West Sussex

Wrong Fuel West Sussex: If you've put wrong fuel in your car in West Sussex, call for immediate assistance - don't try to drive on. Your car will be fixed at the roadside, so you can safely get back on your journey.
We have fuel drain technicians based throughout West Sussex. Our average arrival time is 46 minutes. Fuel removal and re-setting usually takes another half hour. Get yourself and any passengers to a safe place while you wait, and let us know your location. Read on for more information about the effects of wrong fuel, and for our FAQ.

Wrong Fuel West Sussex

If you have put the wrong fuel into your vehicle, Fuel Fixer are able to provide you with a 24 hour a day, 7 days-a-week mobile fuel drain service, with the ability to offer our assistance to the entirety of West Sussex. We will come out to your car, drain the contaminated fuel from your tank, flush the entire system and get you up on the road in no time.

West Sussex Petrol in a Diesel Car

Have you put Petrol into your Diesel car? Do not worry! No matter if you are at the side of the road, at a petrol station or at home, Fuel Fixer are able to come and perform a fuel drain which will take on average 30 minutes from our arrival. We are able to get 99.9% of vehicles back up on the road with no issues... in fact some say it runs better than before!

Petrol in a diesel car

Water Contamination

Having water in the fuel tank is likely to lead to idling difficulties, uneven running, abnormal smoke and, if it's not remedied correctly, in some cases broken injectors. This process is likely to take longer than a regular misfuel however we have attended thousands of these jobs every year and our engineers have been trained to handle even the hardest of fuel drains.

Adblue in diesel tank

AdBlue in a Diesel Car

Fuel Fixer are proud to be one of the only fuel draining companies in West Sussex who are able to offer the service of removing AdBlue from your car. AdBlue is a far more complex job requiring a high level of expertise. Due to the experience required, many companies do not offer this service however all of Fuel Fixer’s technicians are fully trained to handle AdBlue contaminations.


Our call centre staff are available 24 hours a day and are on hand to answer your questions. They are fully trained and able to help you with any misfuel situation, either by providing relevant and qualified advice, or by getting a fuel technician out to assess and fix your vehicle.

We cover all these areas in West Sussex:

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