Does petrol float on top of diesel?

Does petrol float on top of diesel? or does diesel float on top of petrol?.

Petrol weighs 737.22 grams per litre, (water weighs 1000 grams per litre)

Diesel weighs 840 grams per litre.

When diesel and petrol mix they blend and cannot be separated by taking fuel off the top or bottom.

when you put the wrong fuel in a vehicle it mixes in no particular order, some may say that the diesel will go to the bottom or the petrol will float harmlessly on top, have been dealing with mixed fuel as long as I have I can assure you this is not the case

I have had my mixed fuel tested a few times and had samples taken from the bottom and top of the storage tanks after they had sat for several weeks, the mixed fuel taken from the top is more “petroly” but still has allot diesel in it, and the mixed fuel at the bottom is more “diesely” but again has petrol in it.

If you have mixed fuel in the tank of your car do not assume that there is a higher or lower portion of anything at the bottom where it feeds into the pump, for one thing the fuel pumped in will be cold, the fuel in the car will be warm from the return line heat, when you put new fuel in it will mix with the old fuel as milk does in coffee.

Some armchair experts will offer advice to as to petrol being on the top or bottom but that is just guess work and not advice worth ruining your car over

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