Audi S-line diesel in Blackheath – it didn’t like petrol

We were called to lovely Blackheath, South East London to an Audi S-line, A6, Black, 07 plate. The owner had driven to the petrol station next to the Sun in the Sands roundabout to fill up his empty tank. He put £70 of petrol in his diesel, Audi. He drove out of the petrol station and turned into The Standard, where before reaching the roundabout he realised his error and pulled over.

We were able to be at his rescue in just under an hour. One of our team was able to quickly drain the fuel in the tank and get the owner back on his way in 50 mins.

When the car has been driven with the wrong fuel, it takes longer to revert the problem as we need to make sure we flush out the fuel system through the engine.

This is a very simple task for our capable guys to fix.

If you have made the error of filling your car with the wrong fuel, call Fuel Fixer to come and rescue you!

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