Feeling Silly for Putting the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?

Question: What’s worse than misfueling your car?

Answer: Doing in twice in the same day!

This is the sad story for one of our customers. He shall remain nameless to save him from any further embarrassment – let’s call him Mr X. Nevertheless I thought I would share his story with you as a warning of the troubles of misfueling.

Monday morning bright and early Mr X is up and ready to set out on a commute through London, from Reagent’s Park to Clapham, to an important business meeting. Before getting too far he decides to top up quickly and avoid having to do it in rush hour on the way home later. Unfortunately the sleepy cobwebs haven’t quite cleared yet as he pumps £45 of petrol into his diesel Diahatsu Sirion. His mind races as he tries to figure out how to sort the problem out and still get to his meeting before the morning rush starts to set in.

After deciding that he would never be able to have the fuel drained in time he abandons his car, catches a taxi back home, jumps into his wife’s Audi A3 and flies across London to the meeting.

Meeting done and time to return to sort out that silly situation with the Diahatsu. On the way back he stops at another petrol station, this time to fill up the Audi. Having just had a really bad experience with this he is constantly thinking to himself, “Diesel, diesel, diesel” as he pours in £30 of the fuel.

Five minutes later when the engine starts to chug a bit it suddenly dawns on him that the Audi has a PETROL engine!

Needless to say it was a very embarrassed, frustrated and distressed man who called us up to have both his vehicles drained that day. The ironic part of the story is that had he called us in the morning for the Diahatsu we could have had an engineer to him within 15 minutes as we’d just completed a job a couple blocks away from the Reagent’s Park petrol station.

So, if you are feeling like a bit of a numpty for putting the wrong fuel in your car, imagine how Mr X felt, and realise you are not alone.

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