How Much Does a Fuel Drain Cost

How much does a fuel drain cost
After the initial shock and panic of realising that you require a fuel draining following the misfuelling of your vehicle has sunk in, the main question on your mind is most likely to be: how much is going to cost to draing the to drain the wrong fuel in car cost?
This is the case for over 150,000 people in the UK every year who put the wrong fuel in car, that’s one every four minutes!
The most important thing to do is to not start the car if you are still at the station to lessen the risk of contamination.
The misfuelling cost of a fuel drain from an independent reputable fuel draining company can vary from anywhere between £180 to £250. The price depends on a variety of factors such as:
  1.  The distance from the drainer.
  2.  The type of car (Some cars require more complex drains such as the Volvo XC90, twin tank BMW’s and Mercedes as well as some Audi’s) – maybe a photo of more difficult engines.
  3. Whether the car has been driven on the wrong fuel and needs a complete system flush; this is still a straightforward procedure but it can take longer than a simple draining of the tank.

For Fuel Fixer, no matter if it is day or night, unsocial hours, weekends, public holidays etc, our prices are always consistent and are not subject to fluctuations. We are able to dispatch an expert to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

National companies:

The AA does do fuel drains and have their own fleet of mobile fuel draining vans, however, they still charge their members about £230 and due to the size of the company, they are often very busy thus resulting in long waiting times (we have heard up to 8 hours before they even arrive).

The RAC also has a few fuel draining vans however they are scarce in the South East, therefore they sub contract most of their jobs to garages and other fuel draining companies of which you will not know the quality of reputation of said company.
Dealerships and garages:
Some dealerships will charge anywhere between £400 and £800 for a drain that does not involve dismantling of the fuel tank however some dealerships will charge anywhere between £4,000 to £9,000+ for a major fuel system and engine rebuilding which is not necessary when we can do the drain and flush at roadside.
Your friendly local garage will often charge a similar price to a fuel draining company should they have the relevant equipment to complete the job adequately.

With both dealerships and garages you will have to get the car to them which further increases the bill and will leave you for a day or two without a car.Mobile fuel draining companies are not only specialists in misfuelling (whether it be petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car), we are also able to sort the problem quicker and cheaper.

How much does a fuel drain cost

14 thoughts on “How Much Does a Fuel Drain Cost”

  1. Not the wrong fuel but very old(30yrs) Hymer motorhome that when fuel is low in tank looses power? What needs to happen it’s an automatic diesel motorhome. Help please!

  2. Hi, my car has been driving very jerkily for the last two months, it feels like there’s not enough petrol getting through? Someone has suggested it needs a service, someone else has said I may have put diesel in it by mistake. Any advice be very welcome. Thanks

  3. Hi i put £20 of petrol in my diesel early Friday morning without realising, when i had more time i filled up with about £45 of dieel, car drove fine until the evening when it turned over but refused to start , Green Flag recovery too it to a local garage who are quoting me between £200 and £400 to drain tank , i feel obliged as the car has been there since Friday night even though he hasnt looked properly to give me a quote yet

  4. I have put 17p worth of adblue in my diesel tank by accident thinking it was a different make of diesel never heard of it before, then filled up with diesel. Car been driving for 1 hour and now light come on saying drain water from fuel tank. Will this cause damage

    1. Hi Tracey,

      AdBlue is made from de-ionised water and urea and therefore it can cause a host of problems.

      Some of these include clogged filters (this will need to be changed), waterbugs and crystallisation in the tank.

      HOWEVER, we are the only fuel company in the UK who are able to perform a fuel drain when there has been an AdBlue contamination.

      The quicker we can get the AdBlue out, the less damage there will be for your car.

      Please call us on 0800 015 9564

  5. Skoda fabia 1.2 59 plate somehow got water in my petrol tank what the quote have it drained out please

    thank you

  6. My husband thinks is tanks got dirty fuel. How much to flush out please
    It’s a Volkswagen Caravelle . Thanks

    1. Hi, sounds like it might be an unusual job, if you call us we could give you an exact price once we know exactly whats up

  7. Please can u tell me how much u think this should cost? Iv filled up my hubby’s brand new porsh cayenne diesel with petrol. Then drove about a mile before the car coughed an spluttered. I then pulled over. The recovery people have taken it to porsh an they will look at it Tom. If u can give me some indication as to how much it might b that would b fab thank u,

    1. Hi, A fuel drain costs between £170 and £210, GIve us a call or depending where you are we could recommend someone local to you, I hope the hubby is the forgiving type.

  8. i think i might have put about 5 pounds of petrol in my 2006 punto multijet.the emissions light is on and loosing power, i have now seen diesel on ground what do you recomend

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