Northumberland – a cold place if you have to wait by the side of the road

A fuel drain in Hexham was for a young lady who put petrol in diesel in a VW Polo and was stuck on the petrol station forecourt. The fuel drainer arrived in record time of 7 minutes and got straight onto the job, in situ at the pump and got the whole drain, flush and re-fuel completed within 50 minutes.

A fuel drain in Berwick upon Tweed was a petrol in diesel and broken down 7 miles from home. The fuel drainer found the car had been mis-fuelled the evening before and driven a mile with the wrong fuel and then 7 miles the next day. He did the drain, a thorough flush and the re-fuel on the roadside and got the vehicle back up and running within an hour and half.

A fuel drain in Alnwick was for a petrol in diesel in a Golf and the fuel drainer was on site within 30 minutes despite traffic. The job got underway after pushing the vehicle out of the fuel pump lane and took an hour to complete. Standard job.

A fuel drain in Ashington was another petrol in diesel and a Citroen C3 refusing to start at the petrol station. The fuel drainer got the job done all in hand from the moment he arrived, 55 minutes total waiting until the driver could be on his way again.

If you have put petrol in diesel in Northumberland, including Ashington, Hexham, Berwick upon Tweed, Alnwick or any of the surrounding areas, then we will get a mobile fuel drain out to you.

We have a 24 hour a day mobile fuel drain service that will come to you wherever you are broken down, whether you are on the road, on your drive or stuck at a petrol station forecourt. Our mobile fuel drainers will get your car, any make or model, back on the road again.


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