Did You Misfuel? Do Fuel Draining on Your Car Immediately

putting fuel in car

When you fill up your car with the wrong fuel type, you risk damage to your engine. The wrong type of fuel can cause the chemicals in the gasoline to break down, leading to decreased performance and even damage. When that happens, get a fuel drain done immediately! Let’s find out why.

Why Misfuelling Must Be Avoided

When someone pumps the wrong fuel into a car, it is not designed to work with the fuel and can cause serious damage or malfunction to the engine and other components. If the wrong fuel is used, it can cause clogging and corrosion of the fuel system and lead to expensive repairs and replacements of the engine and other car parts.

Using petrol in a diesel engine is like not adding oil to the engine. It can cause friction between the car parts, create a lot of heat, and damage the engine. The lack of lubrication could cause the parts to start rubbing against each other, leading to significant damage to the engine.

When this happens, metal bits can break off your car parts and end up in the fuel system, potentially damaging the fuel pump, hoses, and injectors. The injectors may become blocked with metal fragments, preventing fuel from reaching the engine and leading to eventual breakdown.

Misfuelling results in the following hassles for drivers and their cars:

  • Damaged internal components: Using the wrong fuel for your vehicle can be costly. A misfuel can cause a reaction with components of your engine, wearing them away and leading to serious damage. This can mean expensive repairs or even a complete engine breakdown. Always double-check the fuel you put in your vehicle to avoid these costly problems.

  • Voided warranties: If you own a new car, it’s probably still under warranty. Many warranties declare that the warranty will be nullified if you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. That implies that you’ll have to pay for any repair costs should something happen to your engine.

  • Financial losses: Putting the wrong fuel in your car wastes money. Not only will you have to pay to get the incorrect fuel taken out, but you will also lose out on the fuel cost. In some cases, you may even have to pay for repairs if the wrong fuel has caused harm to your engine.

  • Hazards: Using the wrong type of fuel in your car can be extremely hazardous. If your engine fails due to the incorrect fuel, you could be left stranded on the side of the road. 

In Closing

If you’ve mistakenly put the wrong fuel in your car, contacting your breakdown cover provider is essential rather than trying to drive away from the petrol station. If you’ve put the wrong fuel into a diesel vehicle or vice versa, the most likely outcome is that you’ll need fuel draining to flush out the system with a special cleaning agent. In the worst-case scenario, you might have to replace parts like the filter and rubber seals.

Call Fuel Fixer for Those Pesky Misfuels

Did you or an errant gas attendant pump the wrong fuel into your car? Call Fuel Fixer right away for immediate fuel draining. We’ve got mobile units on call across the U.K. who’ll get to you within 46 minutes. Save this number, 0333-366-1081, and call us when you need help!

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