Petrol in Diesel Car in East Suffolk

Did you add petrol in diesel car in East Suffolk?

Let me tell you something.

Next in my series of things to help pass the time productively while waiting to get your car fixed is an arty one. The question is; “If there were one work of art I’d like to have created what would it be and why?”

For me it is not the Mona Lisa. It’s really famous and maybe the most famous painting in the world but it doesn’t really do anything for me. Nor would it “The last supper”. Almost as famous but really quite an odd image. Can you imagine sitting down to your last meal with a bunch of good friends all along one side of a table? It’s not right and I don’t believe that’s how it was at all.

What about Andy Warhol’s soup tins? Nothing really to say about those. They do nothing much for me. How about Tracey Emin’s “unmade bed”?  I think of Tracey as an unmade human being.

This still leaves quite a big range of choices. Van Gogh might be a candidate. Having seen a few of his paintings in the flesh, so to speak, I found them quite amazing. I also really like Monet and Matisse. Claude and Henri had some good things going on.

Rembrandt was a master who in my opinion was a truly great artist.

But this is all in the world of painting. There are many other forms of art. I think that many of the great artists of the past would not be painting at all if they were born to the current century. They would more likely be working in a field where there work would reach a much wider audience. Movies would be an obvious choice.

There are many movies that I love and if I were making a list of the best of all time it would not necessarily have the same ones on it than if I were making a list of films I wish I’d made a contribution to.

This last list would absolutely have to include several films written and directed by the Coen brothers. Probably at the top of the list would be “The Big Lebowski”. I recently saw “Men in Black 3”and was amazed at how good it was. I had no idea until the final credits came around that Ethan Coen had written the screenplay.

So you know my choices. I’d really like to know yours. Let me know in the comments.

What to do in the event that you’ve placed Petrol in a Diesel Car

On the off chance that you’ve just placed the wrong fuel in your car and are looking for prompt help, administrations can help.

Keep in mind – don’t turn on your start. You need to ensure that the fuel is drained with the goal that you can be headed.

Our services of petrol in diesel car in east suffolk are open to anyone.

If you had wrong fuel in car just give us a call and we can help you!

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