Petrol in a diesel engine

Today I did 2 fuel drains in supermarket petrol stations, both had a few thing in common. They were small cars, both had been filled to the brim, and both had just finished the weekly shop, luckily both had not been started so they were on their way in 20 minutes a piece, A Hyundai and a Volkswagon 30 miles apart. On the Volkswagon – unusually it was a Petrol fill’d with Diesel, on looking at the filler neck I noticed it was slightly wider than most petrol necks – not an original by the looks of it, so it can be confusing some times.

Adding Gasoline In Diesel Fuel

Let’s put it this way, you accidentally add a small amount of gasoline into your diesel tank.  What will happen is that it will depress the flash point of the diesel, which can be dangerous when you star the engine as it will be added higher concentrations of gasoline and can be develop in a tank.

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