Fuel Drain Isle of Ely

Have you put petrol in diesel and you need a fuel drain in Ely? We have a mobile fuel drain service 24/7 and will come to you and get you back on the road fast.

We offer a mobile fuel drain service wherever you are in Ely, Mildenhall, Wisbeck, St Neots, Bury St Edmonds or any of the surrounding areas. Our fuel drain technicians will come to you, wherever you have broken down, on the road, at home or at a petrol station forecourt and get your fuel drain done on the spot.

We offer the fastest response time mobile call out fuel drain in the area and have fully trained and insured fuel drain technicians on hand any time of day or night.

A fuel drain in Ely was for £50 of petrol in diesel in a Ford transit van on its usual route, with a new driver. the fuel drainer arrived and got the drain and a re-fuel done within an hour and the driver was delighted with the instant recovery of the vehicle.

A fuel drain in Mildenhall was for a petrol in diesel mis-fuel and the lady driver was stuck at the petrol station forecourt. The fuel drainer was on site within 30 minutes and got the job done within another 35 minutes.

A fuel drain in Wisbeck was another run of the mill petrol in diesel on a forecourt and a broken down Citroen refusing to start. The fuel drainer undertook the drain, did a thorough flush of the whole system and then the final re-fuel got the desired start and the driver was happy to be back on her way within an hour and a quarter.

A fuel drain in St Neots was a diesel in petrol job and broken down 5 miles from putting in the wrong fuel. The fuel drainer found the car and driver and the problem had been noticeable from initial startup, however the realisation of the fact that the wrong fuel had been put in the tank, only struck home when the car refused to move another inch. The fuel drain was done on the road side and a thorough flush and then he presto, the car back to life with the correct fuel. Total time of job: 75 minutes.

A fuel drain in Bury St Edmonds was for a petrol in diesel and the car refusing to start after being driven and left for a few hours. The fuel drainer got the task at 4am on a sunday night and said he was miserable for the time it took to do the job in the rain. Happily they could both be on their way and in their beds after an hour and half. Not the nicest of jobs, until you see the relief and smile when its done.

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