6 months with a license, and a brand new car. And in goes the wrong fuel in Sheffield. Don’t feel too bad!

A young man had only been driving for 6 months and had just bought his first car. He called us feeling totally embarrassed. He had put £50 of diesel in his petrol VW Golf 03 plate. We explained to him that this was a very common mistake and lots of people did this every day! He had driven the car out of the petrol station and 10 minutes later the car slowly came to a stop.

He didn’t know he process of how to remove the wrong fuel and correct this situation. So as our engineer was on his way to do the fuel drain we told him exactly how this was going to be done. He now understood the process and the engineer arrived within 50 mins and had got the man back on the road.

We carry our own fuel at pump prices so that we are always able to re-fill your car with the amount of fuel you need.

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