Wrong fuel, petrol in a diesel Citroen DS3 in Sevenoaks

Citroen DS3 wrong fuel in Sevenoaks:

Yesterday The Fuel Man was asked to carry out a fuel drain with petrol in a diesel engine in Sevenoaks, Kent on a Citreon DS3.

Received Call – 12:10pm

So The Fuel Man rushed over to Sevenoaks in lightning quick speed to reach him in under an hour.

Arrived at Sevenoaks – 12:40 pm 

This is what “The Fuel Man” did:

1) Clarified with Gary what had happened.

2) Drained the tank and drained all contaminated fuel from fuel lines and filter.

3) He double and triple checked the lines before filling up with the right fuel and a fuel additive.

4) After making sure the vehicle started and everything was running as it should, The Fuel man stayed with Gary to make sure he was completely satisfied with the fuel drain before rushing off to attend his next job.

Finished the Job – 1:15pm

Gary was very grateful for the quick service as he was having a very busy day, so every minute counted. The Fuel Man could then attend to the next customer.


The Fuel Man

fuel man


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