I Put Petrol in My Diesel Car and Drove It!

I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be a bit of a nightmare. You are in your car for a journey perhaps a driving holiday or an important work meeting and suddenly your car won’t go.

It is not just a case of changing a flat tire.

You put petrol in your diesel car.

It is actually surprisingly common, happening every day all over the country.

With households often having multiple cars it is common to have one that’s petrol and one that’s diesel. It only takes a small lapse of concentration to find yourself putting the petrol nozzle into your diesel car.

The Cost of Misfuelling Your Car

The average cost of fixing the misfuel of petrol in your diesel car varies between £500- £3,000. Though here at Fuel Fixer we can do it for much more competitive?

We have the best service and we arrive in good timing.

The faster you can get the fuel out of your tank the cheaper it is going to be for you.

If the petrol circulates through your car it is harder to drain and can cause further problems to your engine. Potentially costing you for repairs on top of the drain.

Unfortunately, the majority of insurance companies to do not cover misfuelling. That means it needs to come out of your pocket directly and the faster and cheaper you can get it handled the better.

Wrong Fuel – Car Symptoms

The danger of wrong fuel in the tank is you may be able to start your car and get driving. This is because the engine still has access to some diesel in the pipes. But as you continue to drive and the petrol begins to circulate you could find the engine stalling, even if you are driving at high speeds.

Other signs to look out for is an unusual noise coming from your engine or excessive smoke from the exhaust.

You are very likely to be lucky and your car won’t start at all. This gives you a fortunate opportunity to call for help immediately at the petrol station. Never allowing the petrol to circulate through your engine and cause problems to other parts of the car.

If this happens, do not continue to try and turn on your engine, just call for an engine drain.

After a simple drain, your car should be ready to drive off again in no time. No damage done!

A Small Amount of Diesel in a Petrol Car

If you have put in less than 5% of petrol in your diesel tank you are most likely going to be OK. The petrol serves to dilute the diesel, so the smaller the amount the less likely it is to be a problem.

As a general rule, it is better to be safe than sorry and have it removed anyway to avoid possible engine issues. If you are unsure of how much petrol has been put in your tank, don’t turn on the engine, wait and get it drained. Better to be safe now than sorry later with further engine issues.

I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it. Call us! for a instant quote!

I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it
I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it

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