Fuel drain on an Audi A3 in Chelwood gate, East Sussex

In my eye’s misfueling your vehicle on a Saturday morning has to be one of the worst timings possible, especially when your about to go on a nice family day out with the kids!!!

This unlucky chap “Lee” woke up bright and early with the birds singing and the sun shining. Thinking to himself what a great day to take the kids out. However at 9am Saturday morning he managed to misfuel his diesel Audi A3 with petrol…. ooooops. Unfortunately rather than contacting me straight away he got it towed home and then contacted me , meaning he had missed the the whole day solving his error 🙁 On the upside no damage was done to his beautiful Audi as we did go there in the end and drained the tank and flushed the lines. Good job it was sunny again Sunday 🙂

The Fuelman

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