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Misfuelled, Check this article out! Solution

So you misfuelled your car? Dont worry you are not the first person doing so, and it’s rather common. If you’ve just put petrol in a diesel car I’m sure

How NOT to remove Unleaded from a Diesel Engine

I was reminded the other day of a misfuel that we were called out to resolve for a professor at the University of Brighton. Our learned friend had tried to

No Rest for the Wicked

I had decided that I should have a nice quite Sunday to help me recover from the hectic week. Why is it that every time I try to relax it

Petrol in my Diesel! Am I a Fool?

What’s the most common thing I hear when our unlucky customers call to ask for a fuel drain after having put petrol into their diesel, or diesel into their petrol?

Diesel in a Petrol Sports Bike? Scottish Borders Madness

It’s not quite summer yet but the weather has been so fantastic that a lot of our customers have been out and about enjoying the sun and warmth. One particular

Fuel Drain Berkshire

A chemist on his way from Reading to Maidenhead in Berkshire broke down in Slough in a lay-by on the A4. His Renault had petrol in tank which was supposed

DIY Wrong Fuel Removal

Here’s some advice if you need to do a DIY fuel drain to remove wrong fuel If your car has an electric fuel tank pump, then there is a way

Wrong Fuel BMW

We attend many BMW’s that have been misfueld, mostly 5 series, the 5 series has a complicated fuel tank set up, in that it uses a “saddle bag” design, which