Fuel Fixer – Helping Customers on the UK’s Forecourts

Fuel Fixer is helping to get the message out to motorists that there is help at had for any contaminated fuel issue. We recently launched a campaign to inform motorists that there is light at the end of the misfuelling tunnel – and hopefully stopped a few from making the mistake in the first place.

We teamed up with petrol stations across the country and offered a 24hour advice hotline for anyone who had inadvertently put the wrong fuel in their car.

It is our hope that this campaign brings the problem of misfuelling to motorists’ attention before the mistake is ever made.

The script on the filling nozzles reads: “Put the WRONG FUEL in your car? If you have used the wrong fuel, don’t try to start your car. Call for immediate help on 0800 015 9564 or 07730 357613“.

Fuel Fixer Campaign at a UK Petrol Station
Fuel Fixer Campaign at a UK Petrol Station

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