Audi diesel on Oxted High Street.

We did a fuel drain for an Audi A6, S-line Quatro 06 3L Diesel that put £40 of petrol in an almost empty tank. The car had only driven 5 mins and conked out in Oxted High Street, around the corner from the petrol station. Luckily, the car was able to be pulled over to the road side so not causing too much trouble.

We were able to arrive and successfully drain the car. The Audi was fine to drain and we were able to have the owner and car back on the road within 45 mins of us arriving.

If you live in Oxted or near, Fuel Fixer can help you should you put the wrong fuel in your car!

f you do need a fuel drain in Oxted, we have a good response time of getting to you within the hour.


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