The Fuel Man has been in the Wrong Fuel industry for over a decade. He is an avid auto enthusiast and owner of the UK's largest independent Wrong Fuel Drain company. He is an expert in the subject of Petrol in a Diesel Car and has been helping motorists with misfuelling problems by providing advice, guidance, and roadside call-outs and repairs.

Misfueled Range Rover Prices

A few days ago we were called out to deal with a diesel Range Rover that had been misfueled and driven on the contaminated fuel. Originally the customer had called Range Rover Assistance and had the vehicle recovered to a dealership to have it looked at. The dealership had a look over the car and …

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Fuel Drain Film Stars!

We were recently contacted by a TV program to help them with a reality show shoot that they are doing in Scotland. We’re looking forward to doing a couple of fuel drains on national TV. As soon as we have some footage to show we’ll post it on all our platforms. Break a leg!

Misfueled Vehicles and “Limp Mode”

Nowadays, with vehicles becoming more advanced and sophisticated, we more often run into situations where a misfueled vehicle will go into “limp mode” where the engine will not rev above a certain amount (usually 2,000 or 3,000 RPM). This is the computer in the vehicle not clearly understanding what the problem is and deciding that the …

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Petrol in Diesel London

Petrol in diesel London? It happens more frequently than you might think. If it has just happened to you we’re here to help. Fuel Fixer is a nationwide, 24/7 mobile fuel draining service. Our engineers throughout the London and Greater London area are ready to service your needs. All are trained and experienced fuel drain …

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Fuel drain on an Audi A3 in Chelwood gate, East Sussex

In my eye’s misfueling your vehicle on a Saturday morning has to be one of the worst timings possible, especially when your about to go on a nice family day out with the kids!!! This unlucky chap “Lee” woke up bright and early with the birds singing and the sun shining. Thinking to himself what …

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