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I got called out to a job last night in South London  for a nice young couple with a Range Rover Sport Diesel, that had been filled with 40 quid of Petrol. What was interesting is that these cars are fitted with an in-built misfueling prevention system!

What happens, or is supposed to happen is that when you put in the wrong fuel, the car detects it and closes the filler neck and stops you filling up, which in this case it didnt work until 40 quids worth had gone through.

The car was new and the client had been told by the dealer that “its impossible to missfuel the car” –  I think it gives a false sense of security, and put her off guard.

The long and the short is that factory fitted misfuelling devices are an infant technology and I dont think they quite there yet, also they are flimsy plasticy things and I would be interested to see how they stand up over the test of time – I have already come across a few that are constantly kicking in when the car is filld with the right fuel, and being part of the filler neck it’s main dealer territory.

Anyway, the car was drained and filled up with the right stuff and on her way in 30 minutes.

The manual for the car does have a little piece about “it is your responsibility to put the right fuel in your car and any damage that results….” – which gets them off the hook if the device plays up. The book also has instructions for the reset and provides a yellow “reset tool” – which is a bit of plastic that you push down the filler neck to reset – very simple

The tool is in the boot, next to the spare tyre, it is yellow and is about 9 inches long, the instructions for using it are in the manual – which should be in the glove box, but in short, this is what you do

1) get the tool, it has 2 prongs on the end, if you look into the filler neck you will see where these prongs fit in

2) put the two prongs in the neck and pull it gently, this resets the misfuel fuel filler flap door

3) your car can now be refueled, do not refuel your car if you have misfueld – check the FAQ’s section for further details

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20 thoughts on “RANGE ROVER SPORT, anti misfueling device”

  1. Jenny says:

    I found this very useful, thank you. I have been having trouble with my Evoque SD4 filling up with Diesel. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t fill up with diesel without the pump keep cutting out and making a clicking sound, taking me forever to put even half a tank in. on having researched the problem on a few forum sites I have found the tool and reset the fuel neck as yellow misfuelling device had obviously been triggered previous to me owning the car. I have just filled up with no problems, I can now sleep at night. Many thanks, p.s. who needs a man!! lol

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Great to hear the info has been useful. And you’re right – who needs a man when you have the Fuel Man 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    I have a MY10 RR Sport where the protection filler cap keeps activating (when filling with diesel). This means every time I fill up I have ‘dribble’ fuel in taking ages to fill the tank. I have just identified the reset tool that can reset the protection cap. However, the prongs have broken from the tool rendering it useless. Does anyone have any advice on where I can get a replacement?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Paul,
      Best bet is to contact Range Rover themselves. Failing that I would check your local breaker to see if they have any.
      The Fuel Man

  3. Owain Morgans says:

    If you put the filler nozzle all the way into the filler neck as you’re meant to, the misfuel device will trigger. It’s better here in Spain where you pay before fueling, as the cashier asks you what fuel, how much, and then you go to fill up. In this way only the correct nozzle is activated, the pump switches off at the preset value, and drive-off thefts are impossible.

    I don’t know why we don’t use this system in the UK. The technology is there, and having lived in both countries I’d say the Spanish system is better.

    You can even lock the trigger on the pump in the ‘on’ position so you can have a cigarette while you wait for the tank to fill. Cool huh!


    1. Justin says:

      Hey Owain,
      Definitely sounds like a better system. Unfortunately I believe that the fuel companies don’t really care that much as if you misfuel you have to fill up twice. There’s money in that.
      As to having a cigarette while refueling – I would suggest finding a different way of “living on the edge” that doesn’t endanger everyone in the vicinity as well as yourself.
      The Fuel Man

  4. Jules Hinds says:

    Okay, I erroneously put £75 worth of Petrol in to my RR Evoque on Sunday morning at the Shell Garage on the North Oribtal near St Albans. I was pulling over to the side to check tyre pressure so had only driven a couple of feet. After sorting the tyre the car then wouldn’t start. I’ll spare you the detail of the shambolic recovery service I received from Landrover Assistance (the word Assistance in itself being a falsehood) but, suffice to say, it took them 9 hours to get me home!! Whilst I fully accept that I picked up the wrong pump, what I don’t think is acceptable is the fact that the miss-fuel device did not kick in and was defective on this occasion. The dealership are in agreement with me that the device was faulty and that warranty should cover this but Landrover are saying it is only meant to be an ‘aide’. If that is the case why is it promoted as a USP on ‘youtube’ videos and in marketing materials and why do sales people say, as per another case I have read on your site, that ‘it is impossible to miss-fuel, placing petrol in a diesel engine’. Because they are only interested in the sale and not the follow up, although surely there must be some thought for reputational damage here and especially if, as you say, in your experience sometimes these work and sometimes they don’t! Can you advise on my best way forward as currently at log aheads.

    Many thanks


    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Jules,
      I’m very sorry to hear about your situation and I hope you manage to get it resolved. We have done numerous fuel drains on the new Range Rovers fitted with these anti-misfuelling devices. Surprisingly, this problem isn’t specific to Land Rover vehicles. We have done fuel drains on every make and model, and most of the newer ones are fitted with some type of anti-misfuelling device. After a bit of research on the subject I believe that I have discovered a common denominator. Apparently, for these devices to operate correctly it is required that the fuel nozzle is inserted fully into the filler neck. If not then the device will not activate. Unfortunately almost no one I know does this.
      You asked for advice on your best way forward from here; the first thing I would suggest, if not done already, get the vehicle drained and cleaned. You have numerous options available to you for this – including the dealership, a private fuel drain specialist company such as ourselves, or your local garage.
      Another course of action would be to contact your insurance provider. There are a few insurance companies that really do have their customers’ best interests at heart and will cover the costs of misfuel correction. However, unfortunately a lot of them don’t.
      If this has already been done I would try to dig up as much information as you can find from Land Rover about their device. I would check the owner’s manual as well. Armed with this information I would approach a consumer rights activity to find out what your legal recourse might be.
      Please keep us informed of how you get on. It might be very useful for other readers.
      I wish you the best of luck.
      The Fuel Man

  5. Brian Merfield says:

    I have a 2010 Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE 3 Litre TDV6 which I have owned from new. Regretably last Sunday I put the wrong fuel (unleaded petrol rather than diesel) into it whilst away without realising it. I drove home for 120 miles and there was some uneven running and I called Land Rover assistance who identified the problem and arranged for the car to be transported to my dealer. The engineers report who attended the incident reported that the misfuelling device failed to deploy!!
    Naturally I am very angry about the failure of the device. Fortunately my insurance company are to take the matter up and have confirmed I am covered. My dealer has said I am not covered under the warranty for this failure. The cost is £5398.70 and will take about a week to complete the repair.
    I am shocked that this device appears to offer no protection and to read about the number of failures and believe Land Rover must be held responsible even if the misfuelling was in the first place my fault. The car had only been serviced a few weeks ago. If I put my foot on the brake and it failed resulting in me having a crash I would certainly hold LR responsible and take action. This failure of equipment is no different. If my Insurance Company does not pursue, as I will have to pay an excess as per my policy, I intend to pursue Land Rover privately.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Good luck with it, please let us know how it goes,

    2. Jules Hinds says:


      I have every empathy with you and am in complete agreement. Having called LR Insurance to see if I was covered they confirmed that I was not BUT interestingly they did confirm that they had had three other similar enquiries in this month alone and so that tells you something. I would be interested to hear how you fared?

      As for Land Rover Assistance I had a shambolic experience there too and it took them nine hours to get me home from Hertfordshire to the Cotswolds!!


  6. johnny says:

    I have a TDV8 on a 58 plate and last week i stupidly put in £36litres of petrol. The anti misfuelling device didn’t work at all.
    I drove the car off the forecourt out of the way on the basis that there’s plenty of diesel in the pipes. It cost £350 to drain (at a LR dealer) However, they did say it would cost nearly £7000 if i’d driven it. If your in warranty be careful telling LR because they’ll try and get you to do the full monty. If you’re out of warranty theyre more relaxed.

  7. Tony - Hertfordshire says:

    I too have a Range Rover Sport Diesel (2011 model) and filled up with £75 worth of unleaded without the device activating at all. Unfortunately didn’t realise until I had driven it a couple of miles. Strangely enough the cost to repair was also £6700 at a main dealer.
    Apart from feeling stupid in the first place I’m more angry that Land Rover advertises something that plainly doesn’t do the job it was designed for.
    I shall be checking the small print and speaking to LR in the New Year.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Tony, we are still attending at least 2 misfueld Range Rovers a week .

      I have the details of around 100 RangeRover drivers that have misfueld despite the anti misfuelling device and would like to hear from anyone who has had any luck with getting rangerover to admit liability on this issue,

      The FuelMan

    2. Jules Hinds says:


      Did you get any where with this and did you think about referring to Watch Dog?

      Kind regards


  8. Jim Beam says:

    If the misfuel prevention device on your new car malfunctioned then surely it’s a warranty claim, just as if any system on a new car fails (if the oil pump fails the warranty is for the damaged engine, not just the oil pump).

    I’d check carefully any disclaimers Jaguar make about the misfuel device, and if there isn’t any “get out of jail free” qualifications that get them off the hook, suggest that the bill is theirs as the car malfunctioned.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Good point, if anyone else has had trouble with these systems please feel free to leave a comment, it would be interesting to see if anyone has had any success in getting land rover or jaguar to take some responsibility for this

  9. colin pye says:

    I have exactly the same device on my 2011 jaguar xf. It didn’t stop me filling up with £70 worth of petrol either. The device just didn’t trigger.
    Now Jaguar have told me that the bill will be £6,700. I cant believe it. I was also told by the salesman when I picked the car up that it would instantly recognise wrong fuel.

    I would love to hear if anyone else has this device and it hasnt worked. The customer care guy said it couldn’t happen. Why would I knowingly fill up a brand new £50K car and then drive off in it. The device did not work.
    Advice anyone?

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi, sorry to hear that, unfortunately I am becoming very familier with the landrover/jaguar misfueling “prevention system”, obviously I only get called out to misfuels, so I can’t comment on times that the system is effective but from what I am finding is that it an unreliable system, it is all too easy to fill the tank before the device finally kicks in, the system relies on you pushing the fuel nozzle deep into the filler neck, and many people do not do this. – regards the Jag I would recommend a drain & flush before spending that kind of money at a dealers,

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