2 thoughts on “Fuel Drain on a Toyota”

  1. i put unleaded in my car drove about 4-5 miles befor it stoped , AA drained tank and got it going again i had the car serviced and new fule filter but i get increadable puffs of smoke still from exsahst . will this eventually stop ?
    or should i put car in service garage again ?
    its a Toyota rave deisle 4 years old

    1. Hi Harry,
      The AA are very good at their fuel drains so I would assume that they got all the contaminated fuel out. However, this excessive smoke could be from contaminated fuel still being in the system, or more likely, something wrong with the emmission sensors resulting in the fuel burning incorrectly. I can often happen that running a vehicle on the wrong fuel will cause a lot of soot to be deposited on the sensors which could cause them to have false readings.
      If the problem does not clear up within the next few refills I would have the sensors and cat looked at.
      The Fuel Man

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