Fuel drain on a Fiat Brava diesel in Felbridge, Surrey

It’s always nice to get a job that’s literally on our doorstep, to be able to get to and drain a vehicle in less than half an hour is some feat!

Yesterday at 3:00pm we had a call from Penny who had put the wrong fuel in her Fiat Brava (petrol in diesel) at the BP petrol station in Felbridge.

Luckily one of our technicians had just returned from another job to his home in East Grinstead and was able to get there in no time!

As the engine had not been started and the fuel had not left the tank, we were able to get the car drained and on it’s way in less than half an hour.

Safe to say Penny and the Manager of the petrol station were very pleased – time is money and we saved them both a lot of time!

If you have put in the wrong fuel and need any assistance, call us on 07514409700, we can almost always get to you within an hour and will get you going again.

If the vehicle has been run, don’t despair, while it requires a little more attention from one of our technicians, you will not have caused any serious damage to your vehicle.

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