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Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire

Story of a Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire: An electrician driving a Renault Clio on the A413 road on his way from Aylsbury to Buckingham was shocked to find out he had

Put wrong fuel in car now won’t start.

Quite often a car does not break down immediately after a misfueling,  assuming you have drived to a petrol station to buy your fuel. Your cars engine will be hot,

Misfuelled, Check this article out! Solution

So you misfuelled your car? Dont worry you are not the first person doing so, and it’s rather common. If you’ve just put petrol in a diesel car I’m sure

BMW wrong fuel

I have personally attended quite a few BMW 5 series that have put the wrong fuel in their tank this week, not sure if its a coincidence or part of

Petrol in my Diesel! Am I a Fool?

What’s the most common thing I hear when our unlucky customers call to ask for a fuel drain after having put petrol into their diesel, or diesel into their petrol?

Diesel in a Petrol Sports Bike? Scottish Borders Madness

It’s not quite summer yet but the weather has been so fantastic that a lot of our customers have been out and about enjoying the sun and warmth. One particular

How far will a car drive with wrong fuel?

This is a question allot of people ask if they are unsure of whether or not they have put the wrong fuel in the car. The answer differs greatly, some

wrong fuel & filling up habits

Having drained the wrong fuel from thousands of cars I have spent more time on petrol station forecourts than most. Every wrong fuel removal involves putting a flexitube into a

Petrol In Diesel BMW x5

Had a call from a distraught lady yesterday who had put petrol in her diesel BMW x5, she had it recovered to the dealership last week and after 4 days got the “estimate” in