Funny Fuel Drain Story

So, Fuel Fixer recieved a call from a distressed customer a few days ago. Unfortunately the customer, a Russian fellow, spoke hardly any English. He called up and managed, with a lot of “whats?” and “sorrys?” to communicate to our call operator that he was at a petrol station in London.

Our call guy wasn’t able to get what had happened to the customer’s car or anything useful out of him except for the name of the petrol station he was standing in front of and that he needed help.

Nevertheless an engineer was dispatched to help the fellow out.

30 minutes later the engineer called the control centre to provide an update on the job. He had arrived to find our Russian fellow patient waiting. He asked the customer where the vehicle was parked and got a confused look from the customer. Instead of answering, Mr Russian tried to get into passenger seat of the Fuel Drain van.

It turns out the customer hadn’t misfueled his vehicle. In fact he didn’t even have a vehicle. He was actually calling us thinking that he was calling a taxi company!

So, if you need a fuel drain, please don’t hesitate to call us. However, if you need a taxi – this is definitely the wrong place to visit.

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