an hour the Engineer Robin had arrived, he informed me of the action he was going to take, and set straight to work. The whole process took just over 30 minutes and the engineer was very friendly, making sure me and my 8 year old daughter were ok before he left. Greenways staff made what was a traumatic experience a little more bearable. I would definitely recommend Greenways to friends and family in the future.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Glad everything turned out well.

  647. Sean Nugent says:

    I filled my diesel jag with unleaded, then drove 100miles on it! the diesel already in it was obviously sitting below the unleaded, and luckily must’ve been the exact amount required for my journey! When I next tried to start the car, a couple of days later, there was obviously something very wrong. There were (unspecific) error codes and the engine looked like it was trying to jump out!

    Szikla from fuel fixer turned up shortly after I called, and drained and flushed the tank and fuel filters. The car still didn’t want to start. And in all fairness I thought I had damaged the engine and expected to hear that he had done all he could (I would have easily accepted this, from seeing the issue and the way that the car was acting). Szikla however, refused to be beat, and persevered battling against my engine gremlins. After some time he beat them and got my engine running as smoothly as ever. I have had no problems since.
    I can not thank him enough, for the effort he made in sorting me out. And I highly recommend this company for their quick response and professionalism. Great job guys!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Sean,
      Thank you for the great feedback. Glad to hear that everything worked out well.
      The Fuel Man

  648. Leeroy Green says:

    I can highly recommend Fuel Fixer.

    Having put 20 litres of petrol into a hire car, as my petrol car was off the road, I could not believe how foolish I was. It was only after driving the car for 20 miles, a 62 plate Insignia, that I realised my error.

    With a call to Fuel Fixer, a convenient time was booked and the their operator, Larson, arrive on time. Larson was cleanly dressed, told me how he was going to deal with the situation, and got straight onto it. Within half an hour, he’d removed all the petrol, put about £10 worth of diesel in the car, and it was running fine. He also checked for error codes on the dash board, which he said he’d be able to deal with, but that was not necessary.

    Thank you Fuel Fixer. You rescued me from a stupid mistake, and saved me several hundred £££s that Vauxhall would have charged me.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for your kind feedback.
      The Fuel Man

  649. Sally -Ann says:

    I have a Kia Sportage 05 reg and was low on diesel when I stupidly put in 27 litres of unleaded fuel. I rang the first number online I came to and they said it would be £175 to drain, plus new fuel of £20. They arrived when requested and were five minutes into the drain when the technician said that lubricant was draining out and it would cost either a new fuel pump and fitting at Kia garage around £1700 or buy new lubricant online as they were cheaper than them by £15 but I got it from them at a cost of £322.80. My total bill came to £552.80. As I cannot see any other problems like this mentioned on your page I am thinking was I done!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Sally-Ann,
      Unless I’ve misunderstood you I unfortunately think you’ve been done. I do know that there is a particular company that tries to sell an additive lubricant to unsuspecting customers for anything from £200 to £500. Ironically you can buy a very similar and just as effective additive from any petrol station kiosk for about £10. My advice is to file a full report to Trading Standards as this practice is completely unethical and gives the industry a bad name.
      The Fuel Man

  650. Ken Read says:

    I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism of the company and their representative Adrian who got me back on the road. When it suddenly hit me that I’d put petrol in my diesel car I really didn’t have a clue and thought it would be a nightmare and a very expensive mistake. But Google got me to FUELfixer and the problem was quickly on the way to being resolved. The message was put through to Adrian who rang to say where he was and when he would be with us. And when he got here, he knew exactly what to do and did it quickly and efficiently. And the icing on the cake was that the cost was much less than I expected. Brilliant service all round. Many thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hello Ken,
      Thank you for your very kind words and I will make sure that I relay them to Adrian. Happy to hear that everything worked out well.
      The Fuel Man

  651. Robert says:

    I cannot recommend FUELfixer too highly. I am retired, have been driving for almost 50 years and can honestly say that I have never before misfueled a car; I still cannot get my head around what possessed me to put unleaded fuel into my Vauxhall Astra on Saturday, other than that I was in a hurry and it was cheaper than diesel! I then made matters worse by driving 2 miles home as I needed to make other arrangements to travel to an urgent commitment; I arrived in clouds of smoke and much popping and banging.

    I spent the afternoon worrying about the outcome of my stupidity and wondering whether there was any way of avoiding the huge restoration costs I had previously heard of. I thought I would have to bite the bullet and take the car to the local Vauxhall dealer on Monday.

    By chance I found your website and my mood immediately improved when I read the feedback page, particularly when I appreciated that I was by no means alone in my “senior moment”. I phoned the call centre at about 7.30 pm and was quickly put at my ease by the person who answered the phone. He explained the process and that my car could be recovered with little more than a fuel additive and without expensive equipment changes that a main dealer would most probably find “necessary”. He also confirmed that there would be no extra charge for a call-out on Saturday evening.

    Jason from Barry Island arrived when predicted at about 9.30 pm; he explained that he was from FUELfixer Wales and had driven 75 miles to reach me! He worked on the car for about an hour, letting me watch and learn, siphoned out the unleaded fuel, replaced it with enough diesel to get me going and an additive to clean out the injectors and got the car started. Starting proved a bit of a challenge in view of the residue of petrol remaining in the injectors, but start it did. Jason then took it on a short road-test. Please thank Jason for me for his friendliness and professionalism; he, in fact the whole experience, has gone a long way to restore my faith in the UK service industry.

    The following morning I filled the car up (correctly with diesel this time!) and drove for about an hour to allow the additive to work. I have now driven about 50 further miles and it appears to be performing again as normal.

    Of course this is still an expensive mistake to put right but represents a fraction of the cost a dealer would charge. It has focused my mind not to repeat my folly but were I to I would not hesitate to call for help from FUELfixer and I will tell my friends and family to do the same.

  652. Stuart says:

    Had my Mondeo recovered after it dying about a quarter of a mile from my house. I had made the big mistake of putting £40 of petrol in my diesel car and a bigger mistake of thinking it was a fuel blockage and revving the engine to clear it!

    Called Fuel Fixer and they had Brian over to me within an hour and the tank emptied not long after. Thanks to the amount of petrol that must have circulated round the pipes and filter, it took a good while to get the car working properly but Brian wasnt going to leave the job half done and stayed until the car was up and running correctly.

    Its and expensive mistake to make but it was my mistake and I have to take it on the chin. Thanks to Brian, I at least have mobility again!. Thanks Brian.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Stuart,
      Thank you for the feedback. Brian will be happy to hear that his work was appreciated.
      The Fuel Man

  653. Mrs N Donaghy says:

    I stupidly put £20 of diesel into my ford focus(petrol) car drove 20 yards out the forecourt to find my car decided to cough and splutter before cutting out. I was then given a push back into the forecourt and decided to try and syfen the diesel back out of my motor which I failed to do therefore I decided to top the tank up with £35 of petrol. The car wanted to start but decide against this therefore I didn’t have a clue where to start.
    Basically I found fuel fixer on the Website and I would highly recommend this company to anyone as Michael from fuel fixer provided an excellent service. He contact me with his eta which I basically request, he gave me a courteous phone call before arrival appeared bang on time, explained exactly what the process was to empty my tank and the time it would take to do this. Hopefully I will not be so foolish in future but would not hesitate to use this company time after time and I will be saving the contact number in my mobile to give to other people in distress like I was when this happened. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service and for once I felt as though I wasn’t ripped off!!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  654. Kathryn Boothroyd says:

    I’ve just used your company after putting about 10 litres of unleaded in my diesel Toyota Auris. I was going to take a chance and drive it having been advised to top up with diesel by the garage where I filled up. Having done that and driven home about 9 miles I realised that I wouldn’t have peace of mind. I felt like my car had an infection. So I rang your company and they sent out Dom. He reassured me that I hadn’t damaged my car and that I had done the right thing. I feel as though my car has been cleansed and I now have peace of mind, and the cost….well it’s nothing compared to what I might have had to pay out. So thanks, I’m very grateful

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  655. Emmanuel Beyer says:

    My wife handed me the keys to HER car and the shopping list. We placed our two infant children in the car and she asked me if I had any questions. I had been entrusted with not only our children, but her car and doing the weekly shopping – wow! Can you imagine how I felt when I stopped at a petrol station and fueled the car, carried on on my merry way, only to get about a mile and the car dies? That is when I looked at the receipt and saw I had put petrol in her diesel car! Needless to say, I was a little worried, but the Fuel Fixer crew sorted me out on the roadside and I ended up getting the correct fuel in, doing the shopping and getting the kids home safe and sound. My wife asked how the day went, “Uneventful really, how was yours?” Thanks guys – really great service!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hehe. Your secret is safe with us.
      The Fuel Man

  656. Cheng says:

    Very fast responding ! Come as soon as they can ! Good communication make me calm down ! Highly recommended!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Happy to help.
      The Fuel Man

  657. Heather Muir says:



    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  658. Richard Spencer says:

    Filled a very large Hyundai Sante Fe to the very top with the wrong fuel !! Luckily I realised and was pushed to the side of the forecourt. The attendant gave me fuelfixer details. Within 20 minutes you had come out and a very helpful chap drained the tanks (40 minutes) and saw me on my way. Highly recommended efficient service.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You are welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  659. John Broadbent says:

    Wife phoned me to say she had put the wrong fuel in our diesel car and had driven it for some 5 miles. Contacted your company via a web search and informed of the price of the call-out which was less expensive than a couple of others I tried.

    Daniel your operative came to our house to pick me up and take me down to where the car had been left and quickly sorted the problem and got the car started again.

    From contacting you to Daniel arriving was within the quoted time of 1 hour that you gave me and very happy with his level of work and assurance that no damage was likely to have occurred.

    Will be more than happy to recommend you and give out your business cards to other people and hope that in the best possible way, I do not see Daniel again.

    Kind regards


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi John,
      Thank you for the very kind words.
      The Fuel Man

  660. Julie Candy says:

    I was recommended FuelFixer by a local garage having filled up my Jeep with the wrong fuel.
    ( I still don’t know how I did that! ) Fuelfix informed me of the waiting time, then their operative Ray kept me informed of his expected arrival time.
    Ray is all calm and confidence, and made you feel the same. He works very safely and methodically and made you feel very secure in the knowledge that this calamity could soon be solved.
    And it was!
    Thank you to Ray…I can thoroughly recommend Fuel Fixer!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for your feedback. We’re glad it all worked out in the end.
      Tha Fuel Man

  661. Keith montgomery says:



    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback. We are glad we could help.
      The Fuel Man

  662. Mrs D Bracknell says:

    Excellent service from Ray – called en-route to let me know his ETA, Arrived very fast, friendly and polite, and very informative. I have no hesitation in recommending FUELfixer – and thank you for not only a great service, but for providing Ray, a company is only as good as its employees.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hello Mrs Bracknell,
      Thank you for your kind words and Ray is happy to have been able to help.
      The Fuel Man

  663. Thanga says:

    I had a great experience in dealing with the company, very professional and friendly on the phone, keen to do business. Ryan, who came to fix the problem was one of the very few friendlies and sincere persons I have come across in service industry. He was knowledgeable and polite and helpful. I am glad, I called them 🙂

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You’re very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  664. peter and rosemary mulcare says:

    we were thrilled with the service we received on easter sunday at scaynes hill garage after a rather stressfull moment after filling my estate car with petrol and not diesel . Thank you to all concerned. peter mulcare

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you for the feedback. You are very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  665. joel stephens says:

    Shell garage…trying to avoid expensive v power fuel and in a rush to pick up my 90 year old gramps who had broken down on m4 I put unleaded petrol in a diesel van…disaster. ..what to do…can I do it myself? Money’s tight desicion I made thar day was to ring fuel fixer..brilliant service even had a laugh with the guy who answered..put me at ease and was really accommodating…answered all my questions even when I wanted to swap dates around for the repair..had it fixed today by James from Barry who was brilliant and got me running again and really saved the day with the minimum of fuss..honestly can’t say enough good things about him..I never bother giving feedback normality but James and the man who answered the phone deserve it..don’t hesitate to contact them if you need them they are brill when you’re stuck and are having a nightmare..Thanks guys

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Joel,
      Thank you for the kind words. Wish you the best of luck in the future.
      The Fuel Man

  666. Sarah Roberts says:

    I used Fuel fixer today, they were very efficient on the phone arranging for a call out, which was done within 30 minutes. Ray came out to me and was fantastic, informative, sorted out the problem v quickly, and also waited until I had re fuelled and drove away. Felt very re assured by this company and told the BP garage I was at about them.

    Overall a fantastic service, after all my panicking and worry..

    Thank you.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Sarah,
      You are very welcome 🙂
      The Fuel Man

  667. Sarah Hivey says:

    I put unleaded into my Diesel SUV, we got the number for fuelfixer off the Internet and Mick arrived at the house within 30mins of our call. Overall a very pleasant and efficient service, my car was running again after just 30mins. This was also much cheaper than the garage or roadside assistance companies. I would highly recommend this company!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback. We are glad we could help.
      The Fuel Man

  668. John says:

    I accidentally put unleaded (about 10 litres) in my 2010 auto diesel passat estate (130bhp). The tank was about half empty at the time. As I was desperate to get to my next location, I paid for the unleaded then filled the car as full as I could with DIESEL in the hope that this would dilute the mix. I have not experienced any problems in the last 3 weeks but have not let the fuel levels drop to below 5/8ths. However I am still concerned about any long term effects or the fact that the car may just pack up on me… Advice appreciated J

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi John,
      You will probably get away with this amount of unleaded in your diesel. Depending on how much you have driven you have probably used up all/most of the unleaded by now. Unfortunatley you have undoubtably shortened the lifespan of your major fuel system components. This being the case I would recommend that you have the fuel filter changed to ensure that if there are any metal filings in the system they will not get to your injectors (the fuel filter will be degraded due to running petrol through it). Additionally, the use of a fuel additive wouldn’t go amiss in your case.
      Hope this helps.
      The Fuel Man

  669. Jill Shuker says:

    On Thursday 6th February 2014 I mistakenly put petrol into my diesel galaxy. Having realise my mistake before I set off, the garage very quickly gave me the number of fuel fixers. The very nice chap arrived within 20 minutes, set to, in continuous pouring rain, drained the tank, and then the car was pushed back to the forecourt to refill. It all took about an hour to do and I was off and going again after that. Thank you very much for a most efficient service. I would reccommend this company.

    I was worried about using a company I had never heard of, as it is possible to be taken advantage of, in these circumstyances, but I felt it was worth the money for the service.

    Thank you.


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      I’m glad we were able to help.
      The Fuel Man

  670. Beth Baker says:

    Many thanks James for a quick, efficient and professional service (Sunday 26th January 2014); much appreciated. You saved me a week of commuting to work by train.THANK YOU.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      You’re very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  671. Paul Kearney says:

    We mistakenly added over 7 Litres of petrol to our diesel car (Ford Galaxy) without realising it. The car was then driven on a number of short trips before we realised what had happened as it started shuddering! We managed to make it to a petrol station and tried adding more diesel but the car wouldn’t start again. We tried both the AA and RAC but they couldn’t get anyone to us that night so we phoned Fuel Fixers and they had someone out promptly. 30 – 40 mins after arriving they had drained away the contaminated fuel, flushed the system and and got our car going again. Great and very reassuring service from the person who helped us (Mic – a very nice man). And the price was cheaper than either the AA or RAC quoted so more than happy.

    Would thoroughly recommend the service and it was a real life saver. We managed to do all the wrong things and it still worked out.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the great feedback and I’m glad we could help.
      The Fuel Man

  672. Nicole says:

    Five days ago I absent mindedly topped up my diesel Audi Allroad with petrol, about a two thirds petrol/ diesel ratio. I drove it to the point of almost breaking down 10 k’s later when I realised my mistake. Had it towed to an Audi service centre. The quote to fix it was $23,130.00 ( Australian dollars ) then learned my insurance policy specifically does not cover misfueling. The quote included 18k for parts and 4k for labour. I had the car towed to a trusted mechanic friend, he drained the tank and flushed diesel through the fuel system, the car started first time with no sign of any damage, and I owe him for 3 hours labour, about $300. So that was a saving of $22,830.00 on the Audi centre quote, they ought to be ashamed!

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Nicole,
      I wish this type of story was the exception rather than the rule. Unfortunately there is a general trend where main dealerships really do go over the top when dealing with misfueling issues. I’m glad that you managed to sort it all out without having to get a new mortgage.
      The Fuel Man

  673. Norman says:

    On Sunday we decided to go out in my car, (BMW 2:0 ltr tdi engine), noting that by the time I got home the fuel be low. So I decided to fill the car on the way through our nearest town 12 miles away, the tank was just over a quarter full. Used Morrisons as I normaly do. As it was around lunch time there was a small queue. I pulled along side pumps on my left, knowing the fuel line will just reach the filler on the right of my car. Taking the fuel line from the BLACK holster I put £50’s worth of fuel in. At the cashiers I said £50 of diesel on pump 5 please. She did my card payment and Morrison saver card. It was sunny but the wind was very strong, the front of the oncoming storm due to hit later that evening. After about 10 miles I thought there was an occasional misfire from the engine. Smelt my hand I had held the fuel nozzle in and it smelt of diesel. Being a former mechanic I tend to think the worse, thinking maybe the fuel station had the wrong fuel in their diesel tank. Another 5 miles on I decided to pull into a layby as I was not convinced the odd misfire was due to gusting wind. Got the fuel receipt out and horror of horrors it said unleaded. Still in disbelief I took off the fuel cap and smelt. No doubt it was petrol. The temp guage had run at normal and apart from the odd misfire there had been no warnings. I walked to a garage (B.P.) about 400 metres ahead. They knew of no one who could sort the problem out. A car dealership whose car sales were open said I was welcome to park in their premises overnight and they would take it into their workshops the following morning and give me a quote. We got a family member to come and pick us up. That evening in desperation I ‘trolled’ the web for inspiration. Finding your site I phoned. We made an appointment for midday the next day (Monday 28th Oct). This was to avoid any tail end of the storm. We met at the dealers premises, whom I had notified of the new plan), in dry and sunny weather. Your technician, Jim, was very courteous and knowledgeable. Even to the extent of asking to go to the B.P. garage and fill up to maximum so he could check the seals on top of both the tanks did not leak. After confirming this he replaced the floor panels which are also sealed, then replacing the rear seat. I spent many years in the motor trade and at 70 it was my first ever ‘misfuel’. It is my belief some one deliberately put the two nozzles the wrong way round in the holsters as there is no way both could be used at the same time. As an OAP the cost of lost fuel and the expense of calling you out has lightened our pockets BUT you saved us a lot more as the dealer was also talking of having to replace the injectors and high pressure pump if not more items. Top marks and I’ve already passed your cards to both the garage and dealership and several other folks. Thank you for such good and honest service.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Norman,
      We are very happy we were able to help.
      The Fuel Man

  674. John Foy says:

    Just had my Range Rover Sport drained and refuelled by your East Grinstead Area man, brilliant service and attention to detail.
    I very nearly fell for the scare tactics by my main dealer telling me that anywhere between £3000 and £5000 was going to be the bill for my stupidness.

    Please speak to Fuel Fixer first , by all accounts they deal with over 400 calls a day so they know what they are talking about

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi John,
      You are very welcome.
      The Fuel Man

  675. Kevin says:

    You guys saved my life on a bank holiday Monday at no extra charge so cannot thank you enough.
    I thought to myself I will remember these guys in case I do it again but I hope not lol.
    Much respect

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Kevin,
      We were glad to help 🙂
      The Fuel Man

  676. Lisa says:

    I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic service! I -unbelievably after 25 years driving- put unleaded into my rover streetwise diesel car! Needless to say she died after 9 miles (she got me to bottom of my estate). Panick stricken I rang the garage I went to and confirmed it was unleaded so I then went onto google and looked for help when I found this site. I called at 7pm and by 8.30 myself and my car were safely home. What superheroes!! I have had no problems since and am really careful filling up now:)
    Thanks again guys, great job and really competative prices.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the feedback. We were very happy to help.
      The Fuel Man

  677. Tony says:

    Brilliant service, fast & friendly even on a Sunday!

    Saved my life (or at least my cars life).


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks for the feedback Tony – glad we could help!

  678. Colin Banks says:

    Well I feel I must place a review on this service due to the high degree of well priced efficient work that this company has provided.
    I stupidly filled up with £40 worth of petrol today, drove approx. 1 mile back home and inevitably the car would not start again OMG instant panic??? instantly turned into Basil Faulty then I realised my mistake you have filled it with PETROL you nutter.
    Rang the company that I bought the car off its a RAV 4 by the way so its a well known Toyota dealership in North East. they quoted £250 then went on to say it would have lots of other possible consequences leading from this due to the damage it can do. again instant panic.
    Then my wife said why don’t you look on the net Hummm good idea!!
    after reading more woeful tales on the net my blood pressure was rising, then thank the lord I looked on this site.
    I rang and spoke to a very informative person BEN in office who gave me reassuring information arranged for a mechanic to visit me. Carl came at 8.30am and by 9.15am it was running without any issues what so ever no fuss no hidden extras just honest approach and good efficient work was carried out cost £160 for work and received £20 worth of diesel as well total cost £180. well done to all involved. would highly recommend this service complete satisfaction.
    at this stage I returned to a normal human not frantic cracker jack that I had become.
    Well done Fuel Fixer thanks a lot. 🙂

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thanks a lot for the great review!!!

  679. Tracy Luke says:

    I used this company yesterday after my hubby put £40 of petrol into my diesel car ahhhhh however after reading about all the horror stories and thousands of pounds I thought it was gonna cost me I found this site and thank god I did they are truly brilliant I booked an appointment (as I had already driven the car aprox 30 miles before she just stopped) and within half an hour the petrol and been drained and diesel put into my tank and my car started again (maybe a little noisy at first lol) and I managed to drive her home 🙂 I actually hugged the man who fixed her me as I was that pleased. This company is based in London but managed to contract out a man who works “just up the road” thank you once again I will highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in this situation x

  680. Chris says:

    Dont believe the horror stories I put petrol in my a3 2ltr turbo diesel (stupid boy) and drove it for about a mile before I realised.
    These guys came out in less than 30 minutes and I was soon back on the road, with no ill effects,well done fuel fixer. Fast , efficient and polite.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      glad we could help

  681. Phil says:

    Having just put £75 of unleaded onto a quarter tank of diesel I handed the problem over to FuelFixer. I left the car keys with the garage as I had to go off for the day, paid by Visa over the phone and picked up the car later that evening. Given the stress levels it was a welcome relief to have such an excellent service. Car is running fine.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      your very welcome

  682. PJ Silver says:

    Yesterday afternoon after some shopping I decided to fill up my Corsa with diesel, went to a SHELL forecourt and guess what …?! Soon I was leaving the SHELL station start to hear a slim zuuuuum inside the car, a few meters ahead the engine sounded strange and jumpy, then black smoke coming out in the rear. Manage to get home ( about a mile ) checked the Shell fuel receipt – UNLEADED !! Shocking ! Went online and found website FuelFixer. Rang them, a van promptly arrived ( around midnight ), with a polite chap called Luke. And in about 45 min the transfusion in the car was done and runing on DIESEL ! AGAIN! Marvelous! Many Thanks. If hapens to you avoid driving your car and call them straightaway

  683. Chris Williams says:

    I did the stupid thing – unleaded petrol in my diesel engine & managed to get quite a lot in the tank before the jaw dropping moment I realised what I’d done…
    After a long google search I came across Fuelfixer. Wasn’t sure if this was a good idea until I read this feedback page and saw how they’d helped out so many people. So I called, had a really friendly chat with them & in just over an hour the car was being fixed! Excellent service all round & no problems since. Thanks loads for everything & you’re highly recommended by me (except I hope I won’t be as daft again too soon…!)

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Thank you very much for the feedback!!!
      I can only say this an occupation where I do not wish or hope for repeat business!!!!

  684. Michael Symons says:

    I was sorted out today by Darren at the Shell filling station at Fairthorne in Kent (they were helpful too) and was well pleased with the response. For anyone who thinks it’s expensive compare it to talking to a solicitor.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Your very welcome!

  685. Jo Milne says:

    Hi there
    I have a Honda CRV (2007) manual diesel. I’ve just accidentally filled it with unleaded petrol! …..about 3/4 tank! I drove just over a mile when it started to ‘bunny hop’ along the road. I pulled it in off the main road and it is now parked up. Could you advise me on approx cost if you were to drain it. It is in Cambridge. Is there a possibility you could help and if so how soon?
    Many thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Jo, yep sounds like a straightforward job, we can be with you in an hour and approx. cost would be £180, call the number above to book us in if you would like to go ahead

  686. Anna says:

    We (my husband!) filled up our diesal estate with petrol with two kids in the back at lunchtime and you know the rest…
    Fuel fixer were amazing, they came out even quicker than they thought they would when the AA and the RAC were quoting a day’s wait, were super fast, helpful, great with fraying tempers and upset kids and made us feel happy and relaxed and less like the plonkers we are.
    I’ll be keeping the number on my dashboard forever. Thank you, Anna

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Your very welcome, glad we could help!

  687. David Clayton says:

    This is one organisation that I have no problem recommending, the other my brother-in-law who is here in the UK from the USA was driving my car and decided to fill it with petrol, that was nice of him I thought, but diesel would have been better.
    I call Fuel Fixer explained the problem and it was a complete fill from empty, they gave me a time and a quote both of which were spot on, technician arrived when they said he would and 40 minutes later they were on their way.
    No extras no problem amazing service fully recommend them to anyone

  688. Steve says:

    Many thanks to Darren and his team.

    Yesterday, I managed to fill the whole tank (Hyundai Sante Fe) from empty with unleaded fuel. Moved off from the service station, but the journey may have lasted around 2-3 minutes when the car seemed to lose power. Pulled over and turned off the engine. Tried to start the car with no success. I clearly recall picking up the pump for Shell V-Power Diesel then thinking to myself “…you don’t use this, so get the standard diesel!”, then taking out the pump next to it.
    Girls were asking what was wrong with the car. As I turned around to answer, it then dawned on me that there could be a remote possibility that I filled up with the wrong type of fuel. So I checked my receipt, which to my horror, clearly stated “V-Power unleaded”.
    Luckily we (the two young children of 7 and 4 and I) were only 20 minutes walk from home, so I told them of daddy’s mistake and that we should go home and I’ll think about what to do on the way. At home I did a little research and it seemed that going the dealer route may result in a sizeable bill, most likely in the thousands.
    Called up fuel fixer after looking at several such companies on the net. The technician gave me adequate notice so that I could leave home and go back to the car and wait for their arrival.
    The 1st technician was able to drain the fuel from one of the tanks, but the access to the 2nd fuel tank was under the rear car sets and he was unable to get it open – required a specialised tool. A quick call to his colleague and an arrangement for another technician to assist. The 2nd technician arrived and completed the job.

    These guys are very friendly and professional. They kept me informed during the whole process and even allowed my girls to watch and irrigate them 😉

    I will be keeping their number in my phone to recommend to family , friends and work colleagues.

    1. Steve says:

      Over a year on and my Hyunia Sante Fe is still running as it did before the ‘fuel debacle’ 🙂

      When I put the car through it’s first service in August 2012, a few months after the ‘incident’, worrying that there may be some evidence of incorrect fuel and……….was handed my keys with no extras and no comments!!

      The children still recall the day “daddy put petrol instead of diesel”, but also remember how friendly Darren was.



  689. Norma says:

    Many thanks for draining my Polo on Sunday April 29. Your team were great! The chap on the phone helped clearly identify where I was and as promised you got to me within 30 mins. (Nice touch telling me to go and get a coffee while I waited!) Despite pouring rain, you did a great job. It was the least I could do to get you a coffee to express my thanks while the petrol was drained away. (And he really does take 5 sugars in his latte!!!) The car has been absolutely fine since then. You are a great firm to deal with in difficult circumstances. Best of luck!

  690. stuart says:

    Hi guys
    Got an 06 Kia Sportage-diesel, half filled it with petrol. Drove home, less than a mile away, with great difficulty and now it wont even start. Can you help?
    I live in Eastbourne.
    Could you get me back on the road and how much will it cost please?

    Many thanks

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Stuart,

      No problem at all, cost 145 + VAT, and we can certainly have it back on the road for you, feel free to call us anytime, we really do operate a 24 hour service and it makes no difference to the price whether it is done now or tomorrow morning, hope that helps

  691. S Richardson says:

    After living away from home for 6 months at a time , and now home for good i thought i would buy the car of my dreams so i bought a vw scorocco tdi 140 diesel 09 16k.

    And yes, i put 18 liters of petrol into my car to fill it to the brim i reckon around 1/3 mix.
    I left the car overnight after driving home approx 1/2 a mile. The car started in the morning, i had booked it in to a independent vw garage for an oil change just for peace of mind, so drove to it as normal, low revs at 50mph in 6 gear as i wasnt in a rush, for 10 miles, got to the garage and stopped. The meachanic came out tried to start the car (sounded rough) he staight away asked PETROL????. Fuel tank drained, filter etc, 100miles driven, no probs so far, however i feel that i have lost faith in my car, i listen to the engine all the time and am paranoid i will break down, i drive at low revs all the time(great for fuel ecnomy). However your website as given me hope, the only thing i worry about is that it didnt stall staight away, until stopped, so i am sure a fair amount passed into the pump/lines etc. Anyway thanks for this website, and your dedication to your job.

    1. TheFuelMan says:


      Your very welcome, thanks for the visit and hope all goes well with the Scirrocco – I hear they are a lovely drive.

  692. Jason Graves says:

    To darren and crew

    I am very happy with the job you did on my mercedes. I have not had any problems with it at all. Thank you for coming and doing a fuel drain, I found you to be very professional and you arrived faster than I thought you would.

    Thankyou again,

    Jason Graves

  693. Stephanie says:

    Thankyou for saving me the other night. Not many people would have come out to me at that time of night, but you did. You saved me. I won’t be making the same mistake again… black is diesel and green is unleaded. I get it now hehe.

    Stephanie, VW POLO, Fulham

  694. Steve says:

    I filled my A6 up with £80 worth of unleaded and drove off…I got a mile before it stopped. This was on the night of the London riots and I was in a postcode that was burning and being looted. After greenflag got the car home on a lowloader I started to panic at the thought of a £4000 plus bill.
    Phoned fuel fixer the next morning and they put my mind at ease….no guarantee but a good chance it would be ok.
    They turned up at the door bang on time and the mechanic got to work straight away.
    It took quite a while (the petrol comes out a lot slower than it goes in). After draining the car did not want to start but the mechanic was determined to get it going and was not going to leave until it started.
    After lots of bleeding and stripping of pipes it started….I,ve never shaken a mechanics hand before I was just so happy.
    Car has been running perfectly since then.
    Can’t thank them enough,highly reccomended.
    Steve London SE18

  695. Mrs S Wood says:

    14/08/2011 (SUNDAY) my grandfather had put petrol in my diesel car after being very stressed all day phoning round trying to get someone to help me firstly I phoned for a tow one company asked for £176 the other £300 to tow my car 3 miles from the petrol station the last resort or leaving it till Monday I started phoning mobile mechanics and was told from a guy there must be someone on the net that can help that’s when I found this company the man arrived reasonable time even though he was roughly 70miles away pleasant man drained my tank then I was back home job done my advice is to use this company DONT listen to people telling you to top ur tank up with diesel to flush the petrol out my husband had only bought me the car 4 weeks ago there’s no way I was going to fill it and drive away thanks again

  696. Mrs Andrea Magill says:

    I used this company today Weds 30 March 2011 and I would like to express how impressed I was with the service and help I recieved.
    From my initial call to a very helpful and knowledgeable lady and the 1.5hrs response time to my car this indeed was impressive.
    The engineer who attended my car was polite and professional got my car running in less than an hour, he also called me to let me know where he was and how long he would be which was fantastic and I had my 4yr old daughter with me.
    I would highly recommend this company if you are unlucky to be in that situation.
    Mrs Andrea Magill, Watford

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