Fuel drain on a Land Rover Freelander 2 in Thornwood, Essex

Here is the question for those who are reading this was the customer the real “Tom Hardy” of Hollywood fame?

This was a little more tricky than the average fuel drain I have to be honest, Tom Hardy had filled his beloved Land Rover Dicovery 2 with half a tank of Unleaded and driven it for a good few miles meaning the petrol and diesel had become a nice mix and started causing the usual spluttery noises you get from this. I arrived at the vehicle at an agreed time and started draining the fuel……………. Once I had done that the line’s were then flushed, a couple of gallons of Fresh diesel was put back into the tank and the Land rover was on it’s way. However, Mr. Hardy gives me a ring 15minutes later telling me he’s driven to the station to fill the tank to the brim and now it’s not starting! I turned around and went back to resolve this problem, I plugged in my diagnostics into the ECU and cleared the error “limp mode” like magic this worked like a treat and the beautiful piece of machinery was back up and running. I can definitely say that Mr Hardy was a relieved man and mighty impressed with my skills 🙂

The Fuelman 

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