AdBlue: Does AdBlue Affect How Much Fuel Is Used?

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AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that helps diesel engines emit less nitrogen oxide (NOx) through the use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. It is a urea-based solution that is added to the exhaust of car diesel engines to break down harmful emissions. AdBlue has become increasingly popular as governments and environmental groups have sought ways to reduce air pollution.

You might not be aware of the word AdBlue, sometimes known as diesel exhaust fluid, but owners of diesel cars with Euro 6- or Euro 7-compatible engines probably are. This tutorial covers the purpose of AdBlue, how it functions, where to acquire it, and what will happen if your car runs out of it.

AdBlue is a chemical automatically sprayed into a car’s exhaust system to reduce the quantity of nitrous oxide released by diesel engines. AdBlue is created by mixing urea and deionized water. AdBlue was widely utilised in modern diesel automobiles once the stricter Euro 6 emissions regulations were enacted in 2016. AdBlue makes it far easier to lower the emissions of diesel vehicles, so they comply with current regulations.

Importance of AdBlue 

Automobile producers are subject to many rules, most of which are intended to address environmental concerns. The most recent set of emission regulations, Euro 6, created a particularly challenging obstacle for diesel engines. One of the primary goals is to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

The procedure is known as selective catalytic reduction or SCR. Despite being used in diesel automobiles only recently, it has been present for a long time. The process comprises adding precisely calculated amounts of liquid to the exhaust system to neutralise the dangerous emissions through a chemical reaction.

How Exactly Does AdBlue Work?

To comply with Euro 6 regulations, many new diesel-powered vehicles manufactured since 2016 use SCR technology to inject tiny amounts of AdBlue into the exhaust gases. When this solution reacts with exhaust emissions, the dangerous mono-nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust are reduced. This technology has been used in buses and huge lorries for a long time, so its effectiveness has been proven, and its dependability has greatly increased.

Does AdBlue Affect How Much Fuel Is Used?

Manufacturers have not yet made available proof of AdBlue’s detrimental effects on fuel economy. The economy estimates for new diesel into petrol car vehicles sold in the UK will consider any effects of using AdBlue.

Due to improvements in engine technology, changes in how economy estimates are computed, and some other factors, it is nearly impossible to determine differences in fuel consumption between new and older vehicles and attribute them solely to the usage of AdBlue.

What Components Comprise Adblue?

AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic liquid consisting mostly of water and the urea molecule found in urine. Contrarily, the urea used in AdBlue is much purer and of a higher calibre than those used in fertilisers, adhesives, or cosmetics. A lot cleaner than tap water and comparable to demineralized water.

Before purchasing, check the AdBlue package for the ISO 22241 number to ensure it satisfies the requirements. Other ISO codes are 22241-1, 22241-2, and 22241-3. This would stop AdBlue from harming the SCR catalyst in your automobile, saving you from having to pay for an expensive repair. AdBlue should be almost identical from one brand to the next if it satisfies these conditions, much like diesel in petrol is nearly identical from one retailer to the next.


AdBlue is an effective and cost-efficient solution to reduce emissions from diesel engines and is increasingly being adopted by automotive manufacturers as part of their efforts to reduce air pollution. It is also non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly solution.

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