A picture is worth a thousand words?

Wrong fuel in car

I’m hereby establishing a competition for the best excuse for misfueling your car.

One tin of our most excellent fuel treatment (works on both diesels and petrol cars – gave me 5 mpg improvement on my BMW petrol engine) to the winner, who will be chosen by the office laugh-o-meter.

Go ahead, embarrass yourself.

Adding petrol to a diesel motor

“I put petrol in my diesel car (or vice versa) because………….”  Over to you. Answers in reply to this post please.

Petrol, going about as a dissolvable when blended with diesel, has the contrary impact. Adding petrol to a diesel motor expands contact between parts, making harm the fuel lines and siphon. In the event that you head out or even begin the vehicle with Petrol in the blend, you could make costly harm the motor.

The Fuel Man

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