Adblue Mishaps: The Risks of Adblue in Your Diesel Tank and Resolving It with Fuel Fixer


Adding Adblue to a diesel tank is an unfortunate mistake that can result in serious consequences for your vehicle. Adblue is an additive used to reduce emissions from diesel engines, and although it plays a vital role in ensuring your vehicle operates in an environmentally friendly way, it can cause significant damage if inadvertently added to a diesel tank. As the leading mobile misfuel specialist in the country, Fuel Fixer boasts a team of highly experienced technicians capable of rectifying misfuelling incidents, including those involving Adblue in your diesel tank.

Adblue is a urea-based liquid solution that, when correctly mixed with diesel exhaust gases, helps to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions by converting them into nitrogen and water vapour. Adblue is neither a fuel nor a fuel additive for the main diesel fuel tank, and it is meant to be stored in a separate reservoir on the vehicle. The main issue arises when drivers mistakenly add Adblue directly to their diesel tank, either by misreading labels or assuming it to be an additive for the diesel fuel.

When Adblue is mistakenly added to a diesel tank, it can wreak havoc on the engine, fuel system, and fuel pump. Adblue is highly corrosive, which can lead to lasting damage to the vehicle’s engine components. It may also result in expensive repairs and significant downtime for the affected vehicle. Knowing this, it is crucial to seek professional intervention immediately after such an incident. Fuel Fixer’s misfuel specialists can effectively diagnose and address the issue, ensuring a swift recovery and a return to the road.

In this article, we will delve into the potential hazards of accidentally adding Adblue to a diesel tank and the importance of prompt action when faced with this situation. We will also detail how Fuel Fixer’s expert misfuel technicians can provide unparalleled assistance in resolving such scenarios, ensuring a high level of quality, efficiency, and professionalism, while minimising costly vehicle repairs and downtime.

With Fuel Fixer’s support, drivers who experience an Adblue misfuelling mishap can receive prompt relief, knowing that their vehicle is in good hands and will soon be back to its peak operational state.

The Dangers of Adblue in Diesel Tanks and How Fuel Fixer Can Help

Understanding Adblue and Its Purpose

Adblue is a colourless, non-toxic, and biodegradable urea and water-based solution. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems installed in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. These SCR systems help reduce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions produced by diesel engines, in line with stricter environmental regulations.

The primary function of Adblue is to break down NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water vapour by triggering a chemical reaction within the SCR systems. It is crucial to note that Adblue is not a fuel or fuel additive and should never be introduced into a diesel fuel tank.

Accidental Adblue Introduction and Its Effects on Your Vehicle

Despite the clear separation between Adblue and diesel fuel, mistakes can happen. If Adblue is accidentally introduced into a diesel tank, it can cause the following complications to your vehicle:

  1. Fuel pump damage: Since Adblue is highly corrosive, it can quickly damage the fuel pump, leading to expensive repairs or even replacement of the pump.
  2. Engine damage: When Adblue interacts with diesel fuel, it can create a dangerous mixture that may harm the engine’s internal parts and compromise its performance.
  3. Fuel system blockages: The mixture of Adblue and diesel may form solid particles or deposits that can clog your vehicle’s fuel lines and filters, strangling the flow of fuel to the engine.
  4. Expensive repairs: The longer the Adblue stays in the diesel tank, the more damage it causes, leading to potentially costly repairs or even the replacement of engine components.

Given these consequences, it is vital to act swiftly and seek professional help if Adblue has been mistakenly added to your diesel tank.

Fuel Fixer to the Rescue: How We Can Help

When faced with an Adblue misfuelling mishap, Fuel Fixer’s expert team is well-equipped to resolve the issue and mitigate potential damage. Our misfuel specialists follow a systematic process to assess, drain, and clean the affected vehicle:

  1. Comprehensive vehicle assessment: Upon arrival, our team of experts evaluates the extent of the misfuelling, gauging the potential damage to the fuel system and engine.
  2. Draining the fuel tank: Using advanced equipment, our qualified technicians will carefully and thoroughly drain the contaminated fuel from the vehicle’s tank, ensuring no traces of the Adblue-diesel mixture remain.
  3. Fuel system cleansing: With the tank emptied, our team proceeds to flush and cleanse the fuel system, eradicating any residue that could compromise the vehicle’s performance.
  4. Correct fuel introduction and testing: The vehicle’s tank is then refilled with the appropriate diesel fuel, following which our experts test the car to ensure that it is running optimally and free of any issues.

Throughout this process, our Fuel Fixer misfuel specialists remain vigilant about safety protocols and employ industry best practices, ensuring that your vehicle is in good hands and on the path to recovery.

Prevention Strategies: Tips to Avoid Accidental Adblue Introduction

By exercising caution and following a few practical tips, drivers can significantly reduce the risk of accidentally adding Adblue to their diesel tanks:

  1. Familiarise yourself with your vehicle: Always remember that Adblue goes into a separate reservoir, not the diesel tank. Ensure you understand the location and functioning of the Adblue system in your vehicle.
  2. Read labels and instructions carefully: Take a moment to read the instructions provided on the Adblue container and at filling stations to avoid misunderstandings and accidents.
  3. Practice mindfulness at the pump: Distractions are among the primary reasons for misfuelling. Paying attention to your actions while refilling your vehicle can help avert such mishaps.

Remember, prevention is always better than the cure, and practising vigilance while refuelling your vehicle can go a long way towards avoiding costly errors.


Accidentally adding Adblue to a diesel tank can have severe consequences for your vehicle’s engine and fuel system. However, with Fuel Fixer’s prompt and professional service, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in competent hands and will soon be back to its optimal performance.

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