Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire

Story of a Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire:

An electrician driving a Renault Clio on the A413 road on his way from Aylsbury to Buckingham was shocked to find out he had put the wrong fuel into his 1.5 litre car. It is not easy to shock an electrician but he was soon over the shock and was pondering what he should do about it.

Luckily for him he carried a phone with roaming internet access and was able to do a quick search for “wrong fuel Bucks” and found the fuelfixer web site. He was happy to see that we promised to get to him within an hour and called us. We had a man there within 30 minutes so he was pleased about that.

But then our technician found there was some kind of blockage preventing him from removing the wrong fuel from the tank and our electrician began to feel like all was lost. But then the wrong fuel removal man found he could get to the tank through another route and the electrician sparked up again (you knew that was coming).

The car was drained and refuelled inside 45 minutes and Sparky was on his way. Another tale of rapid and efficient service from us.

The same kind of work has been done by this same technician all over Buckinghamshire.

Here some other examples;

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