Unfortunately we do not offer franchises as we believe that we can better offer high quality services to our customers by having each of our Fuel Drain Technicians answer directly to their managers, and not as individual micro-businesses.

I have had alot of people asking about setting up in the fuel draining business and there are now 4 companies that I know of that are selling franchises, 1 of them is even trying to sell franchises in Australia.

Firstly whats involved?

A drivers license, some common sense and about 30k should do the trick.

You will have to have a good understanding of things mechanical, knowledge of fluid dynamics, understand car electrics and the fundamentals of electronics, have a good understanding of how to deal with petrol, diesel and the dangers of the job

You need to also have somewhere to store your fuel, a way of disposing it, and a van correctly kitted out.

It is not a career decision to be made lightly and there are a few franchise buyers that I have spoken to for whom it did not turn out as expected or promised.

Others can’t handle the hours, or pressure.

The AA, RAC, and now about 60 independent operators are now doing fuel drains in the UK as well as about 100 informal operators.

If you are thinking of buying a franchise here is whats on offer, and a little of what I know

Doctor Fuel

Fuel Doctor

Forecourt Assist


and a couple of others who only take franchisees by invitation,

I am happy to share my thoughts with anyone who is looking to get into this business, please leave me a comment (please state if you would not like your comments to be added to this page) I will be happy to answer your questions.


Take care,




7 thoughts on “Franchise”

  1. jamie graham says:

    hi my girlfriend recently put petrol into my diesel audi, she phone dme from garage forecourt in a panic, fortunately i knew a mechanic who worked in a garage across the road who towed car to his garage and drained fuel. Having looked online there isn’t a dedicated service for this type of problem in my area for anyone who has this problem and isn’t as lucky as I was to have a friend handy. I would be interested in your comments about setting up this type of business in my area, please could you email me and we could possibly discuss it further.

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Jamie,
      We have a vast network of fuel drain technicians across the country and so we can pretty much cover anywhere.
      As regards setting up in your area – well, what is your area?
      The Fuel Man

  2. TheFuelMan says:

    Hi Lee, thanks for the comments.
    I can only say that a very important part of the fuel draining kit is the tank which has a lot of regulations due to the fact that your carrying a petrol and diesel mix.
    The best advice I could give is do a lot of studying and practice before doing a fuel drain on any clients vehicle, (It’s very easy to break clips and connections to the fuel pump if you do not have the correct tools to remove the clips.)
    Hope that helps.

  3. paul harrison says:

    hello i have sorted out a few cars for friends who have put the wrong fuel in made up my own pump and pipe work empty 5 gallon drum some new diesel and got them all going i am seriously thinking of setting up myself doing it would i be better with a franchise or doing it myself have you got any openings for derbyshire please ring me on 01332 881262 would like to have a chat thanks paul

  4. jon kemp says:

    I have read your website content with interest.
    I have 10 years motor trade experience fixing car wheels, dealing with retail and trade customers in Sussex and London.
    I am interested in knowing if you have a network that i could apply to join ? , providing the fuel fix service ?
    Naturally, i have seen your list of areas covered, that includes the Brighton /Sussex area,
    but nonetheless, i thought it may be worth establishing contact as you may still be recruiting more agents ? regards jon 07896 001146

  5. joseph clohessy says:

    I am interested in finding more information on a fuel drain franchise in the berkshire area.

  6. alex gould says:

    Hi, ive been thinking about a career change, ive been an electrician for 12 years but im looking for something a bit different and thats how i stumbled across your site and the above blog on franchises. If i were to set up a fuel drain business but not go through the franchise route, where would i go for training? ive searched the web for courses but i cant find any. If i were to go the franchise route what would be an average income and what percentage of earnings does the company charge? im based on the surrey/hants border.


    Alex gould

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