Land Rover Discovery misfuel in Gravesham

Fuel Doctor

A fuel drain in Gravesend was a tank full of the wrong fuel – petrol in diesel in a Landrover Discovery, stuck at a fuel station forecourt not starting. the fuel drainer arrived, got the whole tank drained and flushed through, then proceeded to re-fuel the Landie and the driver was back on his way in an hour and half.

A fuel drain in Cliffe was a run of the mill petrol in diesel and broken down with £30 of the wrong fuel in the tank of a Mondeo. The fuel drainer arrived at the station forecourt, got the drain, flush and re-fuel done and the motorist could not believe it was all done in under an hour. Another happy customer.

A fuel drain in Hartley was for a petrol in diesel breakdown along the roadside and a driver stuck late at night. The fuel drainer found the driver had put the wrong fuel in the previous day and the engine had spluttered on an off for about 15 miles when it finally broke down. The fuel drain was done along the roadside and the flush and refuel. It took 2 hours to get the motorist back up and running again and on his way.

A fuel drain in Sidcup was for £30 of petrol in diesel in Honda civic at a station forecourt. The fuel drainer arrived, got the car sorted out and the motorist on her way again within 50 minutes.

If you have put petrol in diesel in Gravesham, gravesend, Cliffe, Hartley, Sidcup or any of the surrounding areas, then we can get a mobile fuel drain technician out to you rapidly.

Do not worry if you have put the wrong fuel in your car – we can get the fuel drain done and get you back on the road. We have a mobile fuel drain service and can a fuel drainer out to you any time of day or night, wherever you have broken down – whether you are on a fuel station forecourt, broken down at home or along the road side.


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