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Another busy Monday, thought I would write a few words about my last job, poor lady had put 40 litres petrol in a diesel Discovery, she already had enough on her plate with work and was preoccupied when filling up,  she called land rover, who told her the car should not be started and if it is it will be ruined and all hell will break loose – “one turn of the key will ruin it” (a bit over the top), another motorist filling up told her she should just top up with diesel, another told her to get a garden hose and just suck it out, meanwhile on the phone to the AA, Landrover and her husband the petrol station staff were telling her not to use her phone on the forecourt and were getting jumpy because she was holding up a pump at rush hour, – I was nearby when I got the call and when I arrived she was beside herself with worry and didn’t know who to believe, so to put the record straight,

1) Turning over a car diesel car will not ruin it, when you misfuel you will only have put the wrong fuel into the tank, the fuel lines, filter, pump, and common rail will still be full of pure diesel, starting it up to move it for 20 seconds on the forecourt will not ruin it

2) Topping up with diesel and leaving a 50/50 mix, is an easy way of making a bad day much worse, if a car is driven for any length of time on wrong fuel, then things do get ugly, new fuel pumps and piezo injectors is the norm, and if a main dealer gets involved 3k is the starting point

3) Siphoning with DIY kit on a petrol forecourt 40 litres of fuel? – aint gonna happen, draining a tank needs an electric drain pump, the amount of people who call me for a price to drain it and tell me they are doing it themselves  – then call back an hour or so later to ask if I can do it would fill this blog on a daily basis, many try, and very few succeed unless they have a proper pump

4) there’s a few scaremongers in the main dealer network and the yellow and orange van brigade, (the technicians are excellent but the call centre staff are working off a script)


4 thoughts on “Bad Advice Landrover”

  1. joe maloan says:

    how is it that you say that if it is run “if a car is driven for any length of time on wrong fuel, then things do get ugly, new fuel pumps and piezo injectors is the norm” do you replace these then when you do a fuel drain that has been driven ???

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Joe, No I don’t replace any of those parts I mention, I only do fuel drains, from fuel tanks, flow and return pipes and filter, I cannot do anything “south” of the filter.

      Piezo injectors cost between £800 & £1500 EACH, and a car will have between 4 and 8 of them (1 per piston) and a high pressure fuel pump anywhere between £2000 and 6000.

      I have heard of dealers charging £1300 to just do a fuel drain.

      If you have misfueld we charge between £120 and £220, In the vast bulk of cases the car will be perfect after a fuel drain, even if it has been driven, and if by some small chance it is not 100% – and you have damaged it, then you would have to do work to the pump and injectors

  2. Sharon "Dizzy Discovery" Aslett says:

    Hi Mr Fuel Man, How funny was that reading back – im soooo sorry for all my doughting thomas behaviour – it was quite scary being on my own with so much advise
    ( some not at all helpfull ) flying around. I still think the guy in the Jeep was trying to have a laugh at my expense!.
    Thank you for your help and finally making me laugh – i’d gone thro most of the other emotions – so hell why not !! Will keep your card with me but hope that I dont ever need to call you again. Thanks Sharon

    1. TheFuelMan says:

      Hi Again Sharon, no worries at all, glad it all worked out, take care!

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