Wrong fuel in Hull

A young lady had a very interesting story which resulted in her filling her petrol car with a whole tank of diesel. She had been too busy with her friend looking at a good-looking guy across the forecourt of the petrol station. As she put the nozzle back into the holder she realized her mistake.

She googled Fuel Fixer and gave us her location. We arrived at the petrol station and were able to drain fully the tank and put back in the amount of petrol she wanted.

A wrong fuel error like that can be rectified very easily as she had not even turned the car engine on after the wrong fuel had been put in. This means that the starter motor had not begun its process of pumping the fuel into the engine. The only area of the car’s engine that had been touched by the wrong fuel was the fuel tank. When the car has been driven there is slightly more that we need to do before we can have someone back on the road. It requires a fuel drain but we also have to flush out the system before putting back in the correct fuel.

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