Misfueled Range Rover Prices

A few days ago we were called out to deal with a diesel Range Rover that had been misfueled and driven on the contaminated fuel.

Originally the customer had called Range Rover Assistance and had the vehicle recovered to a dealership to have it looked at.

The dealership had a look over the car and came back with a very conservative estimate for the work involved in fixing the car and getting it running again. Their quote involved dropping the fuel tank, replacing all the fuel lines in the vehicle as well as the pumps, filter and something to do with the injectors. Their estimate for the final bill was £8,950.00.

Fortunately the customer was no “sucker” and got a second opinion which lead to us being called out to correct the problem. We drained and flushed the vehicle and had it up and running again within an hour of arriving at the dealership, no mess and no fuss. Nothing needed to be replaced as every single component was in perfect working condition. The customer drove off very happy and much relieved, not to mention slightly miffed that he had almost paid out nine grand for something that actually cost less than a couple hundred quid to resolve!

The moral of the story: call Fuel Fixer if you’ve misfueled your car!

True story.

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